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A coding kit that makes it easy for anyone to learn programming, create games, program robots, control hardware, experiment & learn.
A coding kit that makes it easy for anyone to learn programming, create games, program robots, control hardware, experiment & learn.
145 backers pledged £20,970 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. DSP Robotics Creator on

      There has been loads happening if you check out our FlowPaw site..
      We have some new software out next week with some new features..

    2. Jerry Farmer

      NO change sense December! Did you forget us?

    3. Jerry Farmer

      You promised in campaign to have 8 more daughter boards supported by end of December. Now in Feb. looks like you have only 10 and no new ones from end of campaign. What happened ?

    4. Mohanad Ghazi on

      I'm so sorry to hear about that. I thought I was the last backer to receive the FlowPaw boards.
      Unfortunately, I believe the used shipping courier was a regular UK Post, and it doesn't offer a tracking number like DHL.

      Please consider contacting them using the email provided in the link below:
      I hope that you get your FlowPaw soon :-)

      Best Regards

    5. Mohanad Ghazi on

      @DSP Robotics
      Thank you so much for the recent update :-)
      I have a couple of questions.

      -Where is Bluetooth Click in Flowstone?
      -How do we power the board in case it's being programmed by Bluetooth?
      -Do you sell the Bluetooth RC rover?

      Best Regards

    6. markobe on

      I didnt got my FlowPaw yet :/ Is there anything like tracking number? :)

    7. Mohanad Ghazi on

      My two FlowPaw boards arrived today! (^.^)
      I'm super excited about them.
      @DSP Robotics, Keep up the amazing work!

    8. Missing avatar

      Everett Reardon on

      My flowpaw arrived today, in time for Christmas as promised!!! waiting till Christmas to open then trying it out soon after. Thank you!!

    9. Paul Whelan

      My flowpaw arrived on Thursday, looks like a really nice piece of kit, just need to find some time to play with it now.

    10. Missing avatar

      Trudy Maynard on

      Thank you. Received my Flowpaw yesterday. Looks cool. Wont be able to have a play till Christmas, hope my sons not too daunted by it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Neil Manuel on

      My kickstart flowpaw arrived today thanks. Nice packing apart from the DVD - bit exposed on the underside where it tucks into/out of the intro leaflet - an extra page behind would have added extra scratch and fingerprint protection (no scratches yet though :-). Now to figure out why I bought it, oh and more clickboard support please (Mikro have a hundred or so of them now ;-)

    12. Missing avatar

      behkish on

      So, that means if I use the FlowStone, I kinda learn the Ruby programming language too?

    13. DSP Robotics Creator on

      If you dig a little deeper you will descover that FlowStone has the full ruby programming language built inside. You could use c++ but then you would need to program a lot of of the HID USB protocol. I would use the FlowStone FlowPaw module and then connect it to the FlowStone Ruby module. Another option is to program in C and make a Dll that you access from FlowStone.

    14. Missing avatar

      behkish on

      I am really excited about my flowpaw. I have bout my flowpaw while ago and I'm wondering can we use other coding languages for flowpaw since the provided language is kinda childish. I can understand the flowpaw is mostly designed for children but as a computer engineering student, I liked it and I want to know can I use language like C or Java for it?

    15. DSP Robotics Creator on


      Thanks for your support..

      1) The only difference is the full professional version of FlowStone can export to EXE applications.
      2) Check out they all all listed there. We are adding new ones all of the time.
      3) No the Click boards are added by us into the FlowPaw firmware.
      4) You can read the FlowStone manuals on the DSPRobotics Support section.

      Ruby in FlowStone is awesome (we won an award in Japan for this) , enjoy..

    16. Jerry Farmer

      Hi DSP Robotics. Great job!!
      1.) What is difference between FlowStone and FlowStone STEM?
      2.) List of Click boards supported by FlowPaw by end of Nov. end of month? Later?
      3.) Can we write the Ruby code to control the Click boards not supported yet?
      4.) Early doc on FlowPaw and FlowStone STEM?
      I have started to invest my future (money, time, learn Ruby, ...) in your product! Thanks!!

    17. Jerry Farmer

      Thanks Mohanad Ghazi.

    18. Missing avatar

      Emanur Rahman on

      Really good news that this is happening! In as much as I want to congratulate DSP Robotics on a fantastic concept I should also thank my fellow nice one guys. As a quick insight into why I made my pledge, I'm hoping that FlowPaw will make an appealing alternative to gaming for my kids....

      ...and there's a geek in me as well!

    19. Mohanad Ghazi on

      This is my very first KickStarter project that I pledged for, and I'm very happy that it's an amazing project, and that it got fully funded :-)
      I just got an email that KickStarter got the pledge funds from my credit card.
      I honestly couldn't be happier about that news!
      Cannot wait to get my paws on the FlowPaw and its claws :-)

    20. Mohanad Ghazi on

      Hello Jerry Farmer :-)
      Yes, the FlowPaw contains four MikroBus sockets for connecting four Click boards at the same time! And that's indeed great news!

      As for the unsupported Click boards, unfortunately, I don't think we currently can use them using the FlowPaw and the FlowStone.
      The support for the other Click boards will be added as the DSP Robotics plan to do so.
      DSP Robotics team will inform us whenever a new update is available in FlowStone so that we get added functionality and added Click boards support.

      I apologize if I gave you the wrong impression that I work for DSP Robotics, I'm just one of their biggest fans :-)

      Best Regards

    21. Missing avatar

      Griffo on

      Project looks great,In schools learning to program is an essential skill in electronics,,The easier we make it the better the outcome,Flow Paw ticks all the right boxes

    22. Missing avatar

      DennisRiding on

      Congratulations , This project looks great for Educating future hackers . I hope we can all help develop cool projects and get it into many schools .

    23. Missing avatar

      Herman Hoffman on

      Completion of the funding phase and planned delivery is great news. The next step of getting the product into the hands of people who can make an impact on the use of this product is very exciting. FlowPaws combined with drop & drag, excitement on steroid!!!

    24. DSP Robotics Creator on

      We made it! Thanks for all of your support..
      We will start shipping the FlowPaws out as soon as we get the funds from KickStarter :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Trudy Maynard on

      Awesome! Good job! Hopefully I get it in time for my son (9) for xmas! Hope he can figure it out, damn sure I wont!

    26. Missing avatar

      Neil Manuel on

      Woohoo made it! now gimmee :-)

    27. Jerry Farmer

      Hi Mohanad Ghazi. You are saying that (FlowPaw) uses mikroBUS? Very GOOD news.
      Can you use the other "clicks" not supported by FlowPaw yet in a project? When will the other clicks be supported by software? Thank you!

    28. Mohanad Ghazi on

      @DSP Robotics
      Congratulations! Man, I was waiting for this day!
      I'm so excited about the FlowPaw!

      @Other backers
      I feel that I'm a part of something very beautiful.
      I hope you guys feel the same way, because you guys are all beautiful! :-)

    29. DSP Robotics Creator on

      Yay.. we made it - thank you everyone..

      Once the KickStarter is over apparently it takes a couple of weeks to get the money to us. We will start sending out the FlowPaw kits as soon as the payments are confirmed etc. We ordered another 100 kits today which will take a couple of weeks to arrive added to the 100 we ordered last week we will have enough stock for everyone before Christmas.
      Fantastic - now the fun can really start..

    30. Missing avatar

      behkish on

      I just bought my gizmos and made it to more than 19.5 K. I would like to know when exactly I can get my box and do you contact me before sending that?


    31. Missing avatar

      Neil Manuel on

      Come on folks, nearly there, think positive thoughts ... We're going to make it.

    32. Missing avatar

      Thomas Chatfield on

      I have been using Flowstone for about 8 years now from back in the days when it was known as Synthmaker and focused purely on the audio market. Now that they have branched out into the maker market Flowstone is becoming what I always dreamed it would be - A general easy to use visual programming environment that can be used to create anything!
      They are now really starting to deliver on this dream, I wish these guys the best of luck with this endeavour they really deserve the success, they have been working hard on Flowstone for years and the passion and commitment they have put into the software really shows! There is nothing else like it on the market, it is so intuitive and easy to use and with the addition of FlowPaw they are taking things to another level. Kids will love this! It really makes me wish I was a kid again I would have loved this at school. :)

      Backers should check out my enthusiasts site for Flowstone Lot of great info and downloads there, skewed towards audio at the minute but will grow with the maker/robotics side as that starts taking off :)

    33. Jason Fagan on

      Just upped my pledge in the hope the project will succeed in getting funded. Good luck and fingers crossed.

    34. Matt Carkci on

      I have used FlowStone (the software part) before and it was wonderful. Very intuitive and easy to use. Can't wait to get my hands on the kit!

    35. DSP Robotics Creator on

      100th Backer! Fantastic thanks guys you're the best! 5 days to go!!!

    36. Mohanad Ghazi on

      I'm very excited as well! and just to add to the response of DSP Robotics,
      The expansion claws name is (Click boards), which are made by (MikroElektronika).
      This link will take you to the webpage of (Click boards), (Clickers), and (Click adapters) along with their prices:

      And remember that buying a set of (Click boards) (A pack) costs less than buying them individually, as you can see from the link below:

      Ask me anything about (MikroElektronika), I'll surprise you with what I know :-)
      Did you know that they recently built a manufacturing plant in Hungary?
      No, you didn't know that, because it's not true! hehehe XD
      Seriously though, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask ;-)

    37. DSP Robotics Creator on

      The Claws or Click Boards exist already and range from around $10 USD up to around $50 depending on the function. Most are in the $10-$20 USD range.

    38. Missing avatar

      Toomeyville on

      Very excited about this. Do you have rough range of how much the expansion claws will cost once they are available?

    39. Mohanad Ghazi on

      @Mr Neil Manuel
      I hope so too. This project is very cool, and it deserves much more attention.
      I changed my mind from pledging for the (Standard) kit to pledging for the (Duo Pong) kit not only because I started thinking that two boards would be nice, but also because I wanted to support this project even more :-)

    40. Missing avatar

      Neil Manuel on

      I hope the interest shown at the PiJam/Hackathon (update 3) pulls in a few more KickStart pledges - the pot is still well short of the goal.

    41. DSP Robotics Creator on

      Each Set comes with 4 Click boards:
      IR Proximity Sensor
      8x8 LED Display
      3 Axis Accelerometer

      We will also be selling additional Click board from our site shortly.

    42. Missing avatar

      Rikka on

      Can you elaborate on the Click Boards. How many of the ClickBoards are the backers expecting to get in each set? Thanks