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Now, with the Americans... Quick-playing battles for 2 players. Tanks, planes, artillery, machine guns, and the soldiers to man them.
Now, with the Americans... Quick-playing battles for 2 players. Tanks, planes, artillery, machine guns, and the soldiers to man them.
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You Ought to Have Your Game, But...

Posted by Mark H. Walker (Creator)

Hi Folks,

Everyone should have their game by now. I am aware of a couple of problems. If you haven't received your game, or if there is a problem, email That's the fastest way to get the problem fixed, and we want to get ALL the problems fixed. 

Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk

We are running another Kickstarter right now. As the sub-head would indicate, it's titled Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk. Less than five days in and the game has not only funded, but has smashed through nine, count-em... nine, stretch goals and are within 5 pledges of unlocking the tenth. Click here for more info. 

The is a platoon-level (one step up from Old School Tactical's squad-level) game that depicts the famous encounters at Kursk through fourteen historical scenarios. 

So, What's Different? I hear that a lot. With all the tactical games on the market, what makes Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk different?  

  • Clutterless counters. PCD:K uses color to determine a weapon's range. For example, an Armor Piercing factor printed on gold indicates that the weapon can fire normally at a target up to four hexes away. 
  • Unique phasing. Players alternate attacking in the Fire Phase, but move all their units at once during the Movement Phase. 
  • Flanking Friendly Close Assault Phase. Units do not enter the hex of the Close Assault target, but rather attack from adjacent hexes. This allows the attacker to not only amass the overwhelming odds needed to take that key position, but also attack from multiple directions, which provide a flanking bonus. Additionally, alternating attacks in the Close Assault phase allow defenders to conduct true spoiling attacks. 
  •  Ranged combat results are based not only an the target's armor factor and terrain, which determine the column on which the attack is executed, but also the target unit's morale which determines how many hits affected the target. 
  • Artillery is card driven. Neither player knows the other's artillery capability by glancing at a scenario card. Artillery barrages are determined by Action Cards. Action Cards. PCD:K is not card driven, but rather card assisted. The Action Cards provide artillery, rally units, provide combat bonuses, and even unexpected Opportunity Fire shots. 
  •  Focus and Aid Markers. These markers allow players to influence the battle much as their real life counterparts would. Players may choose to focus on a specific area, providing combat bonuses, or provide additional aid to those disrupted by fire.


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    1. Ric Van Dyke

      Thanks for the info Mark, I'm in.

    2. The Mad Miller - Timo

      ok mark - pm you...

    3. Mark H. Walker 10-time creator on

      Christopher and Ric... Christpher-are aim is to make the highest quality wargames out there. Period. We do, however, make mistakes, but we are always striving to improve. betcha! West Front is my favorite.

    4. Mark H. Walker 10-time creator on

      Thanks, Byron.

    5. Mark H. Walker 10-time creator on

      @Mad Miller... I don't understand what you are saying. If we have missed an email from you, I apologize. Email me personally at markATflyingpiggamesDOTcom, and I will make sure we solve your problem.

    6. Collins Epic Wargames on

      Congrats on completion and on the new kickstarter. Just backed for a copy! Best, Byron

    7. The Mad Miller - Timo

      No Problem is answers and no game!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      Christopher L. Friend on

      May 2018 can not get here quickly enough! Knowing FPGs component quality, this game is going to look awesome.

    9. Ric Van Dyke

      This new game sounds cool. Will there be a west front game in this series? Thanks!