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An affordable sleek leather wallet that holds your cards/cash and keeps your pockets looking cool in a totally new way.
An affordable sleek leather wallet that holds your cards/cash and keeps your pockets looking cool in a totally new way.
2,957 backers pledged $106,569 to help bring this project to life.

Articulate 2.0 NOW AVAILABLE!


Hello Everyone,

It is awesome to be back with our new and improved Articulate 2.0! We took the feedback and suggestions we received from our Kickstarter supporters and have created an even BETTER wallet. We have spent the past months designing, prototyping and testing the 2.0 and know your going to love it. It is as THIN as an IPHONE and uses a HIGH QUALITY ITALIAN LEATHER.

We JUST LAUNCHED and you are the FIRST to hear about it, so make sure you catch an Early Bird Special for just $19!!

Here is the link to check them out…. CLICK HERE

or Visit the following link

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    1. Jonathan Ryan Quiroz on January 20, 2014

      I still haven't gotten my custom wallet. I pledged $65 and haven't gotten anything back, a response as to what I want or anything and would greatly appreciate the wallet or a refund.

    2. Erich Salvesen on November 13, 2013

      Take in the positivity...

      Pledged my $19.

    3. Missing avatar

      Candice McKune on November 13, 2013

      Justin, here's a quote from the fine print on that IndieGoGo campaign:

      "This campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal."

      Now I doubt that it won't be fully funded, and I don't really get on IndieGoGo, so I don't know if this is a common theme among the different campaigns, but still. And after about a five month delay on getting the wallet that I paid $75 for, there's no way in hell I'd consider buying from them again. But that's me.

    4. Justin Schwartzkopf on November 13, 2013

      My first thought is that you made way more then enough money to start making your 1.0 Articulate.. almost $100,000 more. Why would the Articulate company need more money to start this new project? That's probably the reason why Kickstarter wouldn't let you go on your site, seems like you're just begging for money you do not need. You could just sell them on your site and get the same amount of money, just post a link from this page to your own site.

    5. King Pi on November 13, 2013

      Too bad. There are so many payment devices and subway gates are using RFID in Hong Kong. Even my apartment entrance gate and escalator are using RFID. 2.0 looks good but I can't use it because of non-removable RFID blocking.

    6. Missing avatar

      Aldrik on November 13, 2013

      "The 2.0 is now 1/2in THINNER then the 1.0. ONLY .35in!" err but the first one was only .39in?

    7. Missing avatar

      edzieba on November 13, 2013

      Unfortunately, the non-removable RFID blocking for the outer pocket makes it a no-go for me. Having the internal cards blocked but the outer pocket unblocked make it perfect for touchless travel systems (e.g. London's Oyster Card) while preventing accidental or malicious access to bank cards.

    8. Gerry on November 13, 2013

      I'm a fan of the elastic. I can find ways to keep the same number of cards in it, so I don't mind. I like that it allows me to see the custom images on my cards. Everytime I open up the wallet, there it is. Other wallets keep it hidden. Good luck to you guys though! I'm still happy to have been an Articulate 1.0 backer.

    9. Kramer and Kevin Creator on November 13, 2013

      We would have liked to go on Kickstarter, however their guidelines have changed and we were not allowed. Indiegogo is a very similar platform that has some awesome features that Kickstarter does not.
      Although we did like the elastic, overtime it could stretch if you altered the amount of cards you carried. The new design has an ultra-thin profile and is 1/2in thinner then the 1.0.
      Thank you for the support!

    10. Nicolas on November 13, 2013

      Like Cameron, I liked the elastics (and it made the wallet feel thinner than wallets with slots once all my cards were in) - but I also have started to notice the elastics are beginning to stretch and be loose, so I can appreciate the change. Also, if you're trying to rebrand a little bit with the nicer leather then having elastic inside the wallet mitigates that.

      Also like Cameron, I find that just using my wallet to open doors that have a security pass is nice - but I can also appreciate the added protection provided and the inconvenience is not a deal-breaker for me.

      This wallet has been nice to have, but already it is looking a little rough and the RFID plates warped not only the wallet but some of my cards. Even after removing them it's not quite the same. I've backed your campaign on indiegogo in hopes that round two is worth it.

    11. Cameron on November 13, 2013

      The new ones look much nicer, but you got rid of the elastic 'X' straps and went with card slots? Those straps inside were my favorite feature. Plus non-removable RFID is a no-go for me. I have too many RFID-locked doors to swipe through and I like just flashing my whole wallet in front of the sensor, not pulling out the whole card.

    12. Missing avatar

      Miguel Munoz on November 13, 2013

      Sucks because but I only use Kickstarter :/ I really want one at $19.99 if you guys had it here I would buy one right now

    13. Tim P, #39
      on November 13, 2013

      Then you're leaving KICKSTARTER?