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$1,768 pledged of $77,000 goal
By Trent A
$1,768 pledged of $77,000 goal

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    1. Trent A Creator on

      Hi Juan -

      We're still building it. It will be available in the next couple months.

      If you're on the list (at http://wireover.com), you'll get an email when it's ready.

      - Trent

    2. Me on

      So what happened, did you build it and is it for sale to end users

    3. Jarrah on

      oh well, better luck next time

    4. Trent A Creator on

      Juan - That's correct - Windows and Mac users will be able to send files to each other. Eventually Linux too.

    5. Me on

      "it's more about the operating system. wireover will work on all the windows operating systems back to windows xp."
      I'm a MAC user, so could i send files to non MAC OS user?

    6. Rithrade

      In a work enviroment, I'd say this solution is less than ideal due data capping.

      So, we'd have a great place for one-off big files we need to send from time to time? Lols, great idea! Gotta share em prons!

    7. Mathias Lilholt Nielsen on

      This looks great! I hope some tech sites will mention this project, so you can reach the goal...I think a lot of people want this software

    8. Trent A Creator on

      hi juan -

      recipients download a downloader. it runs and downloads the files. if feels similar to a zip file - you double-click it, and the files appear.

      one technical concern is anti-virus programs - some computers will require permission from the user to run the downloader. we can get around most of that (on windows) by having the executable signed, and by having it downloaded via an SSL connection.

      the beta app isn't available any more. our beta users grew so fast that our server was crashing. the purpose of the beta was to prove users what this, which it did!

      a 4 year old PC would be find. vista would work fine. it's more about the operating system. wireover will work on all the windows operating systems back to windows xp.

      good questions!

    9. Me on

      you mention that other users would have to download some zip file ?
      and said file would self extract or something?
      theoretically wouldn't that be blocked by anti-virus programs?
      a little more info on the recipient side (i.e what they need to do for me to send them files) would be great.

    10. Me on

      /where is the mentioned(beta )app?
      what kind of hardware are we talking about in terms to be able to receive say large video files?
      could a 4 yrs old pc --duo core celeron 4gb ram windows vista handle the transfer?