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Ghost Provokers vs. Warner Grand Theater's video poster

The Ghost Provokers bring their controversial investigative style to the historic Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro, California. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 10, 2011.

The Ghost Provokers bring their controversial investigative style to the historic Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro, California.

About this project

We are The Ghost Provokers, an online parody currently shooting our third episode. While other investigators wait quietly in the dark hoping to capture evidence of some unintelligible whisper, we prefer to "poke the ghost" and drag it kicking and screaming out into the light for all the world to see.  Our science and investigative technique are so far ahead of our time--we're like the civil rights movement of the paranormal world, minus all that equality stuff!

Having already conquered the world famous Queen Mary ocean liner, our team's sights are now set on the historic Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro, California.  There, we will attempt to make contact with spirits of famous stage actors and critics before properly bitch-slapping them back to hell where they belong.  Let's face it--ghosts have no business hanging out with the living.  They're just taking up valuable space and air.

(Note: Though were are a parody, we prefer to shoot in locations that are reportedly haunted.  Both the Queen Mary and Warner Grand have a rich history of ghost sightings!)

The Warner Grand episode is already in progress.  We are looking for $1500 to offset production and advertising costs.  But don't think if we hit $1500 that we wouldn't want more!  That would just be silly.  Any excess funding will enhance special FX, fund additional costs for reshoots or be put toward more advertising.

As with the previous episodes, Ghost Provokers vs. Warner Grand will be approximately twenty-five minutes in length and go live on our website August 16th, 2011.  We keep it this length with the aim of someday pitching it to cable or network TV.  In the meantime, we continue to hone our craft in trying to provide the most entertaining experience possible for our fans--all twelve of them!

But hey, that's where YOU come in, right?  You can not only pledge some cash and receive some fantastic rewards, but you can also help spread the word!  Just lean over to the person next to you and say something like: "Have you heard of these Ghost Provokers guys?"  They'll probably give you some kind of awkward glare, but if they DON'T walk away you can follow up and say: "Those guys are the bomb!" and then point them to our website...

Now, its important to note that you should NOT use the word "bomb" if you're having this conversation on an airliner or other mode of public transportation.  We trust you'll use good judgement.

For now, that's it!  Pick out your reward, and pledge!  Seriously, you made it to the end of this paragraph and you're going to just close the browser?  Not cool.  Not cool at all. How would you learn about all the awesome rewards you could get by pledging?  Go! Go now and enjoy the bountiful fruits laid out before you!


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    Pledge $5 or more

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    For $5, we will simply not think ill of you. You took the time after all to read about our project, and spend five hundred whole pennies to tell us you like what we're doing. Kudos! Give yourself a pat on the back!
    But wait, how will all of your friends know of your generosity? Read on, my thrifty friend, and find out!

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    Pledge $9 or more

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    YES! For $9 you get a SPECIAL THANKS in Episode 3's CREDITS! AND, we will NOT think you're a cheapskate. Yes, for only $9 all of your friends will know that you have proudly supported the Ghost Provokers and are not ashamed of it! Jealousy cannot begin to describe their reaction.

    Wait--you want your friends to be even MORE jealous? Read on!

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    Pledge $17 or more

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    You get all of the above AND a special thank you phone call from our lead investigator, Scott Butterfield himself! I know--RIGHT? He's going to call you up, thank you and then pretend to be interested in your ideas for the show until he conjures up some excuse to get off the line!

    What? That's not enough? Read on!

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    Pledge $25 or more

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    ALL of the above, and a Ghost Provokers t-shirt in YOUR SIZE! Just tell us what your size is, we won't judge. Its yours, shipped to your home or wherever!

    Sweet mother of Pearl, you're hooked now, aren't you? You want more!

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    Pledge $40 or more

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    All of the above, PLUS our very own CD, Ghost Provokers: The Official Soundtrack to Kicking Ghost Butt! Its not like you can just go out and buy that on iTunes right now! (Wait--you can.) But we'll send you a physical AUTOGRAPHED copy. You know what? We'll even throw in an autographed photo of the team.

    Oh boy--MORE?

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    Pledge $75 or more

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    Everything mentioned before, PLUS a DVD copy of the final Warner Grand Episode. Yah, you'll be able to watch it online. But it won't be autographed, AND we'll even give you some behind the scenes stuff that NO ONE else will see--unless they pledge $75 or more.

    Wow. I get it. Still not enough. You want the Cadillac of deals!

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    Alright, here we go! ALL that crap mentioned above, PLUS we will SING your name as a callout in the special thanks section of the credits. We're creating special music just for YOU! That takes some work, but will SO be worth it! And to make sure no one misses it, we'll make your name grow bigger than all those guys who just paid $9!

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    Pledge $1,500 or more

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    Huh, its clear you have money to spend! Then how about everything PLUS dinner with the team! Okay, okay, you're going to have to find your own way to meet up with us in San Diego. Yah, we'll foot the bill for food, but we're choosing the place! No, it won't be something cheap, it'll be nice, we're cool with that. Yah, you can bring along two of your buddies if you want. But don't expect anything more--its just DINNER. Nothing is going to happen after THAT. Speaking of which, if you're under 18, then you need to bring some kind of responsible adult.

    Also, if you're under 18 and you're giving us $1500 then you must be doing SOMETHING right in your life. I don't think any of us could've counted that high when we were 18.

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    Pledge $10,000

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    You realize we're only asking for $1500? You think we're so ridiculously fun and cool you don't CARE? Alright, alright. So here it is, the MOTHER of all PLEDGE REWARDS. You pledge $10,000, and WE will fly you out to Southern California to have dinner with the team, put you up in a hotel and THEN explore a HAUNTED LOCATION of OUR choice for the evening. We know lots of ghost hunters for real, so trust me, we can make this happen. Some of them might even come along. But you'd be crazy to do it. SURE, its super cool! Oh, we're NOT going to stop you if you want to pledge that kind of money. No, we're just flying YOU out, your friend has to pay his or her own way. Yah, its a little pricey, but what if YOU'RE weird? We'll have to put up with you for an entire evening! Come to think of it, this is a steal!

    Note, that you have to be 18 or older to qualify for this. Seriously, we are NOT going to jail for YOU.

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