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OmuniOnline, A Fantasy based MMO RPG with a twist. This amazing game is being worked on by a small independent company "MoyaGames".

Omuni Logo
Omuni Logo

 OmuniOnline, A Fantasy based MMO RPG with a twist. The Idea of this project Is actually based in the future yet it is still displayed as the fantasy medieval era. You play the roll of one of the "Soul Children" witch essentially is just a person who was born with a bit of a destroyed god's power embedded in a distant relative then passed into you when you where in the womb. You get to completely customize your character then enter this diverse and beautiful world to either play the main story or just do what ever you want. The freedom is yours. The combat is completely unique and actually relies on your skill as a player. This will not be a point click, and wait fighting style, You will need to attack, dodge, block, etc all on your own in real time. You have numerous stats for you to train in order to grow your character's abilities. These skill will of course include: attack,strength,defence, range, magic, wood cutting, mining, smithing, agility, health, cooking, fishing, etc. We will display these skill in a unique way and make sure that they are all enjoyable to train and use throughout the game. There will be many items and themes that involve futuristic technology to add the twist in the game for example "hover boards". The monsters in this game will be very diverse and will prove to be challenging and entertaining to fight. Weapons and armour are completely interchangeable as you are able to select five different main armour pieces add jewellery  capes, shields, and weapons, All of these will be able to switch and customize to make your perfect armour set. In order to obtain armour you can either buy it but in most cases you will need to pay and give the needed materials to a black smith. Blacksmiths will allow u to use less materials but will cost however if you have a high enough smithing level you may make your armour alone with the cost of more materials and no capital. 


Back many years ago people worshipped gods and expressed their religion and faith. There where eight Gods in total four good and four that ended up being evil. Omuna, Shinya, Kyo, Darma who were the good gods and Omuni, Ruge, Punisher, Shento who were the evil. In the beginning all was great. The eight gods created a Demi god named Gaia who took the form of the earth the humans lived on, but then eventually the four evil gods started abusing the humans as they worshipped them instead of answering their prayers. Eventually they started to even kill the humans, Omuna the goddess of light and sister to Omuni the god of darkness, decided to punish the four evil gods by banishing them forever. Thousands of years have passed and the humans have advanced in technology and have forgotten about their magic and their religions, thus resulting in the humans poisoning gaia with pollution and side effects from their ways. The good gods did not want this to happen and could not stop it on their own so they summoned the four evil gods asking them to help. Instead of helping they actually started destroying every human and started to summon all kinds of grotesque monsters to cause chaos. The four evil god then took their revenge on the four good gods and ended up destroying them. Omuna, just before dying let her soul and pour flood into gaia so gaia could embed Omuna's power in some of the surviving and hiding humans. Many years passed and the evil gods decided to take a long rest thinking that they destroyed all humans Unfortunately for the gods many humans were surviving just fine underground and when they noticed that the gods where sleeping they evacuated the hiding caverns to start rebuilding and repopulating. Thousands of years have passed and kingdoms, villages, bridges, etc have been created with just the materials found on gaia. You are then born with a fragment of Omuna's soul inside of you. Some more years skip and you decide to go adventure but when you do a strange old man speaks to you telling you who you are. He then trains you on how to survive in this world and become stronger because you are destined to find the other people with fragments of Omuna's soul and unite to slay the four evil gods when they wake. 

 3. THEME 

The story that goes with the game. What is the plot of the game and the main reason for it being. 


• Character Customization 

• Many amazing skills to train and use in the game 

• Thousands or armour sets and clothing sets 

• Create armour and clothing from materials found in the game 

• Role playing capability 

• Thousands of non repetitive quests 

• Hundreds of monsters to slay 

• A very interactive combat system 

• Freedom to do what you want 

• Coliseum for players to have 1 on 1 fights with a paying audience. 

• Advanced technology (weapons, vehicles, robots) 

• Hover board race tracks 

• Intense PvP 

• Range, Melee, and magic combat types, 

• Hundreds of spells to gain. 

• Pets 

• Player houses 

• Mini games with rewards 

• An intense and complex story 

• The ability to craft weapons armours and many other great things 

• Chat system: Text and voice

 • Free to play or pay to play 

• Eshop to buy items or money in game with real money (optional) 

• Unlimited game play (Many updates) 

• Auto Updater 

• Weapon classes (each weapon class effects how your combat will be)

 • Much Much more! 


We are a small yet growing team known as MoyaGames. We are an independent team started by Ryan Nadeau. We have huge dreams in the world of video game design and hope to go as far as we can and bring joy and entertainment to thousands of people. We make very diverse games from shocking ones to horror to adventurous or humorous! 


Our mission is to create an amazing MMO RPG with all the freedom you can have to be what ever you want to be and bring much joy to our players. We wish to make the most diverse and intense MMO out there! With our in-depth story and awesome gameplay this game will not disappoint. We wish to bring you some familiar aspects of mmo's to you but a ton of unique and original ideas as well! 


The funding given to us for this project will have an enormous impact because we will actually be able to finish this project. It is extremely hard to make an MMO RPG such as our with a team of teenaged to middle aged people from all around the world for free! We have all been working hard and for free. With the proper funding we will be able to pay professional programmers and artists so we can actually create this game and keep a visually appealing aesthetic! All funding will go directly to the game's development. Including our staff. We hope to actually raise more than our goal with the intention of buying a small building or renting an office for us all to work in on the game in person to ensure consistency and quality. But this is in the future! 

 8. WHAT WE HAVE So far we have the following

• A starter island to 

 • Male and female base model created 

• Male character rigged and has customization assets 

• A massive continent to explore 

• Many monsters created and textured some animated 

• Hundreds of quests written down 

• MMO Networking DONE 

• Servers Running 

• Character Controller Beta done 

• Character customization screen beta done 

• Thousands of props, buildings, and environmental items 

• Basic Ai Started 

• Basic Combat Started 

• Chat System 

• Hundreds of weapons created and textured 

• Etc (FOR NOW much more coming soon) 


• 1 or 2 Professional programmer

• Professional texture artists 

• Optimization Engineer 

• Animators 

 • Web Programmers 


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Join - Join the team if you have experience in 3D modelling or any other video game development.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The risks and challenges in this project are really just finding a full staff that are skilled and willing to work with us to the end for free as we have been doing since the start of this project. With this funding we hope to cover the costs of our servers for all the users and pay the team to keep them motivated and working their best. We will also be using it for marketing so the risks on this project are not very high. Most of the staff we have are dedicated and highly skilled. We just need more people.


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