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The Debut is a feature film from writer/director Joe Scott that will feature the sights and sounds of the music scene in Dallas, Texas.
The Debut is a feature film from writer/director Joe Scott that will feature the sights and sounds of the music scene in Dallas, Texas.
36 backers pledged $5,960 to help bring this project to life.

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A long overdue update.

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New update, and a video!

I know it's been a while since my wonderful Kickstarter backers have gotten any news about the project, so I wanted to make sure you saw the latest post on the website that fills you in on where we are with the project (yes, it's still going - and going strong) and includes a sample scene we shot from the script!

As always, a million thank yous.  And enjoy!

New Teaser Trailer!

Happy July 4th everyone!

So it has been a long (LONG) time since some of you have heard anything about this project, but today I have some exciting news to share.  We've completed a teaser trailer for the movie.

Now - just to clarify - this doesn't mean we've shot the film.  We're still raising funds to shoot, and that's what making this trailer was all about, to give people something to see, a little sizzle for those who can't quite visualize what we're trying to do.  Every little bit of effort helps.

Thanks to your generous donations, we've gotten our business entities set up and business plans in order, and now there's a little bit of razzle-dazzle to go along with it.  At this point, we'll be hitting the pavement hard to raise the money to make this happen.

As always, if you know anybody who would be good for us to talk to, please let me know at  It doesn't have to be an investor per se, anyone with an interest in movies, music, or Dallas music in particular is a prime candidate to approach.  The bottom line is, you never know who knows who, and anyone could be the person who points us in the direction that makes the whole thing happen. 

So keep your feelers out.  You've already shown your interest in the cause, and you've been awesome enough to support it.  Here's how we take it the rest of the way.

Peace and love to all!  Here's to more good news.

And without further ado (drum roll, please...),


We've got our LLC!

I wanted to post an update to all my backers here on Kickstarter that we've finally got our LLC up and running and will be able to start taking development investments very soon. This is good news, and was the whole reason I was raising money on Kickstarter to begin with. Granted, these things take a little time, which is why it's just now coming around, but I wanted to let you guys know what your money went toward.

I also posted a little video to help it all make sense.

Thanks everyone! More news on the way!


I put together a special video to thank those of you who pledged and supported this movie.

Click here:

In case you don't have time to see the whole thing, here are the highlights:

We raised a total of $6460 of our $5,000 goal (counting direct donations that came to me outside of Kickstarter), which amounts to almost 130%! This will go a long way to showing future investors the kind of support that's out there for this movie.

Big thanks to everyone who donated, no matter what the size of the contribution, and extra special thanks to my personal friends and family as well as the guys from who were incredibly generous.

Also those who spread the word about the film on facebook and beyond - you get special mentions.

The Kickstarter rewards will mostly come at the end of the film for obvious reasons, but I will continue to post updates on Kickstarter to let my backers know what's going on and will be in touch when it comes time to give you your featured extra role.

Where we go from here: This is just the beginning, but it's a very important start. This money will be used to prepare legal documents to establish the LLC and make it possible to accept investor money.

We'll be approaching development investors, mostly people close to the music scene, to put together a package to sell to distributors and investment groups that routinely invest in films.

In the meantime, I'll keep making videos and keeping people informed, please keep sending people to the website and the facebook page, keep checking out the bands, and keep spreading the word. There's a long process in front of us, but it's going to be awesome. Thank you for helping to get things started.