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$54.00 pledged of $50,000 goal


The present invention, The “Bubble Hat” is a system that attaches to the American Football player’s shoulder pads & upper body. It is designed to protect the head when a player gets hit or does the hitting from any direction during play. The player wears a Foamed Helmet inside an attached “Bubble” or Enclosure that slows the head down in the event of any collision lessoning or preventing head injuries. It works much like an airbag in a car in the event of front-end collision. In addition if the player should happen to fall on her/his head the energy would be transferred to the shoulder pads, shoulders and upper body instead of the player’s head and or neck.

Risks and challenges

The First Challenge will be designing and building a light weight functional prototype. The Second Challenge will be building enough to outfit and entire league. The Third Challenge will be finding a League that will use the Bubble. The next step will be documenting the use of the Bubble proving that it's viable alternative to the current system, the Helmet. And the final step will be the use of the Bubble in all Sports where head and neck injuries exist.

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