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Get ready for an enhanced riding experience with the world’s brightest and most advanced tail-light.
Get ready for an enhanced riding experience with the world’s brightest and most advanced tail-light.
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Progress Update (Delay)

Posted by Hauteworks (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We are afraid to say that there will be another week of delay.

We were in full production only to realize that a large proportion of the straps had a weak spot making them utterly useless. We have looked into the issue and have decided to change the material of the strap altogether. We had sampled the material we are going to use before but dismissed it because it was 'too' tough. So now we are going to reduce the thickness of the strap in certain regions to balance the overall elasticity.

We know that waiting is no fun. Our team is trying our best day and night to minimize the wait. We would sincerely appreciate it if you could bear with us a little longer and give us the opportunity to provide our best.

On the other hand, the Rayo app is now available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Search for 'Rayo' (will be changed to 'My Rayo' in the future) in the App Store and 'My Rayo' in Google Play.

Here are some photos of Rayo in production and the strap of concern:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Walker on

      Imagine if you shipped it with the weaker strap! Imagine all the hate that these negative posters would rain down on you in 3 months when the strap broke. Some people are totally deluded, have no idea how R&D and manufacturing works nor understand the concept of kickstarter. I applaud your concerted efforts to ship a top quality product in spite of component manufacturers and other third parties not sharing your drive.

    2. Hauteworks Creator on

      Thanks for all the feedback! We will provide an update once the new straps are ready.
      @MR-G Yes, we are manufacturing in South Korea.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hannah Penny

      Thanks for the update, and what a good thing you caught this issue now! Your quality control seems to be top-notch, and your communication too. Personally, in my part of the Arctic Circle the sun won't set until August, so no rush for me :)

      Keep up the good work, fingers crossed for the new material!

    4. Missing avatar

      MR-G on

      한글이 보이는걸 보니 한국업체서 생산하나 보네.

    5. Missing avatar

      Thomas Gan on

      Delay again. What is next after this?

    6. Missing avatar

      Rolina on

      I agree with Lucas. I don't mind a delay, but find it disappointing when there's no communication. You've done an excellent job in keeping us up-to-date. Unlike Patrick, I'll be biking in the winter - and rely more on my lights then, so no worries there ;)

    7. Lucas on

      Don’t get pulled down by the negative comments of some people here. I don’t think Rayo is a failure at all. You are absolutely diligent with communication. Delays happen, but communication is key. I backed several other projects that are also behind schedule but have a utter lack of updates from the creator.
      Keep up the hard work and all the best of luck.

    8. Missing avatar

      Todd Sieling on

      I'm glad this got caught and have no problem with delays related to quality. Thanks for having your eye on the important stuff, and being committed to a quality product that you only need to ship once!

    9. Missing avatar

      김동욱 on

      it takes more days than make mobile phone!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Patrick Barbian on

      Znaps, Blö and Rayo .... Another fail. Delay ... i can’t hear it anymore. If you ship it in winter it is totally worthless.