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It's not an archive. It's a tool. Help us develop the technology to save countless old, out-of-print, and/or rare academic texts.
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One of the ~Archive's first implementations: a co-project with Dissent Magazine!

Thank you all for helping the Brooklyn Institute's ~Archive reach 35% funding! 

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Dissent Magazine, the prominent political quarterly, with whom we will be working to add the brilliant, out-of-print journal Marxist Perspectives to the ~Archive.

It can sometimes be a bit frustrating talking and posting about the ~Archive because so much of what we are doing with the it involves legal tangles, partnerships, locating difficult-to-find materials, etc. So when we can actually announce something it's pretty exciting for us. 

So what are we talking about anyway?  Dissent acquired a complete set of the short-lived but fascinating journal "Marxist Perspectives", originally produced in the late 1970s through the early 1980s. Using the ~Archive process, we will digitize these and they will appear both in the Brooklyn Institute's ~Archive collection (and in our downloadable formats) and on Dissent's site as well. 

The journal feature works by such prominent authors as Dissent co-editor Michael WalzerGore Vidal, Eric Foner, Eric Hobsbawm, and Etienne Balibar as well as numerous works by lesser known scholars who equally deserve to have their work preserved, presented, and disseminated in an easily accessible format. 

We are still awaiting final approval from the original editor Eugene D. Genovese but both we and Dissent felt it would be ok to announce the project. Born here in Brooklyn to in 1930, Genovese did his undergraduate work at Brooklyn College and earned a PhD from Columbia in History in 1959. He is best known for his extraordinary critical work on slavery in the antebellum American South and its far reaching structural implications.

We hope to be able to talk more soon about some of the other ~Archive projects we are exploring: scanning an important feminist anthology about the world of publishing in the 1970s, and several other endeavors. For now, we could not be more proud of working with Dissent on this project. Partnerships like this are part of what is making the Institute a lively center of intellectual engagement in Brooklyn.

THANK YOU ALL AGAIN; both for your ongoing support and, equally, for spreading the word. Please continue to share the ~Archive on Facebook, Twitter, or just over email with friends. Help make the ~Archive and all its projects successful far into the future. 

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