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An affordable sleek leather wallet that holds your cards/cash and keeps your pockets looking cool in a totally new way.
An affordable sleek leather wallet that holds your cards/cash and keeps your pockets looking cool in a totally new way.
2,957 backers pledged $106,569 to help bring this project to life.

Exciting news!

Hello everyone,

All the wallets have finally been shipped, besides a few miscellaneous ones that are going out tomorrow and the custom wallets.  If you purchased a custom wallet, we sent you an individual message for further details about them.  Needless to say, they turned out better then we could have imagined.  If you are curious to see how some of them turned out please check out the custom section on our website .

If you are in the US and have not received your wallet yet, please message us and we will make sure it is still on its way. International orders are still taking some time to arrive so please be patient.  

Our website is FINALLY live!  We have spent countless hours working on it and it can now be seen at Without your support, none of this would be possible, so we would like to offer your 20% OFF your next purchase at Articulate Wallets-just enter ARTICULATECULTURE at checkout. We have some awesome new color combinations, like an all black wallet with a dark blue band.  Check them out and let us know what you think.

Thank you,


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    1. Missing avatar

      boris on August 3, 2013

      Hi , any way to track?

    2. Naga Natio on July 30, 2013

      indonesia - still has not received my wallet. How to track ?

    3. Missing avatar

      Ian Ward on July 29, 2013

      UK - Still haven't received my wallet

    4. Mauricio Liu Chou on July 21, 2013

      Nvm, I received my wallet the day after. Thanks!

    5. Mauricio Liu Chou on July 18, 2013

      Hi there, I haven't received my wallet yet.

    6. Missing avatar

      Leon Edward Hardwick (deleted) on July 16, 2013

      Same here. Based in UK and not received mine yet.

    7. Pedro Santos on July 16, 2013

      Hi guys, how can i track my wallets? It's been almost a month and I didn't receive it yet. I'm from Portugal. :(

    8. Gurtej sandhu on July 15, 2013

      Can someone contact me on I paid an extra $20 on tax for postage which I think is unfair and unclear , I do expect that someone should contact me / others fro the UK as a matter of courtesy.

    9. Ramah Sakul on July 13, 2013

      Hi have not received wallet. Canberra Australia

    10. Missing avatar

      Kevin Sunaryadi on July 12, 2013

      Have not received yet. Indonesia

    11. Missing avatar

      woo chuan liang on July 12, 2013

      Hey I'm from Singapore but I have yet to receive my wallet. is there any way to track the package ?

    12. Hannes Strohkopf on July 9, 2013

      Has anyone get the KS Special Edition in Germany yet?
      Greets Daniel

    13. Missing avatar

      Thomas Cahuzac on July 9, 2013

      I just realized that my wallet was sent to my old address :(

      As a result I didn't get it.

      Is there any way I could have this fixed ? note that it was sent back to you.

      please message me if you have any helpful input :(

    14. Missing avatar

      Andy on July 8, 2013

      Still waiting on my International version here in Australia, I know some other Australia's have received theirs, any idea where mine is?

    15. Nick Choo on July 4, 2013

      Have not to receive my one KS edition, International size wallet, I'm in Malaysia.
      As Benson had asked, is there a way for us to track the package?

    16. Benson Ong on July 1, 2013

      I too still waiting for my KS edition to arrive in Singapore.

      May I know mode of delivery for the International Kickstarters?
      will there be any form for us to track the packages?

    17. Missing avatar

      Ronald Berstein on July 1, 2013

      Hi guys. I have not received my 2 wallets yet. International Order to Santiago, CHILE. Thanks!

    18. Tim King on June 30, 2013

      Received my Special edition Kickstarter INTERNATIONAL today in Australia.

      Loving it so far.

    19. Sam Wu Feng Hua on June 29, 2013

      Still waiting for my KS edition to arrive in Singapore! :)

    20. Jacob Jakubski on June 28, 2013

      Got mine today, love the tan color :) Canada!

    21. Missing avatar

      Benjamin on June 28, 2013

      Received my KS Special Edition today, Singapore.
      Love the colour!

    22. Missing avatar

      Kevin Caldwell on June 27, 2013

      I just got my wallet and I really enjoy it. It's compact but fits all of my cards and even my Airmen's Coin.Great job guys.

    23. Joe Sutherland on June 26, 2013

      Okay, wallet is in the country, but have to pay an extra £11.32 because the tax was incorrect :(

    24. Missing avatar

      Adam Gardner on June 25, 2013

      I have not yet received my wallet!

    25. Pierina Morelli on June 25, 2013

      Still waiting for mine as well thank you!

    26. Joe Sutherland on June 25, 2013

      Still waiting on mine, excited to get it though.

    27. Missing avatar

      Thomas Gardner on June 25, 2013


      I'm from England and have problem as

      @Gurtej sandhu

      I am being asked to pay £11.32 for customs and handling fees.

      Didn't have this problem with my Ouya.

    28. David Nakayama on June 25, 2013

      Hi, I have not yet received my wallet (US order).

    29. Missing avatar

      Greta O'Brien on June 25, 2013

      OOPS, my error--I just found the wallet, it was in another stack of mail! Sorry for any confusion I caused.

    30. Wayne Swindlehurst
      on June 25, 2013

      I have not received my wallet yet either.

    31. Robert Heinrich on June 25, 2013

      Hey there. Wallets arrived in Austria today. No additional taxes had to be paid. All Perfect.
      To send you some Feedback: Your RFID Blocker are too sharp at the edges. It would damage the cards.
      Thanks for your efforts. Good luck to you for Future Business.

    32. Andrew Larsen on June 24, 2013

      I also have not received my wallets yet in the US
      - Andrew Larsen

    33. Missing avatar

      Greta O'Brien on June 24, 2013

      I have not yet received my wallet (all brown), I'm notifying you per your request. Greta O'Brien

    34. Missing avatar

      Matt N on June 24, 2013

      Thanks guys! My wallets came in on Friday and they're great! I love the color on the Kickstarter edition and my father loves the black and red. We both noticed the elastics pull on the leather a little, but hopefully that will stretch out after more use. Also, the money being slightly visible when the wallets are opened wasn't something we expected but isn't a deal-breaker. Kind of wish I got the international edition, but we do love the wallets and are glad to have them! Thank you both again.

    35. Tim Roberts on June 24, 2013

      Nevermind, didn't read the next update!

    36. Tim Roberts on June 24, 2013

      I'm trying to order a wallet on your site, but upon entering the the 20% off code I get the error "Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it's usage limit!"

    37. Ryan Bailey on June 24, 2013

      Hey guys, I ordered 2 customs and haven't received any other email about it past the initial shipping information email. Was there more than one? The way this update reads I should have gotten another one so just checking. Thanks!

    38. Tim P, #39
      on June 24, 2013

      I got the "international" edition

    39. Tim P, #39
      on June 24, 2013

      Just reicieved mine, a tiny bit confused, wallets were made to HIDE money. All my smaller US bills are HIGHLY VISIBLE making overseas use rather conspicuous since foreign money is actually significantly LARGER then US money. Fine for US carry; not so good for FOREIGN use

    40. Missing avatar

      Christina Foster
      on June 24, 2013

      Hi from Georgia! Still excited and waiting for my new wallet!

    41. Gurtej sandhu on June 24, 2013

      Could someone contact me. I purchased a wallet in the UK and now I am being asked to pay import tax on the delivery. When I ordered I did not expect 1) To have to pay an additional $20 because you guys posted incorrectly 2) Have to wait for a two month delay.

    42. Greg Roxburgh on June 24, 2013

      I received mine last week. Loving it!

    43. Danny Van T Land on June 24, 2013

      I've received mine almost 2 weeks ago, very happy with it :)
      I'm from the Netherlands so thanks for the fast delivery!

    44. King Pi on June 24, 2013

      Good news!
      However I will be out of town from sat so I will probably see it two weeks later.

    45. CrabMan on June 24, 2013

      I haven't received mine yet. I live outside US. Shouldn't there be a tracking number or something?

    46. Erich Salvesen on June 24, 2013

      My wallet was waiting at my house for me last week and I've been loving it since!

    47. Petar Popovic on June 24, 2013

      Such an awesome design! Love the wallet!

    48. Ian Judt on June 24, 2013

      I have not revived my wallet yet.

    49. Gregory Goldstein on June 24, 2013

      Thanks! I love my wallet in all brown.