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A live action short fantasy film featuring a unique cast of puppets by sculptor, fabricator, and puppeteer, Toby Froud.
922 backers pledged $53,330 to help bring this project to life.


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      Cortney Frantz on

      I've never received an email, and just now realized. I'd love to get my download of the film if possible. Thank you, for all that you've done, and for bringing beautiful art into the world.

    2. Missing avatar

      Sarah Strejcek on

      I really hope you get my message! I never received a weekend email either... :(

    3. Lynn Jones

      OK, I told you I was weak. I wanted to wait for the DVD to watch the film for the first time, but I finally broke down and watched the digital version. It is a very lovely film, Toby! I especially loved Granny Fate. She was an astonishing creation! I'm looking forward to seeing all of your future films.

    4. Toby Froud Creator on

      @Gueroux @Clare Wîlsøn @Trevor Jennings @Rose Watson @Suzanne Scherrer @Cheryl Howard @Ravyn @Jessica Garcia @Sharon Emero @EmmaRyal @Nina Bolen @Sharyl Mueller @Ian Ayliffe @Travis Fessler @Kim Miller Emails resent, through KS message and email.

    5. Toby Froud Creator on

      @Jackee Marks @MH Thank you kindly for your comments.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jackee Marks on

      Fantastic. Glad to be part of this project. Best of luck for more artistic endeavors.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gueroux on

      Hello, I double checked in the junk mail folderas well and I don't have any email.

    8. MH on

      Received the mail, watched the movie and thought it was absolutely amazing. It has this wonderful artistry, the texture, warmth and magic you simply cannot recreate with computer animation (although you might enhance the overall product with the clever use of computer animation like you did here). Toby, you are a very talented artist and I hope you continue on this path. I'm not only sure you made your parents froud ... I mean proud ... but somewhere in heaven, Jim Henson is smiling.

    9. Missy Piatt on

      Correction, I just found it. As a couple people pointed out it went to a junk folder. Thank you. :)

    10. Missy Piatt on

      I didnt get an email either.

    11. Serena Volpe on

      Email received in the junk folder!! And now I can't wait to click the link! Thank you so much!!!! :D

    12. Clare Wîlsøn on

      I also did not receive an email.

    13. Trevor Jennings on

      Did not receive email.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rose Watson on

      I didn't receive an e-mail either. I've heard great things about the film! Can't wait to see it!

    15. Dean Bycroft on

      I have just sent you my new address details. I'm trying to wait for the blu-ray before watching the film... Not sure I'll hold out.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gueroux on

      I'm sorry but I didn't receive any email.

    17. Suzanne Scherrer

      I'm sorry but I didn't receive an email, either. :(

    18. Cheryl Howard

      Ooops .... no e-mail downunder (not even in the Junk mail)

    19. Kathy Markovich on

      I received my email, and lovd watching th film, what a wonderful surprise.

    20. robert lansley on

      Received my email, the film is brilliant!! My address remains the same, hope to have my hard copy soon!

    21. Lynn Jones

      Thanks so much for the email, Toby! It is taking all my will-power not to watch the film through the link you have provided. Since I am going to get a physical copy, I'm actually going to wait to watch it for the first time when I receive the DVD. Although I am most likely going to completely break my resolve at some point soon and watch the digital download version. I'm pretty weak.

    22. CJ on

      Didn't recieve any email, even checked the spam folder :-(

    23. Jessica Garcia on

      I haven't received an email either. Will the email include the link for the digital download? Or is that for the individuals who are getting DVDs?

    24. Sharon Emero on

      No weekend email

    25. Emma Ryal on

      No email here either

    26. Nina Bolen on

      sorry no e-mail :( check junk folder too & nothing there

    27. Missing avatar

      Sharyl Mueller on

      Sorry, but I didn't receive the wkd email either

    28. Ian Ayliffe on

      Hi Toby,

      no email received here. Nothing in junk folder.


    29. Missing avatar

      Travis Fessler on

      I also did not get an e-mail. Checked junk folder, nothing there.

    30. Kim Miller on

      No email received, junk folder checked.

    31. Darren williams on

      Omg Toby !!!!! Hell yes recieved the email !!!!! So wasn't expecting the link to see while film :):) what a fabulous surprise !!!!!! Love love love it :):):):) yay,yay and thrice yay :):):)