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Pairing modern technology with 100% sheep's wool for a unique, soft, durable line of jewelry.
Pairing modern technology with 100% sheep's wool for a unique, soft, durable line of jewelry.
85 backers pledged $2,898 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ronda Dorsey Neugebauer on December 14, 2012

      What a great day at the mailbox when I opened it and found the red botanical bracelet! Thanks for making high quality, beautiful, light, and soft jewelry. My only complaint is I didn't order more :)

    2. Montana Shrader Creator on November 12, 2012


      I hope you feel like you just won the Kickstarter lottery - cause I do!!! Woo hoo for being the-$1,800-dollarth-pledger. And for every single person who backed - you guys are super-duper awesome!

    3. Montana Shrader Creator on November 12, 2012


      I definitely have some ideas for the future and wall adornments could totally make it in there! If I ever do, I'll be sure to let you know!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jesse Fowler on November 12, 2012

      Now you're funded.

    5. Ronda Dorsey Neugebauer on November 10, 2012

      This is amazing art! Thanks for making it wearable. Any chance of doing wall adornments? I would love a hanging for the kids' rooms.

    6. Lauren Leslie on November 9, 2012

      Less than $200 away from your goal--awesome! So excited to see this beautiful stuff come to life. Wool-lovers of the world unite!

    7. Jo on November 5, 2012

      Sorry for the late response, but thank you for yours! Consider my pledge upped for a necklace and bracelet!

    8. Montana Shrader Creator on November 5, 2012

      Thanks so much for your pledge! I included a FAQ about adding on additional items. Just click on "Manage Your Pledge" and include the additional $28. I'll survey you at the end.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michelle N on November 4, 2012

      I pledged 28 for an early ship pair of earrings. Can I add another pair (another $28) to my pledge? Thanks.

    10. Montana Shrader Creator on November 3, 2012


      Thanks so much for your awesome support! If you want to add an extra $34 to your pledge for a necklace, I can make a note of it on my end. So your total pledge would be $68. And I'll make sure you get both of them by the Holidays (even if they are for you - we need to give gifts to ourselves every once in a while right?). Thanks again!

    11. Jo on November 3, 2012

      I just pledged for an early -ship bracelet, but I had a quick question. I would also like to pledge for a necklace (I'd get the $65 level reward, but i'm not much of an earring person), would I be able to add the cost of the necklace to my pledge? Or maybe you could consider adding a different pledge level? Either way, I love the idea of your jewelry! Happy to be supporting you!

    12. Montana Shrader Creator on November 1, 2012


      Thanks for your comment! One of the great things about the jewelry is that you don't feel like you're wearing anything - because its so soft and lightweight. In any case, I'm sure one of your friends would love it - there's nothing else like it out there (that I've come across at least!) Thanks so much for backing - this venture isn't possible without support and feedback from awesome people like you!

    13. seden on November 1, 2012

      Not sure if I will be keeping it for myself (would be a first, I don not wear direct (body contact) jewellery, only wear (second skin). I guess it will be chosen when I get it ?

      In all case, sound like an very interesting way to go. Will be quite interested to see how it goes..