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JavaSkinz are reusable sleeves that use phase change materials to keep drinks hot or cold when on the go longer than anything else.

JavaSkinz are reusable sleeves that use phase change materials to keep drinks hot or cold when on the go longer than anything else. Read More
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What are JavaSkinz?

Thanks for checking out our project Kickstarters! JavaSkinz is the first product that uses phase change materials while insulating your beverage, and we need your help to make them!

JavaSkinz have two main parts: an insulating neoprene layer on the outside and special phase change packs on the inside. These packs are filled with food grade materials which regulate the beverage's temperature.

JavaSkinz come in two versions: Hot and Cold. JavaSkinz Hot comes with Hot Packz and keeps your coffee hotter longer, so you can enjoy your drink longer without throwing any away or making countless trips to the microwave! 

JavaSkinz Cold comes with Cold Packz and keeps your iced beverages cold longer, so they remain frosty and delicious to the last sip!

How does JavaSkinz keep my coffee hot?

Today, everyone is on the go...and we rely on our coffee to get us through the day! Picking up a cup on the run is convenient, but the coffee gets too cold, too fast.

Other products available that use phase change materials to keep your coffee hot need to be placed directly into your drink. This only works if the container is well insulated, which is not true with disposable cups.

JavaSkinz are designed to work with disposable cups. First, JavaSkinz insulates your drink with its neoprene layer. This decreases heat loss and extends the life of your coffee, while protecting your hands from the hot cup.

However, JavaSkinz aren't just an ordinary coffee sleeve. The real magic in JavaSkinz happens in the phase change packs on the inside of the sleeve. In JavaSkinz Hot these packs are filled with a material which absorbs some of the excess heat from the coffee after it is first poured. As the material absorbs the heat escaping from the cup, it melts. The outer neoprene layer traps the heat within the packs, storing it for later and keeping the coffee hot.

Once the coffee reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit (the perfect coffee drinking temperature) the heat stored within the material is transferred back into the coffee keeping it hotter, longer! Our prototype tests have shown that JavaSkinz Hot increases the time within the coffee drinking range by over 65%!*

Using JavaSkinz Hot on your coffee will save you time by preventing those endless trips to the microwave and ensure that you get the full value of money spent by eliminating the need to throw away bad tasting cold coffee!

How does JavaSkinz keep my iced coffee cold?

Iced coffee is a delicious summer-time treat, but only before the ice melts and your drink warms up. JavaSkinz Cold insulates your iced coffee from the hot air outside in order to stop the air from heating your cup. This keeps it colder, longer!

Once again, the special part about JavaSkinz are the inner phase change packs. In JavaSkinz Cold, these packs are filled with the same material that ice packs are made from. Throw them in the freezer before use, and these packs will cool your cup from the outside, making sure that your iced coffee remains cold. The insulating neoprene layer keeps your hands comfortable!

Prototype testing has shown that JavaSkinz Cold can increase the time that your iced coffee is cold by over 50% - a difference of nearly an hour!

Can I have both?

Since the packs within JavaSkinz are removable, we were able to create a product which can easily be changed back and forth between hot or cold. This way, the same JavaSkinz can keep all your drinks just the way you want them!

JavaSkinz Hot and Cold Pack comes with a JavaSkinz Sleeve, plus Hot and Cold Packz. This will allow you to switch back and forth between keeping your coffee hot and your iced coffee cold! Switch to cold to beat the heat in the summer, then go back to hot to keep yourself warm in the winter!

Switching packs is easy! Simply:

In the future, we plan on offering JavaSkinz Hot Packz and Cold Packz separately so that you can have any drink the way you like it without the need to buy more sleeves!

What about colors?

JavaSkinz come in a variety of attractive colors, including the ones shown below.

If you want to show off your JavaSkinz in style, you can! We offer JavaSkinz Sleevez so that you can purchase sleeves without the packs. Customize your JavaSkinz experience any way you want!

What else do JavaSkinz do?

In addition to keeping your drinks just the way you like them, JavaSkinz also: 

• Protect your hands from being burnt by hot beverage containers! 

 • Protect your hands from freezing while holding iced beverages! 

 • Provide a soft, comfortable grip around your cup 

 • Replace thousands of wasteful, disposable coffee sleeves over the course of their lifetime! 

• Do not require anything to be put directly into your drink, eliminating health concerns, any ‘ick’ factor, and saving you precious drink volume within your cup! 

 • Folds up to the size of a small wallet so you can bring it anywhere! 

• Are machine washable (once the packs are removed) so you can keep yours clean and stain free! 

 • Are easy to assemble and use! 

 • Are much less expensive than other products on the market which utilize phase change technology! 

Product Development Process

We have been working on perfecting JavaSkinz since February of 2013. The idea was born out of a class project involving heat transfer, and from this we created a hand-made prototype for proof of concept testing using a kitchen vacuum bag sealer.

Proof of Concept
Proof of Concept

After proving the underlying science was sound we developed several different designs for the internal phase change packs. Ultimately we decided on two separate packs with four pouches each to allow for a balance between flexibility, comfort, and phase change volume.

Phase Change Pack Development
Phase Change Pack Development

We also developed many different sleeve designs varying in size and configuration of the internal pouches. These initial sleeves were sewn by hand.

Neoprene Sleeve Development
Neoprene Sleeve Development

Once we decided on our final designs, we partnered with some local manufacturers to create fifty prototypes.

Final JavaSkinz Prototype
Final JavaSkinz Prototype

We handed these prototypes out to coffee drinkers, and have received great feedback. So, we believe we are ready to make the first production run of JavaSkinz.

Manufacturing JavaSkinz

Unfortunately, due to significant cost barriers it is impractical to manufacture JavaSkinz in the USA at this point in time. However, we have partnered with quality manufacturers in India who are ready to take on orders of JavaSkinz. The sleeves will be made at a leading textile manufacturer in India, who is capable of producing quantities from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands! 

The phase change packs will be made by a packaging company in India on a new horizontal form, fill, and seal machine we partnered to acquire. The phase change material for both the Hot and Cold Packz will be purchased in the USA and shipped to India for manufacture. This way, we are sure that the material is FDA approved for contact with food and beverage.

The packaging and assembly will also be completed at the same packaging facility, and completed JavaSkinz will be delivered directly to us for inspection before being delivered to our backers.


(Backer may choose the JavaSkinz or JavaSkinz Sleevez colors. Available colors are red, green, blue, purple, orange, and brown. Again, we thank every backer, no matter what the pledge amount!)


Q. How does JavaSkinz work?

A. Please view our video or read the article above to learn more about how JavaSkinz work!

Q. Does JavaSkinz fit different sized cups, or are there different sizes?

A. JavaSkinz is designed to fit any standard sized disposable cup - it is a one size fits all! The elasticity of the neoprene means that it can stretch to accommodate larger cups. 

Q. Are JavaSkinz machine wash safe?

A. Yes - JavaSkinz sleeves are machine wash safe. However, the phase change packs are not. Remove these before washing. If the packs are dirty, they are easily cleaned by wiping them down with a wet washcloth. Once cleaned, JavaSkinz easily reassembles for use!

Q. Which side of the phase change packs should face outward?

A. The metallic side of the phase change packs faces outward.

Q. How long does a JavaSkinz last?

A. We have designed JavaSkinz with durable neoprene and nylon materials, so each one should last years of normal wear and tear. However, using JavaSkinz for unintended activities may cause a shortened life (as a hacky sack or oven-mitt for example). 

Q. Do JavaSkinz need to be stored away from extreme temperatures? 

A. The phase change material inside JavaSkinz are heat sealed within the packs, and can withstand extreme temperatures - up to boiling and well below freezing. So, there is nothing to worry about if you forget your JavaSkinz in the car on a hot summer day!

Q. Does JavaSkinz come in different colors?

A. Yes! JavaSkinz comes in a variety of colors, so that you can personalize your experience. In the future, additional colors or even patterns may be offered.

Q. Does the phase change material used in JavaSkinz break down or wear out over time?

A. No, the material in JavaSkinz relies on phase change, not a chemical reaction. So, every time you use JavaSkinz is as effective as the first time! 

Q. Is JavaSkinz just for coffee?

A. JavaSkinz is for any drink that you want to keep hot or cold! If the sleeve fits, you can have any drink, just the way you want!

Q. How is JavaSkinz eco-friendly?

A. JavaSkinz is a reusable drink sleeve. Over the course of its lifetime, it has the ability to replace thousands of disposable paper or foam coffee sleeves! That’s a lot of waste saved!

Q. Is JavaSkinz portable?

A. JavaSkinz is extremely portable! It folds up to the size of a small wallet, and easily fits in pockets and purses.

Q. Does JavaSkinz work as well in large cups as it does in small cups?

A. JavaSkinz will work on any sized cup, however the effect will be more pronounced on smaller drinks.

Q. Does JavaSkinz work as well on foam cups as it does on paper ones?

A. JavaSkinz relies on thermal transfer through the cup to store and release energy and improves the cups insulation. The worse the cup is insulated, the more pronounced the effect. 

Q. Does JavaSkinz work on plastic and glass bottles, or aluminum cans?

A. Yes, JavaSkinz does work on any plastic or glass bottles and any aluminum cans that it will fit on. Use JavaSkinz to keep your water, sports drinks, soda, or even beer cold in the summer heat!

Q. Does JavaSkinz work on insulated coffee mugs?

A. While JavaSkinz does provide an attractive and comfortable grip for any container it is used on, if the container is well insulated, the temperature control effect will not be seen.

Risks and challenges

JavaSkinz is a patent pending product. We have the design of JavaSkinz for the most part complete, so there should not be any challenges in this area. We currently have team members talented in packaging science working on the packaging design, to really make our product stand out.

Once JavaSkinz reaches its goal we will be able to place our first production order with our manufacturers. We have already met and they have agreed to partner with us to make JavaSkinz. We are currently working with our manufacturers and suppliers to iron out any quality issues, so that we can be sure JavaSkinz will be made to our high standards.

Our biggest challenge will be shipping and supply chain management. We are working on determining the most effective route for our supply chain. We will also need to determine how to import and ship our product and the responsibilities associated with that.

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