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Take control of a team of Agents, each with unique powers, and fight against the Alien invasion in this cooperative Sci-Fi board game.
Take control of a team of Agents, each with unique powers, and fight against the Alien invasion in this cooperative Sci-Fi board game.
1,080 backers pledged $180,252 to help bring this project to life.

Important Update for EU backers - Shipping from inside the EU confirmed

Posted by Ares Games (Creator)

Galaxy Defenders!

We are happy to announce that we've found a good fulfillment solution for shipping from inside the European Union.

This will have a positive effect for any backer living in a EU country, or asking for shipment to a EU address.

1) If you live in the EU and you have a normal (non-Worldwide) pledge, you don't have to do anything.

You already have freight charges included with your your pledge ($ 18 for Scientist, $ 49 for Rookie/Elite Agent, $ 60 for Team/Squad, $ 110 for Earth Defender). Those charges will now cover both shipping and VAT. You will not have to pay for additional custom charges or VAT at customs - we will take care of them, and the shipment will come free of any additional taxes to pay.

2) If you live in the EU and you have a Worldwide pledge (or another pledge with free shipping, such as Armored Agent or Galaxy Defender),  an additional 10% must be added to your pledge.

This is only about half of the 19% VAT which we will have to pay on your invoice, which will be entirely covered upfront by us. As the shipment will come from a EU country (Germany), you will not have to pay any taxes or custom charges.

Example 1: A backer with a normal Worldwide Elite Agent pledge ($170) will have to add $ 17 to the pledge. The pledged amount becomes $ 187, but it is now inclusive of VAT and shipping and with no custom charges.

Example 2: A backer with a Worldwide Elite Agent pledge and $ 100 of options (pledging $ 220) will have to add $ 22 to the pledge. The pledged amount becomes $ 242, but it is now inclusive of VAT and shipping and with no custom charges.

This will still be much more convenient for you than getting the parcel through customs, which requires VAT to be paid in full and often some custom/handling charges.

If, for any reason, you don't like the idea of adding this 10% amount to the pledge, we can still ship your rewards from the USA if you prefer (but we don't see any reason why you should prefer this).

The additional 10% may be added now by "managing your pledge", or can be added after the Kickstarter ends with Paypal payment, when we send out the survey and you can do the final selection of options.

Please note that nothing changes for Europan countries outside the European Union (e.g. Switzerland or Norway), or non-European countries.

Thanks for your support!


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    1. Herbert Salades

      explanations are fine enough for me

    2. Jon Shelky

      c'mon still need 151 fans over at boardgamegeek for the stretch goal :D

    3. Anders H. Pedersen

      @Michael Dore - you still have to pay postage for any pledge that is not a Worldwide Elite Agent.

    4. Alex on

      @Ares/Gremlin - this is AMAZING news!!! Thanks so much guys, just last night I was stressing about how much I might get hit by customs and VAT - don't listen to those who are complaining, you've done a really great thing for your supporters!

    5. Jamie Bryce on

      It's great news and anyone within the EU should be happy, having no customs fee's or anything like that means what you pay is what you pay, no sneaky $40 extra after the game comes to your home countries.
      I have been hit a couple of times from kickstarters with customs fees adding about $30-$40 ontop onto my pledge unknown to me or the project owners.

      Thank you Ares Games and I cannot wait for your game, thank you very much for giving me the easy option of adding 10% to clear any worries of custom charges

    6. Ares Games 11-time creator on

      @Larkin - @Larkin, if you think the proejct does not offer a good deal, you can wait until the game its store.
      Yes, KS Exclusives in a project are costly. That's because they have a very limited print run, and can not be compared to a regular retail product. As several project before us prove, they will even be more costly on the aftermarket when the KS ends, if you have second thoughts about getting them.

      The GAME itself (Rookie level pledge) is from $ 75 to $ 90 (E 55 to E 70) which is similar or lower to what such a game will cost in stores. The GAME does not cost "$ 174". That's the cost of the game with $ 90 of options (4 KS Exclusives + $ 50) on top, VAT, and shipping charges included.
      Of course, if you don't see the value of this, you're better off to keep your money now and, if you like the game, to buy it later (without the exclusive and KS-only stuff included...)

    7. Ares Games 11-time creator on

      @Scautura, Michael, Blackdeath and everybody else "annoyed" by the update.

      There is nothing "sneaky" and I hope none or very few will see it in this way.
      1) Shipping Galaxy Defenders as two shipments, duplicating the logistics, and so on, involves cost and labor for Ares, so we did not take this decision lightly.
      As we said since the beginning, we thought this to be possible when the project was at 1500 backers. At around 1,000 backers, it's more of a stretch for us, but we decided to offer this possibility to the benefit of our backers.

      2) On top of that, we are taking up half of the VAT upon us.

      3) If you are not happy about this, there's still the option of not adding the 10% (which is less than $ 20 on 99% of pledges) and getting the game from the USA instead.

      Really, we could not think of a more friendly way to handle this.

      I guess it would have been easier for everybody if this was announced since the beginning (or after the end).

      It's a pity that something that's actually a reduction in cost - as fortunately most people realizes - may appear as an increase to some of you. If you read too hastily (as most often is the case on the 'net), all you see is "10% more".
      But it IS an improvement - think about it and you should realize, as several people already did, that this is a benefit for you, and no "sneaky plot" in capital letters from us.

      We of course hope that the announcement improves the project - not because of the 10% add-on (which you are welcome to pay later, when we send out the survey and you add more options) - but because a lot of people in the EU worried about customs now get a better deal than before.

      We realized the potential misunderstanding from this announcement and we considered if it was better NOT to send the announcement, and just wait and ask to EU backers, after the end of the project, if they preferred a shipment from the USA or a shipment from the EU with VAT bundled in at 10%.

      This would have been easier on the PR front, but would have been a loss for those people being held back by the worry about customs, and the project itself . So we decided to go ahead and do the announcement now, hoping that most people would see it in a positive way and an improvement (as it is). Please, please read and think carefully before reacting so badly.
      Thanks a lot to anybody who added explanations before we could and did.

    8. Larkin on

      It is annoying to pay so much in total for a game as an european backer compared to the retail price later on. For 158$ + 10% = 174$ I can buy 3 times Gears of War with 96 Miniatures and 600+ cards and 200+ tokens.

    9. Claudio Quaranta on

      into the post i read : 'If, for any reason, you don't like the idea of adding this 10% amount to the pledge, we can still ship your rewards from the USA if you prefer' .
      if we3 don't want to add the 10% simply don't add it and get the package delivered from the USA, I don't see the reason to be annoyed.

    10. Vasilis Foukarakis on

      How exactly an OPTIONAL way of getting the game in the EU, is viewed as a bad thing I will never know...

      Do people read the update in full or they stopped reading when they reached the "add 10% part". If you don't add the 10%, then NOTHING changes, the game will be sent from the US as before. You are not forced to pay.
      The 10% fee is a great way for those who want to avoid custom fees which in some countries are many times more expensive than the 10-15 $ asked by ARES.

      Please, read the update in full before getting angry. You are not losing money here. You have an OPTION to avoid the customs fees. If you can get the game without paying customs then by all means IGNORE this update and the game will be sent to you from the US as was going to happen before this update. You don't HAVE to pay the 10% if you don't want to. It's that simple.

      People who were worried about paying customs will certainly prefer to pay the 10% fixed cost fee in order to avoid customs.

    11. Chris Rennie

      Not sure why people are complaining here.

      In the uk we pay 20% vat on total amount plus a handling fee of £8, so paying 10% is fine, plus quicker delivery from Germany.
      It does say you can add the 10% later in the survey or not at all and have it shipped from US.

      Everyone goes on about Myth but Mercs are going to take a big hit on their profits, by only charging a small amount for shipping anyway (which will be a heavy box, plus paying the vat themselves for shipping from the EU. Not every company can do this or would want too.

    12. Scautura on

      How many are going to see this as a sneaky underhanded way of boosting pledges shortly before the end of the campaign? While that may not be the case, it certainly looks that way - and the ones getting the shaft are the ones who backed you strongly to start with. How do you think we feel?

    13. Herbert Salades

      annoyed too - made me add 24,8€

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Dore on

      so if I'm reading this right. Had is tuck with my original pledge I would now no longer have to pay any shipping, but because I switched to a worldwide elite agent pledge which said it had free shipping worldwide I now have to pay $17 towards the shipping. I was an early bird so I'm to pay 10% is that $15.50 or just $17 like everyone else. I'm Sadly very annoyed by this post especially since it come 3 day before the end of the kickstarter. If you had told us something like this could happen I may have pledged differently.

    15. Blackdeath Miniatures

      Can't understand, why this should be good news? MERCS can handle it to ship Myth from germany without any custom fees and for galaxy defenders I should pay 10%? No way! I cancel my pledge. If anyone want an early bird worldwide elite agent, here comes one!

    16. Anders Pedersen

      Good morning :-)

      Yes, great news indeed!!!!
      Here comes my money Ares

    17. Anders H. Pedersen

      Great news to wake up to!
      In Denmark we pay 25% of the value of both the goods and postage cost. On top of that there is a handling charge of roughly $27.
      So paying just 10% of the value of my pledge is quite a saving.
      Thank you vey much Ares :)

    18. Jedra7609

      That is marvellous! A happy UK backer here!

    19. Missing avatar


      Thanks :-)