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The Legend begins! Play heroes of epic stature in this fantasy boardgame, with high-quality figures and amazing cooperative gameplay. LATE PLEDGES FOR OUR NEW CAMPAIGN ARE NOW OPEN!
The Legend begins! Play heroes of epic stature in this fantasy boardgame, with high-quality figures and amazing cooperative gameplay. LATE PLEDGES FOR OUR NEW CAMPAIGN ARE NOW OPEN!
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New version of the APP is coming... and other IMPORTANT S&S news

Posted by Ares Games (Creator)


Since we completed the fulfillment of the project early this year, we had no more reasons to post updates, but... finally... we do! 

FIRST - the new version of the App is coming, including all the Wave 2 cards, the new features required to support Darkness Falls events (no spoilers here, but you probably know what I mean), and cleaned up of a few bugs. Gremlin Project completed the testing, the developers are including the new features, and before the end of August you will be able to download it from Itunes and Google Play. Sorry it took longer than we envisioned - you know we make great games, but apps just don't come easy to us...

SECOND - We are at GenCon! If you are at the best 4 days in gaming next week, do not forget to stop by at the Ares booth #335 and say hello! Or join us in Event Hall A to play in one of the many events we run there,

And, last but not least... some of you may have seen the little teasers we've spread around, but here's the official announcement... SWORD & SORCERY is coming back to Kickstarter before the end of the year!

New heroes...
New heroes...
New monsters...
New monsters...

Follow us on Facebook and on in August and September, to learn more about this new project. We will also do monthly updates here to keep you informed... and making sure you're always  one step ahead to get the important news. For a start, read below for exclusive information about the new campaign!

Ancient Chronicles will be a completely new cycle, which will allow players to visit the world of Sword & Sorcery many, many years before the events narrated in the Immortal Souls campaign. As it's a new campaign, it will have the same basic "two acts" structure than the previous one. You will have a new starting point, but everything will be fully compatible in terms of gameplay (so you can crossover heroes and monsters from one campaign to another one).

If you are worried it might be "more of the same"... it definitely is not! Gameplay will remain familiar, but we will also add many, many interesting new elements to the setting, the narrative and the mechanics, without making the game more complex. These new features should make many of you really happy: looking at some "wishlists" we have seen circulating, we can really say your minds and those of the Gremlins think very much along the same lines!

Thanks for your continued support, and we very much look forward to this new chance to interact with you and make the S&S community to grow! Stay tuned for more S&S news!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      Just note that they are for the retail version, so graphics differ and tile numbers don't match...

    2. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      Mail Ares regarding the Arcane Portal books. they supposingly send them out if you pay for shipping and handling.

    3. Ben Turner

      +1 to @Karl's point - I backed S&S despite the delays on that content, because obviously these are still great games. But feels like a shame that GD is still missing a bunch of promised content, whilst the next S&S campaign is rearing it's head.

      Also - will there ever be printed copies of the Arcane Portal books (storybook + book of secrets) offered to KS backers? Sort of feel we got shortchanged only getting those in PDF too - I don't mix boardgames with computers, if I can help it, so it's hugely off-putting to only get electronic copies of books.

    4. Guillaume Bernard on

      @Denis Maddalena
      What are you talking about.
      They are among the best minis for a boardgame.
      I have both GD et SS and SS minis look better to me.
      And the bent part is nothing a little hot water cant fix.

    5. Larkin on

      I hope the cheesy story telling of the first game will toned down.

      Great news otherwise.

    6. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      Pretty much every stretch goal:

      * Downloadable Mission 'Against the Royal Guard'

      * Let's race! - These new Agent vehicle are crucial for rapid movement on the battlefield, and the Gremlins are also at work on a mission making good use of them.

      * A downloadable mission - Hunters and Killers

      * The Experiment Breaks Free! Mission: Aliens are attacking my house

      * New game mode - Galaxy Arena. In Galaxy Arena, each Agent will team up with an NPC, facing the other characters in a no-holds barred fight over strategic objectives, in the best tradition of senseless "everything goes" deathmatches.

      * Mission Editor 2.0.

      * Game App

      So we are missing a full new game mode, every digital goal and 4 cruical missions to finally play all against the aliens from all the stretch goals

    7. Denis Maddalena

      @Karl Frank
      What's still missing from GD?

    8. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      Any chance of you finishing your previous Kickstarters (Galaxy Defenders) before tying your workforce into a new one again?

    9. Denis Maddalena

      @Ares: It was stuff like the swords, whips, anyone with thin ankles... and especially the flash on them. It required some pretty precise bladework to scrape that stuff off, since it had like zero springback until you released it. It felt like a massive step back from the Galaxy Defender miniatures material, more in line with your War of the Rings minis, just with better model design. A small step up from Reaper Bones, I guess I'd say. I actually only backed the first time under the assumption your bigger figures were going to be this better, dense material. Ended up just rebuying GD and selling S&S.

    10. Carlos Bruno Alves on

      App update news is always very welcome. I was thinking that it might be possible to add a function in the app, to go beyond being a companion, to be the narrator of stories depending on the actions of the player, instead of the physical book of secrets, as the apps of mansions of madness or descent.

    11. Ares Games 11-time creator on

      @Endevor - it's going to be stand-alone (but compatible)
      @Massimo - ci penseremo, ma è TANTISSIMA roba da tradurre!
      @Denis - sorry you did not like it the first time around. Fortunately most people disagree it was crappy in the first place, And fortunately our games are not just box full of miniatures, but play well. In any case, we always try to improve, maybe you will be happier next time, if you stay with us.

    12. Denis Maddalena

      Maybe some non-crappy plastic this time?

    13. mAz on

      Ciao Roberto/Ares, propongo per l'imminente campagna ks di S&S, la localizzazione in italiano, e anche di prevedere un kit di localizzazione in lingua italiana per gli acquirenti della prima edizione.

    14. Endevor on

      is it a standalone or will you need season 1?