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Geode is an iPhone Appcessory that stores all of your credit cards, loyalty cards, etc. in a digital wallet for use anywhere! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 21, 2012.

Geode is an iPhone Appcessory that stores all of your credit cards, loyalty cards, etc. in a digital wallet for use anywhere!

About this project

Kickstarter and where you come in:

We have our design complete, suppliers and manufacturers all ready to go! Tooling has been purchased and we are ready to press the "manufacture button" and deliver the coolest, most secure wallet in the world to you! We need to meet our minimum manufacturing quantities and this is where we appreciate the help of our Kickstarter friends!

We are (coming soon) bringing the world's first Digital Wallet to market for the iPhone 4 and 4S and know it will make your life easier. Future app releases will include location based opt-in offers based on your tastes and desires. Imagine getting a free pre-paid card delivered right to your wallet based on the things you want!

This is the next evolution in the card industry. Why carry around a pocket full of 40 year old technology? Grab a Geode (or a few)!

The whole iCache team greatly appreciates all of the attention and desire expressed for the Geode and would like to thank all of our fans at Kickstarter!

Form AND Function

Geode is an iPhone Appcessory that stores credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, and membership cards and protects the information with biometric security. The onboard universal card and e-ink barcode screen means that any card can be stored in the Geode and used anytime, anywhere.

Not only does it secure your personal information, Geode also serves as a protective case for iPhone.

State-of-the-Art Security

  • Only the user can unlock the Geode with his/her fingerprint
  • Eliminates need to cancel and reorder credit cards if Geode is lost or stolen
  • Universal GeoCard has auto-timeout feature


Truly Accepted Everywhere

  • Universal card – "GeoCard" – and Universal Barcode Display are programmed instantly by the Geode App with the desired card information
  • Universal GeoCard can be used at any point-of-sale terminal
  • Universal Barcode Display can be used with any barcode reader

Comes with everything you need

  • Geocard
  • Detachable card reader
  • USB cable


  • Thank you to all of our kickstarter supporters. The response has been overwhelmingly wonderful!! We have been aggregating your questions and will be updating the FAQ section over the next 24-48 hours. These FAQ's will address 99% of the questions out there. Rest assured, - the Geode uses minimal power - the Geode cannot be used to Clone Cards - comes with everything you need to get going - enables merchants to verify the transaction - and we are putting in an iPhone 5 upgrade incentive exclusively for our kickstarter friends. Thank you, Jon

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  • The Geode comes with everything you will need to get up and running. In the box, you will find: The Geode, The Geode Card Reader, The GeoCard, a micro-usb cable for charging and a Quickstart Guide.

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  • A vast majority of stores and merchants use Laser Barcode Scanners. Laser Barcode Scanners cannot read a 1D barcode from a phone screen. You can try for years and it will never happen; it is just a matter of physics.

    This is the reason we added the e-ink screen to the Geode - because it can be read by any type of scanner, anywhere. It makes using the features of the Geode easy for the consumer and merchant and is accepted everywhere!

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  • We've thought this through quite a bit :-)

    Merchants ask for this information because their point of sale software asked them for this information. This information is sent along with your card information to the processor who approves the transaction. The success of the whole transaction is that the merchant receives back an approval code.

    With the Geode, you can easily show (or give) the last 4 digits of the card you choose to use from the virtual card on your screen. The merchant would then enter this into their system as they normally would with a physical card and get back a proper authorization.

    All you have to do is sign the receipt as normal!

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  • The simple answer is absolutely not.

    Before a payment card is allowed on the Geode there are several security and validation steps that occur very quickly behind the scenes. Only the enrolled owner of the Geode can put his/her cards onto the Geode.

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  • This is part of the setup in adding cards to the Geode. The Geode captures most all of the information about the card as you swipe it into your Geode so the setup is very easy.

    For each payment card, you do have to enter your security code as part of the setup and then it is stored in the Geode. When you look at your card in the Geode, you will not only see the card information but also the security code, toll-free number for the card issuer, card issuer website, etc.

    It is very simple to setup and easy to tap any card in your Geode and see any information that you would have on a physical, plastic card.

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  • At the base of the Geode is a micro-usb connector for charging. We provide a micro-usb cable in the box so all you have to do is plug it in.

    The Geode never needs to come off of your phone.

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  • This is another case where you never have to remove the Geode from your phone.

    Simply go into iTunes and use the WiFi sync feature or sync via iCloud. It works beautifully and is so easy!

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  • An incredibly tiny amount of power!

    When the Geode is not in use, it is using micro amps for the finger swipe so that when you do swipe your finger, there is no "wake up" time or delay for the consumer.

    When the Geode is using all of the functions and you have it running full-steam, it still consumes very little power and is at the milli amp level for less than a second.

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  • This is a great question and something we should have shown better. We will be posting some pictures very shortly of a very thin and tiny pocket which holds your ID and covers the e-ink display when not in use.

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  • We love our kickstarter supporters and have listened to you on this one!

    Unlike any other accessory vendor, we will provide a rebate for our kickstarter supporters. Since our campaign will be over before the iPhone 5 comes out, this is the only way we can help out if you upgrade.

    Through kickstarter, the Geode is already 25% discounted over MSRP and we think this is great!

    If one of our kickstarter sponsors decides to buy a Geode for the iPhone 5 in the future, we will offer a 50% rebate off of the retail price. We don't know what that price is yet as we have not seen the iPhone 5 but are pretty confident that the Geode price will remain in the same ballpark.

    We hope this shows our appreciation for and dedication to our kickstarter friends!

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  • One of the many security feature we built into the Geode is that the GeoCard will time itself out and erase any data on the card.

    The default timeout is 20 seconds which should give us all enough time to swipe through a terminal.

    If you would like more time for a waiter perhaps, just tell the Geode and you can extend the time however you like.

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  • If your phone battery starts to run low, the Geode app sends you a message to your screen asking you to create a card with a longer timeout setting for the card. The standard card timeout setting is 20 seconds but in this case you can change that very easily to 2 hours or so.

    This means that your phone could be dead but you have a pre-programmed card that could last for hours until you are able to charge your phone again!

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  • We have designed the Geode to be very ergonomically pleasing with curves so that it can slide nicely out of a pocket or purse.

    The Geode adds the following in dimensions to the phone:

    - length = + .64 inches

    - width = + .1 inches

    - depth = + .4 inches (this is a maximum depth as the back is curved for a better feeling in your hand).

    The weight of the Geode is a mere 64 grams or 2.2 ounces.

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  • At iCache, we listen to our customers and your great feedback.

    One of the issues that has been brought to our attention is "where do I put my license?"

    We have put together several designs and would love your feedback. There are (8) designs listed #1 - #8.

    All of these options are removable and there is the option not to use the license holder at all.

    Please let us know your thoughts.We will also put a survey on Facebook which enables voting. You can reply to us here or through the Facebook survey at:

    Thank you!

    the iCache team

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    Be memorialized by name on the "Early Backer" Page of our website. We will set up a special page on to honor our founding backers from kickstarter with your name and location!

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    Enjoy a classic "Fat Wallets Are So Last Year" t-shirt. Celebrate the demise of the Costanza Wallet in style!

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    Love looking good and living life on the edge? We have the classic "Give Your Wallet the Finger" (because of our biometric protection) t-shirt just for you!

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    The Geode -
    You will receive one of the first secure, digital wallets ever made for the iPhone 4 or 4S - the Geode!
    Packed in this iPhone case is biometric (finger) security, a universal card which becomes any mag stripe card in your wallet and an e-ink barcode display for all of those loyalty & membership cards that hang on your keychain. Digitize all of those cards in your wallet and leave them at home; Geode has you covered!
    MSRP is $199. Domestic shipping is free (International shipping, please add $15).

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    Mother's Day Reward -
    For the Mom or Wife that has everything.
    You will be giving one of the coolest gifts ever! This Reward contains (1) Geode & (1) T-Shirt. We will send, in advance, a beautiful card describing your gift in time for Mother's Day.
    Domestic shipping is free (International shipping, please add $15).

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    Father's Day Pack -
    We can't forget Dad or your Husband in all of this.
    This reward contains (1) Geode & (1) T-Shirt. We will send, in advance, a beautiful card describing your gift in time for Father's Day. This is a perfect and unique gift for the "road warrior"
    Domestic shipping is free (International shipping, please add $15).

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    The Couple's Pack -
    How about a Geode for the both of you?
    You'll receive (2) Geode's so you both can be ultra-cool, secure and eliminate that fat wallet or purse!
    At an MSRP of $199 each, this is a great deal.
    Domestic shipping is free (International shipping, please add $15).

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    The Re-Seller Pack -
    We have had many inquiries from all over the world about becoming a Geode Reseller. Here is your chance!
    This reward contains (50) Geodes available for resale at a suggested retail price of $199. You will also be recognized on our website as an official Geode Reseller!

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