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A relaunch of the game, with an all-new expansion focusing on the life and adventures of the greatest fantasy barbarian ever, and more!
A relaunch of the game, with an all-new expansion focusing on the life and adventures of the greatest fantasy barbarian ever, and more!
1,791 backers pledged $101,097 to help bring this project to life.

A Call to the Final Battle

Posted by Ares Games (Creator)


At the end of this week, our Age of Conan Kickstarter will end. We had a great month together, and the project is a great success.

Not only because we got more backers than any previous project we ran. Not only because we are at 750% funding. The project is a success because it proved, beyond doubt, that our Age of Conan Strategy Boardgame still has a strong and loyal following. That it deserved to be brought back to the market - as a living and evolving game, not just a Holiday Season special.

So, should we rest on the laurels, and leave the final days of the Kickstarter for revels and celebrations? By Crom, no!

We think that there are still more Barbarians out there waiting to join our horde. We think that we can reach even higher goals, with your enthusiasm and your support. So, let's stop babbling like a Cimmerian too old for battle, and let's look at what we shall do in the final days of the Kickstarter campaign.

New Stretch Goals

Did you start to think there was no more prize to win, no more booty to plunder?

[Epic voice mode - on]


We have two more goals to offer you. Two goals that - we are sure.- you'll find worthy of spurring all of us to a last effort to grow the campaign and get the funding into the lofty realm of six-digits campaigns...

First, at $ 90,000, we will make Hyborian Gods a part of the game. Finally "By Crom!" and "Mitra and Ishtar!" will not be hollow cries anymore... Based on a concept by Christoffer Lundberg, Hyborian Gods influence the game creating a different situation in each Age, depending on the God who's gathering more followers in that Age. This will make each game develop in a unique way, as the presence of Gods will affect your best strategy.

At $ 100,000, Adventures in Hyboria will include three new Conan plastic figures - a different figure to represent our favorite Barbarian in each of the three different evolutions of his rise - from young adventurer, to Mercenary and Hero, to King of one of the most powerful Hyborian Kingdoms.

Adventures in Hyboria is all about making Conan a larger-than-life presence in the game, so we think this is a very appropriate final goal of the campaign... And we really hope you'll be excited about this as we are. Making 3 new sculpts and an entirely new injection mold is quite an investment. But if we all get the campaign to reach 100K, we think you well deserve this addition to the game.

Conan figures in the Kickstarter Edition of Adventures in Hyboria will be gold-colored instead of the normal silver-color, as a reminder of your special status as backer everytime you'll setup Age of Conan on your gaming table.

New Add-Ons

Some of you may despair. Getting the funding to grow by 1/3 in a few days is not an easy task. Bt we know that there are a lot of potential backers out there. Several thousands of people visited our project page, and they are not backers yet. And we're sure that in the vast World, many still have not heard about our Kickstarter. With your help, we can still reach a lot of new backers in these final days.

On top of that - many of you also asked us to offer you more items to pledge for, so that you could help us make the funding even greater.

Since the beginning, we had two rules - to keep pledge levels simple, and to make all upgrades to the campaign relevant for gameplay. We did not want to make any item beyond the "basic" reward levels to be a must-have in terms of gameplay. As you know,our friends of Shire Post Mint came to the rescue with their amazing Hyborian coins, to replace the cardboard coins in the game.

You liked them a lot... so we discussed with Shire Post Mint how to make the rest of our game tokens - "Crom Count the Dead!" and "Sorcery" - into Hyborian coinage. They came up promptly with two great ideas. So here we are, with two new add-ons....

Coin design not final.
Coin design not final.
Coin design not final.
Coin design not final.

These beautiful metal coins (as you know, coins in ancient times were not always round-shaped!) are lovingly hand-crafted, using the same techniques that were used in a real Mint to manufacture real coins.

If you want to help us even more to reach our final goals, please consider making your copy of Age of Conan unique by adding "Skull" coins, "Scroll" coins - or both - You can add the appropriate amount to your pledge by "Managing your Pledge" to help our Stretch Goals, or you can ask for them later on when the Pledge Manager will be online.

(Note: We kept the number of coins in a set slightly smaller than the number of counters in the game, to make the price more affordable. Based on our experience, 20 tokens of each kind are more than enough to handle properly a 4-players game).

We look forward to four exciting final days, with your help. Let's ride to our final battle together, sword in hand, by Crom!

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    1. Philippe Proteau on

      Ok. So, I finally got around to checking the components and surprisingly, we have more Crom and sorcery tokens than the manual says.

      But also, those tokens come in two denominations: singles and +3s

      So, I am wondering if the metallic ones will be enough...

      @Ares: do you seriously think it will be enough? I haven't had the chance to play the game yet (I know... Shame on me) so I am not able to confirm if it is really enough...

      Take care all...


    2. Ares Games 11-time creator on

      Unfortunately we cannot change the length of the project when it's running! But we can still hit all the goals, with your help!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jefferson on

      please more 1 week!!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Jefferson on

      More time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jefferson on

      i want to Conan minis and coins!!! I have hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Nyogtha

      I am definitely going to add a full set of all the coins to my pledge but at the moment it will be when the Pledge Manager comes online which is of course after the end of the KIckstarter.

    7. Fr. Ryan M. Lozano

      I'm staying optimistic of course, but in the event we don't hit $100K, could the alternate Conan minis possibly be an add-on during the pledge manager, prior to shipping?

    8. Ares Games 11-time creator on

      Crom and Sorcery tokens in the game have two different denominations - 3-value and 1-value. So the "sum" of the values is slightly higher than 20, but in practice they never get all used at one time.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jon New on

      You could opt to make a few of the tokens into a value of 3 to increase the total number, like with the Gold coins. Is that doable?

    10. Michael Alexander on

      Time to up my pledge again.

    11. Pete on

      Very excited about the additional Conan figures, I sure hope we can make these babies happen!!

    12. Philippe Proteau on

      @Ares: When I look at the components in the game as described in the FFG Rulebook (, the game actually seems to have 34 gold tokens and 14 tokens of Sorcery and Crom. Has your print version changed?

      I will check tonight in my newly received copy ;P to see if it is different but your confirmation would be appreciated...

      Although, I do not mind the extra coins... 20 seems to be a good round number... ;P


    13. Andrew Wodzianski on

      Those are some pretty exciting stretch goals!