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A film about the power of music and the social worker who uses it to “awaken” patients with dementia and Alzheimer's.
653 backers pledged $51,620 to help bring this project to life.

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The Alive Inside Soundtrack: A gift to all of our backers!

Posted by Michael Rossato-Bennett (Creator)

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A Note on Fulfillment

Posted by Michael Rossato-Bennett (Creator)
Hello Kickstarter supporters,

So sorry for the Delay!! Rest assured it is all good news for our project but we have been on a rollercoaster-  

When we began this project, we were just a small film trying to get finished. However, thanks to your generous support and the power that this film has to touch those who see it, the film has been gaining traction very quickly, and it is hard for us to keep up. To think, when we began, we thought we would be able to have the finished film to you within months! Things have become much more complicated, but we are grateful for where we are today, and we hope to go even further and to change the lives of millions. However, we have not forgotten about our supporters who have been with us since the very beginning.

 We have an exciting 2014 ahead of us including:

 · Appearances by Dan Cohen and Michael Rossato-Bennett on “Katie” on June 30th

 · Our premiere and subsequent theatrical release on July 18th!

 · Netflix and home video release in the fall.

 As per our distribution agreement, we cannot release DVDs and Blu-rays until after the theatrical run, but everyone will still receive their DVDs. We have not forgotten about you! We are still putting the finishing touches on the film in terms of editing, and this way you will receive the finished film at its finest. 

 For those of you in the New York City area, we will be holding the first of our sneak-peek showings for our Kickstarter backers only at our studio on June 13th & 14th. Details and sign up for tickets will be provided shortly. Also, we have the soundtrack presentation done- and may share it with all of you as a bonus for your long wait!


The Alive Inside Team

Alive Inside wins the Sundance Audience Award!!!

Posted by Michael Rossato-Bennett (Creator)

This is so amazing!!  We won!!!

Michael Rossato-Bennett accepts the Audience Award for Alive Inside!
Michael Rossato-Bennett accepts the Audience Award for Alive Inside!

Wow, our dream is coming true~  for us, for Music and Memory and for all of you as well!

We want to bring you up to date on all you might have missed-  

First, just before Sundance, Sundance did this little film on Michael which we think is wonderful-

Finally, we arrived at Sundance and hours later Michael was on PBS- Listen here -

Then came the Alive Inside premiere! It was just amazing, people wept and laughed and loved the film- and gave us 2 standing ovations!

The next day, the unheard of happened- in the press and industry screening Alive Inside got a standing ovation and people were crying!  That never happens, and out of that came this review.

A great article in the Tribune came out of our next showing-

Michael and Dan were interviewed by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!

Michael's marketing genius brother Limore stole the show with his dogs! So sorry Phillip Seymour Hoffman!

Everyone was talking about Alive Inside...

And then (drum roll please) came the Awards Ceremony- and believe it or not- WE WON THE BIGGEST PRIZE for US documentary!!!! We won the Audience Award given by William H. Macy!!! -

Here are two more great reviews of the film-

Hollywood Reporter-

Culture Map-

Here is Michael with Zach Braff in Variety!  (and another)

Basically, the festival was awesome and now we have high hopes our film will get distribution!

Thank you so much Kickstarter friends!  You are a real part of this.  The only bad news for you is we can not ship DVD's until the distributor says it is ok.  Well, we really feel bad making you wait any longer, so we will be having a special showing for you only on February 12th at Projector Gallery in NYC and online that same day.  This showing is for Kickstarter backers only!

Stay tuned for your invitation!!

Can you believe it- we won!!!

World Premiere At Sundance Today!

Posted by Michael Rossato-Bennett (Creator)

Hello friends, 

The day is finally here! This afternoon we are making our World Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival!!! 

We held our industry screening yesterday and you wouldn't believe the responses:

Just saw "Alive Inside: a Story of Music & Memory." A Touching, compelling, universal, important doc. #dhsundance #sundance
— Court Mann (@TheCourtMann) January 17, 2014

Just saw an amazingly beautiful, moving & heartfelt #Documentary @AliveInsideFilm @Sundancefest #musiciseverything #kudos
— Mr. SOUL! The Movie (@mrsoulthemovie) January 17, 2014

Just wept through "Alive Inside" with 300 strangers @sundancefest. #joyfulsundancecry.  — Matt Holzman (@KCRW_Matt) January 17, 2014

We are completely blown away and incredibly excited! We'd also like to take this opportunity again to thank you all for your support and encouragement. We couldn't have done this without you, and every single one of you will be with us in spirit today!

Don't forget to follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up with all of the exciting news. Something tells us this is only the beginning.

- The Alive Inside Team


Posted by Michael Rossato-Bennett (Creator)

Hello my beautiful Kickstarter family,

Forgive me for being a little tipsy but people have been buying me drinks as I made my way home.   I promised you this update and here it is!  My dear sweet friends, you are not going to believe this!.....

Are you sitting down?

Here is the news-

Alive Inside has been selected for the 2014 Sundance Film Festival!!!!!!!.  

Thousands and Thousands of films were submitted and they picked 16 documentaries to be in competition!!!!  ALIVE INSIDE is one of them!!!!!

I know it is hard to believe-  I could not have done it with out you!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!  We did it!!!!!!!

If you don't believe me- go here-


 Our dream of waking the world, helping them see the life that is there to be awakened in our elders and ourselves, is now, one very big, huge step closer to coming true!!!!

Like the facebook page and spread the word- look at our new website and let us know if you like it!  

You, my dear friends invested in our small but beautiful film and now the WORLD will see it.  Can you believe this?????  I wish I could take you all to Sundance!  I wish I could raise a glass with you all- this is a huge victory and it is ours, yours just as much as mine!  

Love you all,