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Get ready for an enhanced riding experience with the world’s brightest and most advanced tail-light.
Get ready for an enhanced riding experience with the world’s brightest and most advanced tail-light.
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Water Resistance and Shipping Update

Posted by Hauteworks (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Water resistance

We have some updates on the water resistance of Rayo. In order to provide an exact level of water resistance, we have been to the lab to run official tests. The result is IP rating of 4. This may seem low but this is sufficient to use Rayo in rainy conditions. For more information on the Ingress Protection Marking, read here.


Some of you may have been wondering why your package has not started shipping while others already have received theirs. There was a slight delay in delivery of the Aero Seatpost Adaptor Kits to our fulfillment partner and shipping for those that have selected the adaptor kit has not started. But the kits will be stocked in a day or so and shipping will start as soon as possible!

Android App

In order to connect Rayo to the Android app, you will need to enable both Bluetooth and GPS. It may seem strange that GPS is required for Bluetooth but it is a requirement of the Android system. We by no means collect or store any location information.

Hope you have a nice day!


Hauteworks Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ramon KS Roth on

      Just rewatched the video and remembered it claimed an IP67 water resistance rating. Should be safe under seat, but video *is* misleading.

    2. Hauteworks Creator on

      @Anthony Rayo uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and location permissions are required in Android in order to scan BLE devices.

      Android documentation: (BLE permissions)

      Similar situations:

      Please understand that we would like to avoid this issue as much as everyone else. If you are aware of any fixes/workarounds of this issue, please let us know.

    3. Missing avatar

      Anthony L. Berger

      I can connect my smart phone with all kinds of bluetooth devices - never needing to have GPS activated. What kind of BS is this supposed to be?
      In fact, I only have one app, that has one fuction that really needs GPS. And guess what - it's a map app. So GPS is just fine. But for a light? Give me a break!

    4. Hauteworks Creator on

      @Ramon We have only conducted tests for water protection, i.e. there is no first digit. To be specific, Rayo is IPX4.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ramon KS Roth on

      According to the Wikipedia link provided, “IP rating of 4” is incomplete. What is the first digit (for dust protection)? IP?4