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£12,577 pledged of £500,000 goal
By Nuseti mountain bikes
£12,577 pledged of £500,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      joel kwiatkowski on August 12, 2014

      Hi Gregory. Thanks for your response and feedback. So will the chain that is still in development be available as part of the prototype I have backed and would receive if your funding target is achieved ? What type of lubricant and level of viscosity is used inside the IDS and rear hub. Would an owner be able to change that themselves or would this be a function of the global service network just like any potential parts replacements? So it sounds like the enclosure is capable of being disassembled from the frame? Just curious, have you considered a rubber belt drive with aluminium cogs? What type of materials will your inner chain and cogs and any other inner parts be made of? Also, have you considered a rear shock as part of any current or future frameset for this concept? I am an avid mountain bike of expert level and an Engineer by education and work background. That is why I have deeper interest and questions. By the way i own a few Rohloff gear hubs and have them set up on custom triangle and swingarm full suspension framesets as single speed drive train arrangements with gates belt drive and it is very unique and functional and extremely robust. Let me know if you ever need outside support in any way. Best of luck! Joel kwiatkowski

    2. Nuseti mountain bikes Creator on August 10, 2014

      Helo Joel,

      First of all I would like to thank you for joining and supporting Nuseti project.

      According to you question about life expectancy - the IDS is about to be manufactured with similar standard and technologies to german Rohloff hub, which you have probably heard about. Some of them existing on the market for 10 yeras and have made a distance of 100 000 km ( 62 500 miles ) and still work 100% properly. It is recomended to change oil each 10 000 km but it is only the oil change, not parts replace. We are about to achieve the same goal with the Inner Drive System. Still there is one question regarding to the chain that is in development, but it is almost sure at the moement that it will be not necessary to replace it for years. Technologies available to make an extremely durable bike parts are very common and available to use, however the leading bike drive producers do not use them as it is more profitable for them to offer short life expectancy parts that you will have to buy again and again every year. Our philosophy is far a way different. We are doing Nuseti for people first of all, not for making a business only, so the goal is to provide a bike that you will only be using as much as you like and servicing time to time and that's all about it.

      Regarding to the service, we are about to set the global service points network so that all customers will have this oportunity to send the bike to the service ( lets say once a year would be necessary) in their area.

      Best regards,

      Gregory Zielinski

    3. Missing avatar

      joel kwiatkowski on August 9, 2014

      Awesome concept. I am a backer for a frameset with IDS and hub. Hope the funding target is achieved! However, one question I have is how does an owner change inner parts of the IDS or rear hub? Although specs are indicative of no breakage but they are all mechanical parts with a certain amount of friction and even if encapsulated and continuously lubricated there will be wear over time and it seems parts would eventually need to be replaced. So the question is how many miles could an owner rider expect to get from this setup under typical riding stresses before inner parts would need to be replaced and how would that be done and can it be done and at what cost and by whom? Could this be accomplished by oneself or require having Nuseti do it?

    4. Fox Hound on July 12, 2014

      I love it! I really hope it works out for you guys, as I found this a major step in the tearms of gears on bikes. Good luck!