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Update #15 - To the Editor!

Posted by Riverhouse Games (Creator)

Hey folks!

Thanks for sticking with us while the old year changed to the new.

I wanted to share where we're at with the project and where we are going to next.

At this point, we have all demons written. That's right, the full text of Thirteen Demon Princes has its completed draft! All of these demons are spectacular and compelling. I want to play all of them right now. Every guest author put their magic into what they wrote for us and I'm very moved that each demon carries a little something unique. 

With this completed draft, our editor, Jessa, gets to work. She's going through the document and making sure all the words are the best words we could have chosen, and all the punctuation is the best punctuation. Get out of here, you dumb semi-colon! (just kidding; I adore semi-colons)

We're even starting to prepare the layout. Our layout artist, VJ, mocked up some pages for me today and I was not prepared for how professional they look. I can't believe this game is going to look this gorgeous!!

Once editing is finished I'll pop the finished text over to VJ for real and tell her to go to town. 

In the meantime I'll be reaching out to our artists, Meghan Dornbrock and Aaron King to start getting fancy visuals for the book. Meghan will be doing character portraits of each demon and Aaron will be doing interior interstitial art.

I'll also be working with our musicians, Corv Leary & Aaron Catano-Saez to commission their talents to create the soundtrack we unlocked with our final stretch goal!

Finally, after the art and the text are done, I'll work with DriveThruRPG to set the title up for their POD services and get a link out to all of you folks who can then print off a shiny copy at your leisure! 

So far I think our estimated timetable is still possible, and will keep you all updated if anything changes! Stay tuned for more as things develop, and remember to Share & Enjoy!

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