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It's not an archive. It's a tool. Help us develop the technology to save countless old, out-of-print, and/or rare academic texts.
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100% FUNDED! And the road ahead...

Posted by Brooklyn Institute for Social Research (Creator)

THANK YOU ALL! With your help, we have reached our minimum funding goal and the ~Archive will be funded. Let the ~Archiving commence!

Seriously, we are unbelievably excited about this. And we want to take these last 6 days as we go past our minimum goal to talk about all the other things we can start doing with an even further funded ~Archive and what you and all our other users can get out of the project. 

We have officially entered the world of possibilities that we outlined as "Phase 4" in our mission statement for the ~Archive: 

"Phase 4: Beyond! (Estimated Cost $????+)

What? I thought we were supposed to be finished at $7500? In a sense, we will. We will have procured and reproduced our three proof-of-concept books and honed our technologies and methodologies. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. We would love to push our tool to its absolute limits. For example, we would love to produce new dual-language, or even multilingual, editions of texts, to develop the technology to show not only the original language and a translation in clearly connected and easy-to-navigate ways, but legally to procure and display multiple layers of translations all in a single e-edition. Imagine the excitement of an edition of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason that displays all the most prominent English translations juxtaposed with the original German. Okay, so that might excite us a bit more than it does you. But imagine other possibilities that are more to your tastes. In fact, please, tell us about them! What's more, we could give scholars who hold the permission to reproduce their own work -- anything from monographs to data sets to book reviews and essay collections -- a platform not only to make their work widely available and easily searchable, but also to be able to earn some money from those who download their work in the more convenient formats."


So thank you all again and we hope that the word keeps spreading, that the open world of Phase 4 becomes more and more of a reality and that we can make the ~Archive a powerful tool in the hands of researchers, scholars, and readers of all kinds. Not only to preserve and disseminate texts but to begin to re-imagine what can be done with them. We can't wait. 


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