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Finding yourself unemployed is the worst thing that can happen to you. Here’s a witty book that really helps you find your way back.

Finding yourself unemployed is the worst thing that can happen to you. Here’s a witty book that really helps you find your way back. Read More
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What’s Real Advice For The Unemployed?

To much of the planet, the unemployed are just numbers on a page. We’re part of the 7.6%, or 7.7%, or whatever number that’s being used at the end of each month to explain the unemployment percentages. We’re one of the 13,000,000... no, wait, you have to add in the underemployed, so now we’re part of the 17,000,000... no, wait, you have to add in the numbers that have completely stopped looking for work altogether, so now we’re part of the 20,000,000 unemployed. And on and on and on.

Numbers on a page.

You may be one of them. Or know someone who is.

Just a short time ago, you may have been regarded as a productive member of society, a “really good person.” Someone who could always be counted on, someone who mattered. Now, because you find yourself jobless, you may not be held in such high esteem. And that’s just part of what unemployment means.

Unemployment also means a lot of emotions are now your best friends (like teenage acne) who never, ever leave your side. We’re talking about emotions like humiliation, loneliness, emptiness, failure, desperation, and the fear of just about everyone and everything.

And the one searing question that is always in the forefront of your mind: “How in the hell am I going to make it through until tomorrow?”

And all you want, all you need, is to get back to that place you once were and leave all this madness behind. I wonder, sometimes, why most of us don’t just jump out of our skins. No matter how much pressure there was down at the office, it can’t compare to the pressures of being unemployed.

Real Advice For The Unemployed is a new book that offers you lots of helpful coping skills, relevant stories, and solid advice on getting yourself whole again - emotionally, as well as financially. Use it as your guide, your road map, to find your way back to where you ought to be. Or, if you know someone who is unemployed, get it and pass it on.

In this essential reader, we cover a whole host of tips on lowering your mortgage and car payments, how to handle Gary, the guy on the other end of the phone who wants to get paid, job hunting advice, dealing with the government, handling your spouse and family, and a whole bunch of survival skills that help you confront the day-to-day mountain of problems unemployment brings. There's also a lot of amusing anecdotal and poignant stories that discuss the absurdities of the unemployed life, and remind you that you are not going crazy, and you don’t have to go through this alone.

Is There More? Of Course.

You not only get to read this informative and helpful book for some great guidance and encouragement, but participate in it as well. We want you to submit your own personal story of frustration and madness of what unemployment has meant to you and your family. It can consist of a sentence or two, or even a whole page. The stories that you send to us will be included throughout the pages of the book.

We will give you a real platform to tell the world, in your own words, the upheaval your unemployment has caused. If you would like, we will even include a photograph of you and your family so that everyone who reads the book will have a better sense of who you are.

That you are much more than just a number on a page.

We’re not talking about financial hardship stories (although we’re sure you have many to tell). What we are talking about are the incredible, insane choices you now have to make almost every day.

Just as one easy example: You’re at the grocery store in the condiments aisle. As you survey the products, you already know that Grey Poupon is out of the question. So you look at the French's Mustard. That’s when you remember that you have no bread at home and not enough money to buy both the mustard and the bread. So you stand there trying to look, well, normal, as your brain attempts to sort this mess out. “I can get bread, but I’ll have no mustard to put on it. Or, I can get mustard, but I’ll have no bread to put it on.” Goddamnsonofabitch.

Not too long ago you bought bread and you bought mustard. Now, it doesn’t quite work that way. The above situation doesn’t represent a complex or large financial issue, but it’s real. And it totally sucks.

Diapers or toilet paper? At least somebody gets wiped today.

Honestly, how many times do we get to sit down with anyone, and I mean anyone, and talk about that part of being unemployed?

Rarely, if ever. We simply just never get it out. Until now.

The following is a sample from Chapter One.

Click Here!

You can also visit the web page at

With the exception of the final editing and insertion of your story, all the chapters are finished. Each one is full of information on coping with all the craziness that unemployment brings, as well as career information and financial advice that may help you get back to here.

What Will Your Investment Be Used For?

As you may be aware, kickstarter is an all or nothing proposition. If we don’t meet our goal, your account is not charged anything. Well, this book is an all or nothing proposition as well, and we have big plans for it. Depending on how many responses we get, formatting this book could be quite a challenge. It’s a complex job, but an important one. And it should be.

We wrote this book not only because it’s relevant, but because we have something to offer people who, right now, are faced with complex decisions that directly affect their lives. Decisions that just a short time ago, they never thought they would have to make.

And like everything else, getting this book out costs money. Getting it out correctly and professionally costs even more. Your investment will be used for EDITING, COLLATING, FORMATTING, TYPESETTING, PUBLISHING, DISTRIBUTION, MARKETING, COVER ART, TAXES, and all the other expected and unexpected costs we have to face.

If we can get to our stretch goals, we will be able to produce a limited number of hard bound copies, get that ISBN number, and create more copies for distribution. This kickstarter campaign, if successful, will help us connect with an extensive audience. There's real value in that.

Having given this a great deal of thought, we have also decided what to do if we can go above and beyond what we are looking for in the way of investments. Should we get a large number of responses to our request for stories and photos, a second volume, devoted entirely to stories of the unemployed. Interestingly enough, the tentative title to this second volume is, Voices of the American Jobless. See how optimistic we are?

Also, if we are able to surpass our goals we will even distribute free of charge, any remaining copies to those who are unemployed and can’t afford to purchase one. They can pay us back by finding employment. And, it’s just good Karma.

What Can You Do?

  • Invest what you can.
  • Send your story and photo to:
  • If you can’t send via your computer, you can mail me your information. Send what you have to: Sam Murphy P.O. Box 26, Lecanto, Fl. 34460. 
  • Even if you are not unemployed, maybe you know someone who is. You may invest in this book in their name. We will include them in the Acknowledgement Page.
  • Be kind and spread the word. You can do this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and any other place you can think of.

Risks and challenges

With the exception of editing and adding your submissions, the entire book has been written. This all means that the project has a very low risk factor. I’m sure you can tell by my overuse, misuse, and abuse of punctuation, not to mention syntax, I’m really going to need a very talented editor. All that’s left is putting everything together, printing, and distribution. The talented editor is being lined up to make all the necessary corrections as I write this.

The biggest challenge at this point will be collecting and collating contributors’ stories and photos, and getting them ready for inclusion. We are giving it a 30 day time limit.

Should all go even remotely close to the original plans, we have allocated enough days to get everything done done and done by the end of April.

Regardless, We will keep you all updated throughout the process with frequent updates.

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