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It's not an archive. It's a tool. Help us develop the technology to save countless old, out-of-print, and/or rare academic texts.
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Progress! Your first e-book, new books planned, and much more.

Hello All!

This is our first update in a while so we have a ton of information to share with you. First up, the free part of our ~Archive is currently being tested, with new features and formats being rolled out periodically. You can check it out here:,
The current book displayed is Marxist Perspectives #8. This will also be the first, full e-book that we will be releasing in the coming weeks. This e-book will feature high resolution reproductions of the original cover and artwork, fully functional and easily navigable footnotes and table of contents, and a special new appendix where we've reproduced all the ads from the original journal (and trust us, the ads from a late 70s Marxist journal are amazing.) 

For those of you who didn't hear the news, Eugene Genovese, the editor-in-chief of Marxist Perspectives for its short-lived 8 issue run, recently passed away. While Genovese himself remains a controversial figure for his sharp change in political views over the years, his scholarship, particularly on slavery and the American South, is highly respected and he will be missed. This merely adds to our pride in working with Dissent Magazine to reproduce these journals. Additionally, the next e-book in our series will be Marxist Perspectives #1 which features a long introductory essay by the late Eric Hobsbawm, one of the greatest historians of the 20th century. While we mourn the passing of these scholars, we look forward to, in our own small way, helping to preserve and reproduce this important work. And we hope everyone who has supported us through our Kickstarter and beyond will enjoy reading the books! 

Finally, we are very excited to announce that the first non-Marxist Perspectives book in our ~Archive will be Intellectual and Manual Labor by Alfred Sohn-Rethel. We recently received permission from Alfred's son (and translator) Martin Sohn-Rethel to reproduce the book through the ~Archive. Alfred Sohn-Rethel worked with many figures in the original Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, Germany; Martin even mentioned a treasured early manuscript by Alfred that contains notes and commentary by Walter Benjamin. This, coupled with the fact that Sohn-Rethel's work is difficult to find in English, particularly in America, amplifies our excitement in reproducing this fascinating work. This is also a book that was requested by one of you! We always hoped the ~Archive would driven by the needs and requests of users so we cannot be more pleased that thus far we are working on texts that scholars, interested readers, and other institutions, have suggested. So please continue to send requests (particularly for pre-1923 books!) 

Thanks again for your support and interest in the ~Archive and the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. Stay tuned for more news (including about the much anticipated PENS!) 

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