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Get ready for an enhanced riding experience with the world’s brightest and most advanced tail-light.
Get ready for an enhanced riding experience with the world’s brightest and most advanced tail-light.
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Aero seatpost compatibility and runtime

Posted by Hauteworks (Creator)

Aero seatpost compatibility

Good news! Rayo now officially supports aero seatposts. Rayo will come with a standard-seatpost-compatible silicon back that is interchangeable with an aero seatpost adaptor. We will provide the additional aero seatpost adaptor (plus a longer strap) for backers who need them, free of charge. We will ask whether you want the aero seatpost adaptor while surveying for color options after the end of the campaign. If you know someone who was hesitant due to seatpost compatibility issues, please let them know!

Battery capacity, LED circuitry, overall runtime

When Rayo was initially designed, room was made to hold a lithium-polymer battery of approximately 1,200 mAh. However, due to the cost of custom manufacturing and the mandatory certification that follows, we are restricted to using a pre-certified 1,000 mAh battery to keep Rayo cost-effective. This directly impacts the runtime of Rayo. 

However, our team has decided to upgrade the LED circuitry to achieve better energy efficiency. This increases the runtime and also allows Rayo to run cooler (less energy wasted to heat). The upgraded LED circuitry costs more, but it is for the best to provide the highest quality bicycle taillight.

The decrease in battery capacity and the upgrade in LED circuitry sums to an increase of (at least) 4% of runtime. We have summarized the runtime by blinking pattern below. Video of each blinking pattern can be found here:

- Constant (continuous): 2 hours @90 lumens, 3.5 hours @60 lumens

- Blink: 3.5 hours @90 lumens, 5.5 hours @60 lumens

- Surge: 3.5 hours @90 lumens, 6 hours @60 lumens

- Glow: 4 hours @90 lumens, 7 hours @60 lumens

- Burst: 11 hours @90 lumens, 18 hours @60 lumens

- Combination #1: 4.5 hours @90 lumens, 8 hours @60 lumens

- Combination #2: 4 hours @90lumens, 6.5 hours @60 lumens

As always, thank for your support!


Hauteworks Team

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