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Geode is an iPhone Appcessory that stores all of your credit cards, loyalty cards, etc. in a digital wallet for use anywhere!
Geode is an iPhone Appcessory that stores all of your credit cards, loyalty cards, etc. in a digital wallet for use anywhere!
1,784 backers pledged $352,918 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Giovanni Pandolfi on

      Anyone on Kickstarter review this guy?? It has a scam stamp all over the internet and they even have his account active!! That's ridiculous Kickstarter should be responsible for whatever happen in his website. I demand a full refund.

    2. Missing avatar

      Uwe Otte on

      Why does Kickstarter do Not Dekrete this project? We will never see anything here!

    3. Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi

      174$ spent on this project, never received anything from them. I can't belive they were not class sued.

    4. Gwen.

      Still no news from this guy. :-(

    5. hiruki on

      You stole from us!


      Nothing! Ever! Not even an explanation. Just dead silence.

    7. Ken McAndrew on

      Just to be fun, Apple just did in the iPhone 6 what this thing was supposed to do. Ah, good times...

    8. David Side on

      Interesting peice that explains what apparently happened with this failed project.

      According to this article, 90% of people received their product. What an interesting number.

    9. M. Wade Jackson on

      BTW - every other project I have backed and has been funded - has produced a product - even if it is not as good as I hoped it is still a return on my $ and backing - this one project has limited my involvement with kick starter - I understand risk but allowing large delays beyond consumer protections should be flagged better

    10. M. Wade Jackson on

      Once again - nothing to show for my $301 couples pack - Amazon payments no help - Bank Of America Credit Card - no help - I once again repeat that this site needs escrow agent for any project over $30,000 - or $100,000 -- that does require a bond for backers to be protected - I am surprised the SEC is not involved in regulating this site and indie go go or at least the CFPB - otherwise we need to file in Delaware Chancery court a class action - but if all assets gone nothing to recover - you would hope Amazon payments would step up and make right by the backers with even a 1/3 recovery in Amazon gift cards - you get the $$ back - I would welcome a 1/3 of my investment back $100.33

    11. Joses on

      Hi Jon. just revisiting this POS project. I managed to sell my geode for $50 a few months ago. at least i got some money back. for what reason he wanted it? i don't know.

    12. Missing avatar

      Joseph Lima on

      so these guys ran off with over $350,000 and nobody go anything and no one is doing anything about this?! Kickstarter ... looking at you!

    13. FallenHalo on

      i have got anything

    14. HotasYoosh on

      The Oculus rift campaign should have heard about this one where we all got nothing, i hope this is investigated someday and there is a class action suit, cause I was promised a working unit, not just a dream

    15. Missing avatar

      Randol on

      I also got nothing. Very disappointed.

    16. Marcus Frasier on

      I got 1 of the 2 I backed. Don't use it.

    17. Visualj on

      Yes. I got 2 of them. Neither worked properly all the time. A lot of fiddling with Cash Machines to get it to work sometimes... Problems with some retailers. Apparently they were readying a final update with new cards to fix these problems when they all just disappeared. The support person I was communicating with I don't think ever saw it coming.

    18. Shai Aharonov on

      Hi All,
      After a while I have decided to stop looking at my money lost in this project I have paid 300$ and got nothing.
      Just want confirm, did anyone got their card?
      did anyone got a refund for the money?
      Any legal action was taken here?


    19. Thomas White on

      This may be them trying a other angle.

    20. Angell Tsang on

      FYI, I filed a warranty claim with AMEX (my Geode card NEVER worked correctly), and they just credited my account for the $159. If your credit card you paid with has the same benefit, I would try to pursue that option.

    21. zhousixiang on

      if your still not ship my one,the iPhone 5s will be come out

    22. Missing avatar

      jonathan Hudson on

      The crazy thing about this fraud/disaster is that they actually did build the Geode and shipped it to some backers. I have one-- it did work, and if anyone wants to buy it, I'll sell it to you at a fraction of the kickstarter pledge price ;)

    23. HotasYoosh on

      It is just crazy that $352,000 of money scammed and kickstarter and amazon is doing nothing about it

    24. M. Wade Jackson on

      We should all press amazon payments this is unacceptable - at least Amazon Giftcards - they will get the money either way with our custom - of all kickstarter projects I backed this is the only one to be a scam and not return the money or provide product - I have nothing to show for $301 and as soon as the scum sponsor said in Vimeo - apple was not going to change connector I should have immediately demanded a refund - the reality that kickstarter does not require an escrow company or bond when a project is over 50K or maybe as low as 33K - who knows but Amazon should be on the ball on this - what was there cut at Amazon payments btw ?

    25. mike smith on

      Money down the toilet

    26. hiruki on

      This is a scam!

      Never received my pledge or the money back! $352918 kickstarter is starting to become ridiculous! I am very sorry kickstarter and amazon are both taking a cut! They are responsible together with the projects!

    27. Missing avatar

      Ben Gottlieb on

      I am still going back and forth with Amazon over this. Some people have gotten a refund so hopefully they will come through for me.

    28. FallenHalo on

      well i guess that there is nothing we can do i got nothing at all...

    29. Shawn Kirsch

      After not hearing any updates, good or bad, I finally started digging. Found this story, hope it helps clear some things up for you.

    30. HomeDrone

      In hopes that I can help some of you, my fellow Kool-Aid drinkers, here is how I got a refund:

      I had waited long enough. I had contacted them too many times without any response. I had (finally) realized that they were never coming back so I pursued getting a refund. I initially tried going through Amazon Payments. I talked to several people and worked my way up the ladder until I finally got them to look into my dispute. My hopes where high but an email a few days later told me they weren't willing to work with me due to the amount of time it had been (clever iCache).

      I then contacted my credit card company (Chase Amazon card) and made my way to their dispute center. After a short conversation discussing what we have all been though, they immediately credited my account. All they had me do was email iCache one more time requesting a refund (so that there would be a paper trail). They then tried to contact iCache but after ten days (today) the refund was permanent.

      I would suggest you do the same. It gets much (much) more difficult to get any CC company to work with you if it's been more than a year. Good luck everyone!

    31. carter627 on

      Interesting article about iCache:

      I like the bit about 90% of backers received their Geode. Bullsh!t.

    32. Missing avatar

      Ben Gottlieb on

      What a scam. Can't get my money back from amazon, my credit card or from here.

    33. Missing avatar

      BB on

      I still waiting of mine also. I ask for delivery and refund, but no response of mails.

    34. Boris Steiner on

      Never got mine...@Marc: How did you get the refund!?


    35. Marc on

      Never got mine either and finally got a refund from Amazon. No email no answer ...

    36. David Hyman on

      I haven't received mine and haven't been able to contact iCache. Can someone assist?

    37. Anil Arjandas on

      Hello i didnt get mine yet. i contact several times to change for the iphone 5 version but no answer.

    38. Paolo Resmini on

      Hey Alex,
      Thanks for the link. I made the call this morning, and seems like there might be some momentum growing. They didn't try to redirect me to the form, or ask many questions. They immediately said they would escalate the issue to the dispute team. She said "hopefully we can get this taken care of for you". I was told I will get an email in a few days.

      - Paolo

    39. Missing avatar

      Pete Valianatos on

      Hello. I received one but went to the iPhone 5 and traded in my iPhone4. Used about 2 weeks. Willing to sell for a nominal fee if you're interested. Pm me at pvalianatos (at) outlook (dot) com. It worked ok. Some places scan didn't work. Used at gas station, cvs, etc. E Ink display for bar code worked every time.

    40. Alex Minster on

      I just utilized this site: and talked to Amazon BY PHONE. They did want to direct me to the Dispute Form, but don't let them, as the form will not work (gives error about it being over 105 days old). They can find your transaction ID, and will manually escalate it to an investigator. If enough of the 1784 backers send a manually escalated dispute to Amazon, they should see it evolve into an overarching case. Tell them all the information calmly, and someone should call you back within a few days. They indicated to me that Amazon credit would be most likely (which I will certainly use). I will update as things evolve.

    41. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Well, the site now defaults to, indicating that they no longer have a Salesforce Desk account for their support. I have filed a complaint with Amazon. Since the transaction is too old, I have used their regular Contact Us Email Form (log in and then go to Hope that helps some of you...

    42. Marcus Frasier on

      still waiting here too... pretty frustrating.

    43. Missing avatar

      Chris Angus on

      I wish someone would just say, "look, this didn't work out, so go f&^k yourselves". We've just been left hanging which sucks the most.

    44. Missing avatar

      dion on

      Turns out the company that produced all the professional looking videos & the slick website won an award for it. At least someone got something good outta the deal (guess we know where some of our $350k went.)

    45. Missing avatar

      Dave Healey on

      Robbing Bastards, this was the first an the last time I try and back anyone with a project.
      Its clear now that all the email and video diaries about production problems were just a ruse to buy more time to run off with everyones money.
      The longer this scum kept everyone thinking the project was genuine, the harder it would be for us all to make claims against Amazon.
      By the time I finally worked out I was never going to get a product, Amazon's time to complain had already lapsed which was their "string them along" intention all along I guess!

    46. Missing avatar

      Bmacminn on

      I got mine but have not used it since iphone5. Was waiting for new card but they never sent it. Idea was good but support sucks.

    47. Harry Walter on

      Nope looks like they've run off with the money. The lack of support site is concerning and no response is a tell tale sign. Have to say I'm greatly disappointed with the outcome and unfortunately due to the nature of kickstarter projects and the long lead time till delivery Amazon regards this as outside of their refund policy.

      Anyone had any luck getting refunds recently?

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