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Breakfast with Strangers: 50 Meals Across America. Taking strangers to breakfast from Portland, OR to Portland, ME.
Breakfast with Strangers: 50 Meals Across America. Taking strangers to breakfast from Portland, OR to Portland, ME.
142 backers pledged $8,385 to help bring this project to life.

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The book is out!


Drum roll please . . . It is with great happiness and pride that we announce that Breakfast with Strangers: 50 Meals across America hits virtual book stands all across the Internet today. We are excited to share our chronicle with you. We hope you will enjoy reading it and perhaps sharing it with others.

Why? Well, you supported our Kickstarter campaign! And two, It’s big, like really big! And it’s AWESOME. It’s filled with tons of photos, the stories of 50+ breakfast strangers, and all the other stuff we’ve never shared before. The book is broken into sections just like the website except each section now begins with our own story about the things that happened in each region. The book also includes an introduction which chronicles our planning for the trip, Bettie’s award winning recipe for gumbo, an epilogue (The Doggie-Bag) that offers our key takeaways, and dozens of amazing Americans that will reconfirm your faith in your fellow human beings.

Want a nibble? Check out a sample of the first ten pages:

The book is currently available in two formats so that anyone can read it, and as heart-warming tale, it makes a great holiday gift for friends and family. Yes, we said that and we firmly believe it.

If you supported us at a level that gets you to a free copy of the book - you'll receive your code for a copy later tonight. 

It was truly an amazing journey and, we hope, an inspiring story for you to read.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Matt & Courtney

Hot off the griddle. BWS update.

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Success! With your help we hit our funding goal.

Wow - We made it!  Matt and I want to thank everyone who backed our project.  We are humbled and grateful.   Reading through the usernames there are many friends and strangers who were incredibly generous in their support.  We are excited to hit the road and make good on your contributions.  We should start blogging around July 25th and will be back in touch to ask for addresses so that we can send postcards, breakfast items etc.

Thanks again,


PS -We have tried to thank each person we know personally through email.  If you have not heard from us it may be that your username did not offer enough clues.  Please know we appreciate you!

Going strong but not done yet.

Dear Generous Supporters,

We wanted to take a moment and update you on our campaign.

But . . . first and foremost some words of thanks: friends and strangers alike – you all rock. Thank you so much! When we started this, we had little more than the promise of a dozen or so friends who pledged to donate what they could.

Now . . . little more than half way through the campaign . . . we are thrilled to announce that as of 5 minutes ago today we have raised $4,656 from 92 backers! The best part about all of this?: People really like our project! There is no better feeling than being on the verge of doing something you are excited about and realizing that others are excited about it too. Amazing!

Some key highlights from the last two weeks:

  • Matt has reached out to strangers all across America through several social networking sites. He has received 442 emails from strangers who would like to have breakfast with us, from the manager of a Chik-Fil-A in Houston to an undocumented teenager in San Diego. Matt has written back to almost every one of them!
  • We’ve had a few Oregon businesses offer us some awesome in-kind donations including shoes from Keen footwear and peanut butter for road sandwiches from Wild Squirrel Nut Butter.
  • We got the van (The USS Pancake) back from the mechanics and the detail shop. We are now waiting on our personalized plates – ‘BWS50’.
  • Our story is spreading a bit wider with a short piece in the Portland Tribune (link) and Willamette Week (link). We hope to have a story in The Oregonian, on KOIN news, and also on KBOO radio’s food program this week as well. We’ll post these to our Facebook page as they come in.

Of course we couldn’t have gotten this far without you. Your early backing has made all the difference in making this venture one we can be proud of!

One last thing:

As many of you know, with Kickstarter it’s all or nothing so we still need to raise more than $3000 to receive the funds that have already been pledged. We are aiming to make a big jump this week - hitting $6000 pledged (2/3 funded) with 8-9 days left. Please help us by continuing to spread the word among your fun loving friends. We promise to make good on your efforts.

In gratitude,

Your friends & strangers - Matt and Courtney