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An extremely rare chance to listen to and meet one of the men who went to the Moon! Raising money to fund this one off event!

The fundraising is to attempt to bring Apollo 16 Astronaut Ken Mattingly to the UK for a lecture evening and some kind of meet and greet.  Mr Mattingly is in no way already scheduled to appear, this is fundraising to try and bring him over for this event.  If he is unable to attend, all money will be refunded. 

He is an extremely rare guest on the UK appearance circuit.  If you are interested in the Apollo program, do not hesitate.  Yes, it is a great deal of money, but can be done with a bit of luck. 

Something Astronomical is a lecture evening that hosts guests speakers from different fields but all relating to space themes, astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics etc.

We want to create a big event! With famous scientists and other notable people, however we want to start the expansion with Apollo Astronaut!

The Apollo astronauts of the sixties and seventies have an incredible ability to inspire people with their story, the generation that put men on the Moon!

We want encourage more people to be interested in space and science, especially teenagers looking towards a new career. We do this by more than just the lectures, we have held art exhibitions from young local artists, the proceeds from which going in to future events. We have also held versions of Something Astronomical for children as part of international film festivals.

We have been very successful as a smaller event, packing out rooms with 100+ people at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield. We have had incredible guests such as Prof Paul Crowther, astrophysicist at Sheffield University, Prof Dan Tovey, a key member of Large Hadron Collider research in the U.K. We have had film maker Stephen Slater who directed a BBC special on the Cassini - Huygens mission to Titan.

Now we have had these successful events, we want Something Astronomical to become a bigger event, bringing bigger guests to a bigger venue and attracting and educating a much bigger audience.

Over the past year, I have been preparing to take this event to the next level and have established excellent connections (some of which I still don't believe myself!) and now have the chance to bring famous scientists, astronauts and other notable people to the event. People attending would have the chance to hear these inspirational people talk on any number of subjects, and possibly meet them, win prizes, take part in exciting auctions and so much more...

Where I have fallen down is the initial funds to get everything moving. I was ecstatic to hear about Kickstarter finally being in the U.K, because we now have the chance to make this event a reality.

The funds would be used for venue hire, advertising, guest fees. Also to commission an all new art exhibition with a space related theme. This would be on display in the run up to the event as well as at the event itself.

This new, bigger event has the potential to be an incredible evening. I sincerely hope that enough people want to be a part of it to make it happen.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

My day job is as a manager of a conference and events facility in Sheffield, I have been doing this for two years. This has given my a very clear and in depth knowledge of things that can go wrong at events, but my job, is to fix these problems.

Being completely honest, there are risks with type of event, however none of them cannot be met and overcome.

Firstly, I have worried in the past about guests cancelling, and should the bigger event actually happen I know this would be a big concern. What I have done in the past is hedge a little and have two speakers, so should one cancel, the event could still go ahead, albeit a shorter one.

This is something I would use for this event. I would plan for and advertise a 'supporting act(s)' to give a warm up lecture(s) before the 'headline' guest. So should the worst happen to the 'headline' guest and they were unable to attend, the event would not be cancelled. Also, in my experience of planning these events, we usually have a clause in the contract stating the guest would assist Something Astronomical in sourcing another 'headline' guest should this happen.

A very big challenge is having a successful advertising campaign. This is something I have been researching over the past year and although it is big task, I sincerely believe I now know how, where and when to advertise. I would use a active online presence, along with advertising in topic related magazines/websites.

Again, being truthfully honest, I don't know and cannot know what might derail this project. However, I do know that I am experienced enough in managing not only my events but those of other people, to pull this off and make a really fantastic Something Astronomical


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