ALIVE INSIDE: A Story of Music & Memory

by Michael Rossato-Bennett

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    1. Christina

      BRAVO! Just hoping one day to see the entire film, It really is so very important and needs sharing.

    2. Christina

      please consider sending the information etc. about your film to renown neuroscientist Oliver Sacks who has written on the subject of the significance of music. you can google and find out all about him etc. I am certain he would take great interest in your film.

    3. Christina

      *OOPS! I meant *neurologist* Oliver Sacks.

    4. Michael Rossato-Bennett 2-time creator on

      Christina, Oliver is in the film!!! He is a great supporter of the work!!!

    5. Michael Rossato-Bennett 2-time creator on

      I am so sorry that you have not seen the film yet- it is just now finished anyway. You see, the only way Sundance will show a film is if it is a world premier. So, I can not show it or release DVDs either- When you have a real release of a film like we are going to have now, first comes theatrical and then television and then DVDs- no one will put it on television if it is available on DVD or Netflix. I feel bad that you are having to wait, but if you believe in what we are doing this is the best thing for the cause. This is the best way to get the film seen by the most people. However I will be doing a series of special showings just for Kickstarter people- one online and one here in NYC. I think all the delays are worth it in the end!

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      Cathy Greenblat on

      A brilliant decision by the Sundance team. The film was already glorious when you showed it at the Rubin Museum. As soon as I saw your last message about amazing news coming I said " I bet it was accepted at Sundance or the Palm Springs international film festival 2 weeks prior. I just told Dan that if you also will show it at the PSP festival I could put you or Dan up here!!! Christina, Oliver Sacks is IN the film so he already knows it well. I love Musicophilia too and use quotes from it in all mt talks about music and dementia. That book and Alive Inside are treasures. Cathy Greenblat, Love, Loss and Laughter: Seeing Alzheimer's Differently.

    7. Cait Davis on

      Congratulations!! That's awesome!

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      alexi delano on

      Congratulations!! Fantastic news!!

    10. Michael Rossato-Bennett 2-time creator on


      Do it! Let's all take the inward journey into the music of our youth. What a great experience and a gift to have later in life.

      Also, I want all of you to see the film. We will do an on-line screening just as soon as we can- the day after Sundance closes could be good!!

      And the beat goes on...


    11. Michael Rossato-Bennett 2-time creator on


      Thank you for you faith. It has been worth the wait IMHO! We are going to make a difference- start a conversation the world runs from but really wants to have!

      Keep dancing!

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      Bruce N. Goren on

      Wow, congrats, well deserved!

    13. Missing avatar

      Jacqueline Johnson on

      Looking forward to viewing and sharing with our community support groups, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and the community as a whole! Jackie Johnson Missoula Mt.