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It's four-player Dungeons and Dragons meets Axis and Allies, on steroids, with a lemon twist.
It's four-player Dungeons and Dragons meets Axis and Allies, on steroids, with a lemon twist.
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A closer look at Dungeons!

Thank you all for participating in our poll.  The results are in and the topic of exploring dungeons was the winner with 50% of the votes!

Before I go on to the update, just a quick reminder that we have only 16 days left here on kickstarter and we are currently at 75% funding.  Please let your friends know about us if you haven't already!  Thank you all for your support and interest of Warparty!


One of the many aspects of Warparty is the element of Dungeon exploration. Only heroes can explore dungeons and every army has a Warrior, Priest and Wizard type hero. Heroes are very expensive units. They take two hits to kill and they can move two territories (or more with spells) per turn. Wizard and Priest heroes may each select two out of five spell cards when the start the game and have the ability to select additional spell cards if they gain experience through combat with players, special rituals, or by exploring dungeons. Warrior heroes have a very strong defensive value and gain a new hit point each time they gain a new level.

One thing I have noticed among many new players to Warparty is that they are often reluctant to explore dungeons their first time playing. It is understandable, because the commitment to expensive heroes may not make sense at first. In addition they may feel that they cannot commit the time to explore a dungeon while their enemy is pressing them.

In a nutshell, dungeons are often worth it. When you explore a dungeon the general recommendation is the more heroes you have the better. In fact, if your ally can have their heroes join you in dungeons it is even better. With more heroes your chance of success in the dungeon is greater. All heroes will benefit from the experience points gained from defeating monsters and usually one hero will benefit from treasure that is found.

There are downsides. You do essentially give up a turn with your heroes to make that side trip into a dungeon. Most dungeons are located in rough terrain so often times your Priest hero will have to select a spell called “Eye of the Explorer” which allows your units to move freely through the forest or mountains without penalty. If this spell is not selected your heroes will forfeit another turn because of the rough terrain.

Lastly, dungeons have monsters in them and some of the monsters are pretty nasty. A full hero party (3 heroes) will have a pretty good chance of success in a tier 1 dungeon, but there is no guarantee. Going into a dungeon with less then 3 heroes can definitely be risky.

There are 6 dungeons located all through out the map. They each have their own personality. For example the Ancient Sanctuary was home to a kingdom of Wood Elves centuries ago. If explored, there is a high likelihood that heroes will find Elf Rangers, an Elf Champion or a Treant. All of these monsters are allied to the forces of good. They will immediately join the heroes and become under the player’s control. The two tier 2 dungeons located in the center of the map and are best left for larger hero parties where at least some of the heroes have advanced in level. A dragon, Doom Shadow, or Hydra found in a tier 2 dungeon can make quick work of a hero party if they are not large in size and experienced, even then they might not survive.

Player’s seem to really enjoy the benefits of a successful dungeon run. They gain experience points to propel them closer to a new level, some money, and a treasure card. The dungeon experience can also help player’s avoid the “slippery slope” mechanic that is present is some types of games. In Warparty if one team is behind they might make some bold moves in an effort to try to pull ahead. Dungeons allow that element of risk and reward that gives players at least a chance to change the balances of power.

In one game that we played, my partner and I were way behind and we took a group of level 1 heroes into a tier 2 dungeon in a move of absolute desperation. We had about a 3% chance of success, but somehow we pulled it off and came out of the dungeon much more powerful. We were so pumped! We went on to lose the game anyway, but we felt like we still had a chance because of that crazy move we made.

Dungeons are just one of many elements in Warparty. There are many games when no one explores them and there are other games when every player does. Please be sure to give dungeons a try and if it doesn’t work out for you once, consider giving it another try. They can be a lot of fun and they can sometimes help you win.


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