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Empires explores the impact of networks on histories and philosophies of political thought.
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Posted by Marc Lafia (Creator)
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Hello supporters of REVOLUTION OF THE PRESENT!

We are thrilled to announce that the film is finally available to a worldwide audience. You can now stream the film on iTunes, Vimeo and Amazon Prime.

We thank you again for your support, and ask you to please watch the film and be a part of the conversation. View the trailer and film for FREE here. Get info at and share thoughts @RevOfThePresent

Please spread the word, and do leave a comment so we know what you thought! Press release is below and contains contact info for anyone who might be interested in setting up a screening.

Stay warm!

The Revolution of the Present team

Contact: Emily Taibl Interviews, Screeners and Press Materials Available

Worldwide Release of the Documentary: Revolution of the Present A Primer for Global Citizenship "The Planet is Being Shaped By Human Intention and Action. It is Radically Different Than Anything We've Ever Seen." - Revolution of the Present Featuring twenty international thought leaders, Revolution of the Present, the documentary feature film by Director Marc Lafia, dares the viewer to begin examining a profound new present, this revolution of the present, so that we can better shape our collective future. Just released on Vimeo, iTunes, and Amazon Prime this January (coming soon to GooglePlay), the film unravels the complexity of the contemporary moment, examining western presumptions and narratives. In the post colonial world of identity politics, social media, climate change, screen and algorithmic computational technologies, it asks if there is room for the individual and participatory politics in the networked cultures of today. The Film for Those Who Want to Break Free of the Matrix Revolution of the Present examines the strange effects —on cities, economies, people— of what we might call accelerated capitalism. Set against a visually striking array of sounds and images, twenty international thinkers speak to the complexity and oddity of this contemporary moment as they discuss what is and what can be. "We need new concepts. New ways of thinking about what is a profoundly new reality." - Revolution of the Present

"The film is meant to begin a global conversation," says Lafia. "It's a series of building blocks that together give description to the increasing complexity and inter-dependence of our networked world. Perhaps as Columbia University Professor Saskia Sassen says in the film, 'We are on the other side of the curve of liberal democracy.’ If we take the time to examine where we are, we have no choice but to be a part of the future. You can either act to change things, or your inaction will decide for you. But how do we take action and what do we do? That is the heart of the film." As the impact of human civilization makes our planet more and more precarious for her inhabitants, our need to collaborate and dialogue has never been greater. Be a part of the conversation. View the trailer and film for FREE here. Get info at and share thoughts @RevOfThePresent.

New York screening of Revolution of the Present this Saturday!!

Posted by Marc Lafia (Creator)
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Hello everyone,

We are happy to report that we are in the midst of our very successful partnership with the Global Economic Symposium. So far the film has generated 140,000 youtube views and 17,000 Facebook likes! The free GES online preview will end on 10/31 and the film will continue to be showcased at screenings and festivals, the first of which we are excited to announce here...

Revolution of the Present has just been invited to screen at the New Economy Film Festival, THIS SATURDAY NIGHT in NYC! We realize that this is very short notice, but this is a huge honor and will essentially be our New York premiere, and we would like to invite you, our supporters, to be our guests at the screening. Please email Marc Lafia ( by 5pm tomorrow if you are interested in attending and we will set aside tickets (space permitting) for you at the 7pm screening at DCTV.

See below for details and we hope to see you there!!


Marc, Jose and Johanna

Global launch of Revolution of the Present. Watch the film now!

Posted by Marc Lafia (Creator)

Dear Kickstarter supporters,

We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer. We are writing to you now with some very exciting news to report.

After three years in the making, we are thrilled to announce that Revolution of the Present begins its launch at the Global Economic Symposium. The film has been sent to all those participating as a primer to catalyze discussion about how to engage the contemporary moment, a huge honor for us. Read the press release here

In addition, for a limited time you can now watch the documentary free on our website! We are thrilled to be able to share the film with you and do hope you will take the time to view the results of our labors and participate in the conversation. 

Our film is designed to be part of a larger conversation and to spark a dialogue....please don't forget to share your thoughts and help us spread the word:

Like us on Facebook:

Join the conversation via Twitter: @RevOfThePresent Please reference #revofpresent in your tweets 

Share on Instagram: @RevolutionOfThePresent 

We hope to share info on additional screenings of the film soon, as well as details about DVD copies and downloads for people who earned those as Kickstarter rewards.

Many thanks for your continued support. We couldn't have done it without you!


Marc, Jose, Johanna and the Revolution of the Present team

Revolution of the Present - news and new clip to share!

Posted by Marc Lafia (Creator)

Dear Kickstarter Supporters,

Our documentary film, Revolution of the Present (formerly Empires), continues full steam ahead. Our team recently completed the editing process for the full length film. The new rough cut has incorporated key viewer feedback from the preview screenings at Columbia and Parsons. Special thanks to Issa Clubb for editing/technical superhero work and Emilie Martel for being the researcher extraordinaire. We have also developed a full press kit that in conjunction with our social media website will enable us to market the film. We would like to recognize Michael Chichi for the artwork, Pedro Martinez for the layout and Miguel Fernandez and Pedro Martinez for the web design.

We recently met with a well known documentary film consultant company called Film Sprout. They recommended that the film be submitted to targeted film festivals and that the team focus on the educational market. These marketing efforts began two weeks ago and we are receiving positive initial reactions. We promise to keep you posted when something materializes.

For your enjoyment, the following is an extended clip from the film beginning of the film (password: MLafia) —

Visit our interactive website to watch our latest trailer: and post a comment via #RevofthePresent

Infinite thanks for your continued support,

Marc, Jose, & Johanna 

EMPIRES news, new title and more!

Posted by Marc Lafia (Creator)
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Dearest Kickstarter Supporters –

Thank you again for your backing of our film. We are immensely grateful for your support, apologies for the long delay between updates. We have been so immersed in our work on the film, and our production schedule was extended several times. One of our final Kickstarter backers was Jose Fernandez, who then came on to be Executive Producer of the film and has enabled us to take the film to a much higher level with his increased support. After three years of additional interviews, editing, image research and sound work, we have some exciting news and are near completion..

We also have a new name! EMPIRES is now entitled REVOLUTION OF THE PRESENT. We are extremely proud of how the film has taken shape and are excited as we prepare to share it with the world.

We held a very successful preview screening in New York City in early October. Many thanks to everyone who came out and offered their thoughts and insights. We will update with forthcoming screenings as they are scheduled.

If you claimed one of our rewards for your contribution, look for a separate email soon with details about that.

Please check out our new website where you will find information on the film, the trailer, and can also follow the speakers via their twitter posting. You can also check out our brand new Facebook page, If you liked our previous Empires page, please "like" this one as well, as the old page will soon be deleted.

Another huge thank you goes out to our tireless researchers, Anita Anthonj, Emilie Martel, Matthew McEnerney and Sasha Sakhar, who searched high and low for imagery that we could use in the film. Our goal was to use creative commons visuals and music and keep this an open source project to a great degree, and we have succeeded. Thanks also to Milos Raickovich, Luke Dubois, Eugene Chen, Paul Godwin, Miguel Noya, and others who contributed music for the film.

We have begun submitting the film to festivals and will continue to do so over the coming months. A New York premiere should be in the works for early 2014 and we’ll be sure to let you all know when that happens.

Finally, although we have come so far, we still have post production costs ahead of us, including color correction and a full sound mix. To help us with these expenses, we are asking for your help again. Please consider a tax deductible donation to Revolution of the Present through our fiscal sponsor The Center for Independent Documentary. Checks should be made out to Center for Independent Documentary and mailed to 680 South Main Street. Sharon, MA 02067. Please write REVOLUTION OF THE PRESENT in the memo portion, and let us know if you do make a contribution so that we can look out for it.

Thank you again for your continued support.


Marc (director), Johanna (producer) and Jose (executive producer)