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A new brand of apparel and gear created by design leaders from The North Face®
A new brand of apparel and gear created by design leaders from The North Face®
A new brand of apparel and gear created by design leaders from The North Face®
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    1. Rouslan Cherbina
      about 3 hours ago

      Cool beans! :-)

    2. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator about 4 hours ago

      We are documenting Agency Aspect’s first production from Vietnam on our Facebook page. You can follow us along on our journey and see our bags coming to life!

    3. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator about 4 hours ago

      @Rouslan Cherbina: Hello! We are in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam at the factory watching production right now! The bags are looking spectacular and are estimated to exit the factory in the next few weeks. We will be posting an official update on Kickstarter this week with photos and more details, as well as sending out our backer survey as well. Thank you! Liana & Michelle

    4. Rouslan Cherbina
      about 5 hours ago

      Hi ladies! Update would be helpful

    5. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      Hello @RouslanCherbina! Thank you for reaching out! Final materials are arriving at the factory and we have our production window scheduled for mid-July. We will be sending out backer surveys for confirmation on shipping addresses and your bag color in the next few weeks. We are looking forward to delivering these badass bags to all of you wonderful backers very soon (late August)!!! Warm Regards, Liana & Michelle

    6. Rouslan Cherbina

      Hi there. Its mid of June, is everything on track?

    7. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      Hello @Marijn Jenné,
      We just posted an update and will be posting updates more frequently now that we have a scheduled production window from our factory. Thank you for your support!

    8. Missing avatar

      Marijn Jenné on

      I would like to have an update. Everything fine with production? Still on schedule?

    9. Missing avatar

      juan francisco gonzalez davila


    10. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      Hola @juanfranciscogonzalezdavila Muchísimas Gracias por su apoyo para nuestra compañía! Estamos muy contentos que le gusta el producto y estamos trabajando ahora para cumplir y enviar sus bolsas! Muchos saludos! Gracias! Liana y Michelle

    11. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      Hello @RouslanCherbina ! After reading up on this from Kickstarter, it looks like you can update your address after we send a backer survey. We will be sending this within the week! If you'd like, you can send us your address update via email ( and we will write this in our notes under your name/pledge. Thank you! Liana and Michelle

    12. Rouslan Cherbina

      Hi. I need to update my address. How to do it?

    13. Missing avatar

      juan francisco gonzalez davila


    14. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      WE ARE FUNDED!! The first Agency Aspect™ Kickstarter campaign is fully funded and wrapped! Thank you to our family, friends, colleagues, and most of all, our backers for your support. We absolutely could not have done this with without you!

      Now the real work begins. We will keep all backers posted on progress of our first round of production and shipment of our beautiful hybrid bags. You can keep up on all other things Agency Aspect™ by joining our mailing list on our website, follow us on Instagram, like our Facebook page, and look for our Shopify site to launch soon!

    15. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      Hello @juan franciscogonzalezdavila ! Thank you very much for your support! We are very happy that you like our product and we know that your wife will love them too! We completely understand about having options is better and we have added a few more slots in the EARLY BIRD: Badass Bundle - Mixed reward for you. You can go in an adjust your pledge to that reward at your earliest convenience (just before the campaign ends tomorrow at 12:08pm). We were curious if you were a Spanish speaker? If so, we thought you'd like to know that our co-founder Liana is a proud bilingual Latina...

      Cheers to you and thank you for supporting our campaign,
      The Agency Aspect Team

    16. Missing avatar

      juan francisco gonzalez davila

      Hi guys.
      I found your bags really interesting and beautiful.

      I want the bundle for my wife as a surprise that, by the way, I am sure she will love but your pledge of 5 bags that contains the crossbody bicolour and the messenger pitch black is already gone. 

      I have already made my pledge all black but I would like to know if it's possible to get the reward with the crossbody bicolour and the messenger pitch black.
      Options for the wife are better than no option 😅

      I will love to hear from you 

      Cheers and have a great funding finish

    17. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      Thank you so much for your support @MaureenWard! We couldn't have reached our goal without backers like you! We are looking forward to the closing bell tomorrow afternoon! ;)

    18. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      Hello @YeneghBadimayalew,
      Thank you so much for your question! The buckle on the messenger is NOT going to hit your collar bone. The buckle sits on top of/above the webbing strap so your body is touching the soft webbing strap and you will not feel the buckle. Also the buckle's location will move dependent on how high or low you are wearing your bag, or how much the strap is extended fully. If you are wearing the messenger lower on your body and the webbing strap is lengthened, the buckle actually ends up more behind you. We will also have enough length on the webbing/strap to fit a variety of heights and sizes of women, so it depends on your body size and shoulder width as well on how much webbing is used for a variety of positioning. We will post some more pictures which will demonstrate further, as well as a photo of the underside of the buckle. Thank you for your support and pledge! We can't wait for the campaign to come to a close tomorrow about noon!
      Warm Regards,
      Liana & Michelle

    19. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      Hello @JuleeSmith,
      We are so thrilled that you are excited to receive your Messenger bag! We cannot wait to complete our Kickstarter campaign and begin the process to complete the manufacturing and deliver it to you!!! We truly appreciate your support!
      Thank you for your question! Yes!! More bags and ideas are in the works!!
      We already have a sample made of a Hybrid Backpack -very similar to what you saw a drawing/rendering of on our video. We will be developing that further and may have two different sizes of it. This will take 4-6 more months of development and are still discussing whether we will sell directly on our website or do another crowdfunding campaign.
      We have also had requests and comments for a medium sized crossbody bag. (A size in between the Hybrid Messenger and the Hybrid Crossbody). We will be making some samples of that idea as well.
      Thanks for your inquiry!
      Warm Regards,
      Liana & Michelle

    20. Missing avatar

      Yenegh Badimayalew on

      Hi there is the buckle on the messenger bag going to hurt the collar bone?

    21. Missing avatar

      Julee Smith on

      Will other types of bags be offered as well? (I see a mock up of a backpack in the video.) BTW, over the moon excited about my messenger bag!

    22. Missing avatar

      Maureen Ward on

      So so PROUD of y'all!! Can't wait for the successful conclusion of this great campaign. Eager to write our check & wait for our bags! Pat & Maureen

    23. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      Hello @MeaganDuneman, Thank you for the information on your purse strap lengths. We will be increasing our strap lengths for sure. We will take this information and do some testing on our side as well. Different body types and taller women will require a bit more strap length so we'll see what length works the best with our bag shapes. Thank you for your insight and backing our campaign! We are anxiously awaiting to cross the finish line very soon! Cheers, Liana & Michelle

    24. Missing avatar

      Meagan Duneman

      Hi AA, I finally had a chance/remembered to my measure my current purse straps. My usual purse strap is about max length of about 60 inches, I usually wear it at about 50 inches long. My backup purse is also crossbody and has a max strap length of 42 inches which is what I wear it at. It would be nice if you increased your strap length for people who might want to wear the bag differently or are larger and need mor length to go around.
      I am very interested in using your crossbody bag as an everyday purse (much as you described). I am also tempted by the messenger bag and have currently pledged for both.

    25. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      Hello @LynStewart,
      First, Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm for our product! We are just as excited to deliver these bags to you by this summer!!
      As you know Kickstarter projects are all or nothing campaigns, but we are confident that we can reach the finish line and get to 100% in these next 6 days!
      If you would please help us by spreading the word for us through your network? We are only a handful of bag backers away from being completely funded on this project!
      Cheers, Liana & Michelle

    26. Missing avatar

      Lyn Stewart on

      I’m so excited to get your bags! I pledged for one of each because I couldn’t decide which was better! You are SO close to your goal that I will be broken-hearted if you don’t make it! Will you plan on still moving forward even if you’re a few dollars short? Sorry if it’s a dumb question but I’m new to backing Kickstarter campaigns and so excited for yours!!!

    27. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      Hello Meagan,
      Thank you for your questions, comments and interest in our project! Both the nylon fabric and both leathers are fairly easy to clean. With most nylon fabrics and bags it is best to spot clean with a clean towel, warm water and a bit of dish soap or mild detergent. Dry with a fresh clean damp cloth to wipe off the soap. Same goes for the leather: Warm, soapy water will remove water stains and scuffs. The leather will also last longer and look new if you apply a leather conditioner (most products say every 3-6 mos). Another consideration would be to treat the leather with a leather protector for extra weather and stain protection? We will be doing more tests in the near future and will be able to recommend some to you! The Messenger bag leather is a Saffiano style leather and is super durable and very resistant to scuffs and water!
      -We hope this helps you to decide on color? You didn't mention if you were looking at the crossbody or messenger style. I use the Crossbody in Pixel grey for every day for picking up kids, heading to the park, heading to the city for meetings, date night, to the airport, on the train, as well as to Home Depot and the dump! My Pixel Grey fabric and black leather still look great! I have spot cleaned the fabric and leather just once and they still look as good as new. ;) These bags were designed for versatility and dynamic environments!

      Regarding the strap length, this is a great question and would love your feedback for the final bag. Currently both straps are 38 inches (96.5 cm) fully extended. We are not final on that length and would love to hear what strap length you find works best for you! Let us know!
      Warm Regards, Liana & Michelle

    28. Missing avatar

      Meagan Duneman

      Hi AA, I plan to get the bags but I am undecided on color. How easy is the nylon fabric and the leather to clean. I occasionally have to sit in dirty pick-up trucks and don't want to ruin a bag this expensive. I also don't typically switch purses often (i.e. for aesthetic reasons), I pick one practical purse and wear it out.
      Also how long is the strap of the purse size bag? I typically like to wear my purse lower on my body (at my hips) so I want to see if it will work for that. I typically want my purse to be easily accessible, and i don't see having to swing it from behind everytime I want something as easy access.

    29. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      Hello Jill Y, Thank you for your support for our campaign and your pledge! Once our campaign is funded, we will be setting up our ecommerce site a couple of months afterwards. Both bags, in both colorways (Pixel Grey and Pitch Black) will be offered there at our full retail prices. We are, however, offering special pricing and deals to our backers throughout our Kickstarter campaign! Let us know if you have any additional questions. We appreciate your support! Liana & Michelle

    30. Jill Y

      Will we have the chance to buy additional bags once the campaign is over? For example-if I pledged for the crossbody now and then decided I want the messenger as well.

    31. Aaron John Gregory on

      We are super excited about this and it's exciting that you are SOOO close to reaching your goal! Sorry we couldn't pledge more, but we are honored to be a part of your launch! xoxxo, CC

    32. AGENCY ASPECT™ Creator on

      Hi R Blake, Thanks for reaching out with your comment/question! We would love to offer an all black option and/or other colors and we have received this comment from others as well. Once we hit our goal we were planning to offer this as a stretch goal. We hope to hit our goal as soon as possible. I will add this to the Kickstarter page so others know as well. Thank you for your comment and support! Liana & Michelle

    33. R Blake

      Great bag! In some of the pictures/videos the cordura portion of the bag is black, making it an all black bag. Is this going to be an option?