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An experimental food and art project where everyone can be a cook!
An experimental food and art project where everyone can be a cook!
203 backers pledged $10,951 to help bring this project to life.

Happy Fall from Thank You For Coming!

Dear friends,

It's been too long since our last update. Fear not, we haven't forgotten about you--not a chance! We just sent out requests for your addresses, and our goal is to finish making and sending your Kickstarter gifts by the end of this month. We'll also have an in-person pick up day at Thank You For Coming in Los Angeles in early November for those of you who are local and can help us save on postage.

Here's a peek at the canvas bags we handprinted for ya:

Sorry for the delay and the lack of updates! We promise we've been hard at work -- and while we aren't ready to open yet, we are getting closer every day! Here are a few things we've been up to since we last wrote:

1. There was a giant ditch in our ground for most of the summer. The hole was dug to put in new plumbing for our sinks. Little did we know at the time, we had to peel back several layers of bureaucracy before we could cover the hole back up. The good thing is, we learned a lot about how to interpret and navigate building codes in the process! Man, that stuff is tough.


& After!

2. While under construction, we hosted a backyard Open House party! We gave tours of our hole, ate BBQ pizzas, destroyed a watermelon pinata, potlucked, made new friends, and grooved to the sweet sounds of Guyliner.

Piñata aftermath!

3. Our friend, the amazing Jessica Cowley, hand painted our storefront sign for us!

Peephole O's

4. We drywalled and painted and tiled! We grinded, scrubbed and sealed our floors! We built lots of things, including a fence, work/eat tables, and a multi-use food prep and eating counter. Here's Gerardo, who taught us how to weld and worked with us to put our counters together:

Gerardo told us that if he could only choose one thing from his current life to bring back in a second life, he'd learn to be a welder again. BURN 2 LEARN -- Now that's inspiration for ya! 

Thank you for your patience and support throughout this process. You'll be hearing from us again soon (for real).

With gratitude,
Thank You For Coming

Save the date: June 21 OPEN HOUSE for summer solstice + CALL FOR RESIDENTS!

Hey hey friends (we sent this out via mailing list today, apologies if you're getting it twice -- thank you guys especially for your pledges and continued support),

Remember that restaurant project we told you about? It's been a little while -- sorry for the silence! We've been hard at work, and here's what we've been up to:

After a few missteps and lots of lessons learned, we finally got our plans approved by the LA County Health Department at the end of May. This gave us the green light to begin building our space, which was pretty much an empty box before. Thanks to your support through our Kickstarter campaign in April, we've been able to buy some equipment (refrigerator, freezer, induction ranges, shelves, etc.), build furniture, remove 5 layers of paint from our cement floors, and begin work on plumbing and electrical upgrades. Thank you!


There's still much to be done before we can open, but in our desire to share as much as possible with you about this process, we want to invite everyone over.

Thurs June 21 from Noon to Midnight
3416 Glendale Blvd, LA, CA 90039

Drop by, stay late / ditch work, come play! See our MESS before we open. Ask us questions, give us feedback, apply for a residency. Celebrate the longest day of the year!

ALL DAY: musical stylings and performances, summer snacks, egg balancing, live screenprinting, piñatas, birthday cake and film screenings in our courtyard after dusk. Details to follow shortly.

RSVP and find directions here if you're gonna come!


ATTN: Everyone (Artists, Cooks, Plumbers, Park Rangers, Moms + Granddads, the list goes on!)

Thank You For Coming will be run through an interdisciplinary rotating residency program, which aims to give people from varying experiences and backgrounds an opportunity to run a restaurant and explore new 'n old ways of sharing food with people. Thank You For Coming welcomes residents to use our kitchen and space as a platform for public engagement and creative experimentation and presentation.

Anyone with secret talents, rad ideas, and good vibrations! Thank You For Coming seeks motivated individuals who can make a case for how our space can be used as a platform to support your idea/project. We encourage our residents to work with and engage the public and relate to our mission of exploring different means and modes of sharing food and hanging out. Residents will need to make and serve food while in residence, but you don't have to be a professionally trained chef or restauranteur by any means. We welcome food-makers from all disciplines.

As a resident, other responsibilities will include opening and closing the joint, helping us keep the space in food-safe shape (equipment and counters wiped and cleaned daily, etc.), getting food in mouths during OPEN hours, and organizing public programming and educational workshops. If this sounds like a lot, don't worry -- the TYFC crew will be here to help you work through your ideas, get you organized, do your dishes, and be your assistants and labor force as needed. We're all in this together!

Thank You For Coming is just under 900 square feet and will be permitted as a commercial kitchen by the LA County Health Department. When we start, we'll have a simple kitchen without a Type I hood and standard gas range (we couldn't afford it). Instead, we'll be using electric induction ranges to cook with. We hope to install a hood and standard range and oven 6 months after opening. Our walls are mostly blank and our furniture includes two 10-foot-long work/eat tables and a 30-foot-long counter. Most of this is modular and moveable and can accommodate seating for up to 30 people. Thank You For Coming also has access to an adjacent outdoor courtyard where we've planted an edible garden.

Residents will have full access to all of our:
Kitchen equipment (full list to come)
Stocked pantry (full list to come)
Cookware and dishware (full list to come)
Garden harvest (full list to come)

Residents will also be provided with a small stipend and a budget for food ingredients and other materials. Thank You For Coming (ServSafe certified) staff will provide support for residents.

We are taking applications starting...NOW!

Residency periods are negotiable and somewhat flexible, but keep in mind we are structuring the program around 2-week (Monday-Sunday) cycles. To start, Thank You For Coming will be open Wednesday-Sunday for Lunch & Dinner.

To participate as a resident at Thank You For Coming, please email us at with the following information/responses:
Name / Contact Info (E-mail, Phone) / Location
Explain a project/idea you'd like to make happen at Thank You For Coming.
What resources do you need to make that project/idea happen?
What is your interest/experience/comfort level in making food for a bunch of people?
What is your experience/interest/comfort level in working with youth and community members of all ages with little to no experience in whatever it is that you will be doing?
Tell us about your food -- what might a menu look like and what would your ingredients and processes be?
Tell us anything else you want us to know about you -- this can be a short bio, a statement of work about your practice, website links, whatever!
What is your availability to participate as a resident? Do you have any schedule restrictions?

The application process is open and rolling until further notice. We will read applications every Friday and contact applicants with questions as they arise. Our OPENING date is a little up in the air right now, but as soon as we draw near to a more definite date, we will begin scheduling residencies. Please bear with us while we get open and figure out all the structural kinks. We are excited to read about you and your ideas! If you have any questions, just e-mail us at -- we'll also work on getting an FAQ page up on our website ASAP.

Huge THANK YOUs to James Graham from BA, Jill's Paint, Ava + Avo, Kayla Cohen, Doug McCollough, Marcus + Cosmo, Marjory Garrison, Jessica Cowley, Keith Scharwath, Alissa Walker, and Kamil Beski for all your rad advice and hands in recent weeks.


Hello wonderful friends! Sorry this e-mail is a little delayed. But our gratitude for your support most certainly is not. This is just a quick message to say, yes, THANK YOU so much for pledging and helping us make our Kickstarter goal. We will be sending surveys out shortly to capture all of your addresses and info and all that good stuff so that we can send you gifts. In the meantime, we're still movin' forward on the project -- we're in the middle of our permitting processes right now, which, as we are learning, can take quite a while. More soon, we promise. THANK YOU. Can't wait to thank you all in person sometime soon. Love to all.

---Thank You For Coming

Thank you for backing our project + Thank You For Coming receives an Awesome Food Grant

Hello, happy Tuesday! Thank you everyone for backing our project on Kickstarter. It means a shit ton to us. We wanted to give you an update on what we've been up to since we launched. Apologies if you're receiving this twice as we just sent this out via email and we think some of you are on our mailing list as well! Thank you again. We are moved and inspired.

Dear friends, homies, MOM, strangers, everyone,

Thank You For Coming is a new restaurant/hang-out project we’ve been working on here in Los Angeles. We’re still about 2 months away from opening officially and we’re learning a lot about staying inspired and being patient. In the meantime, here’s some news on our progress:

We’re psyched to announce that the Awesome Food chapter of the Awesome Foundation chose our project as this month’s recipient of a $1,000 micro-grant award. We’re honored and grateful to have been chosen from among 800 applicants. The grant will help us cover some of the hard start-up costs associated with renovations, permits, and materials and equipment (e.g. plumbing and electrical upgrades, health department permits, a convection oven, dishware, and lumber and supplies to build out a 30-foot counter). Many thanks to the Awesome Foundation!

We’re equally grateful for and moved by everyone who has helped us with our Kickstarter campaign. We can’t thank you enough for your inspiration and feedback, your help in spreading the word, and for becoming backers. FOR REAL, thank you! We still have 11 days left to go in our campaign, and we hope to make our $10,000 fundraising goal by then. We promise to honor every shout out and every $1 pledged by keeping our build out costs low and by working hard to make you proud! Help us reach our goal in your own rad style:

LOS ANGELES, these are for you --
  1. We’re having a work day this Saturday, April 14 from 9am to 3pm in our courtyard at 3416 Glendale Blvd, LA, CA 90039 to build a milk crate farm to support our future kitchen. We’ve been collecting dozens of recycled milk crates these past few weeks, and we can’t wait to fill them up! Come by anytime to lend a hand with lining milk crates, mixing soil, and planting vegetables. Food, seeds, and garden tips for all who come to hang out! Drop us a line if you can make it.
  2. Laura and Jenn will be speaking about Thank You For Coming ideas and processes as part of Exchange Panel II (Resourcing) on Friday, April 20 at 8pm at The Last Bookstore at 453 S. Spring St in Downtown LA. The panel will focus on the sustained exchange of space, food, time, etc. in the LA  creative community and will also feature Douglas Clayton (SpacefinderLA), Karen Atkinson (Getting Your Sh*t Together), Ariel Climer (Synchronicity LA), and Lenore Smith (Downtown LA Time Bank).
  3. Our long-lost friend, Leif Hedendal (you may know him from Cooking with Leif) will be in town from the Bay Area and offering a one-night-only dinner in Downtown LA at 7pm on Wednesday, April 18 in a secret location to be divulged upon RSVP confirmation to  We'll be helping and learning in the kitchen with Leif while he prepares a meal of live sea urchin, sel gris roasted Santa Barbara spot prawn, abalone dashi tide pool, dungeness crab, and so much more! More details onmenu and pricing here.

Lastly, we’re learning how to keep in better touch with everyone. E-mail us, check our website, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and/or write us a letter at:
Thank You For Coming | 3416 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039.
Thank you all for your continued support and inspiration.
Laura Noguera, Jonathan Robert, Cynthia Su + Jenn Su