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Update #10 - Let's Finish Strong; New Stretch Goal!!!

Posted by Riverhouse Games (Creator)
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We're picking up speed as we barrel down to the end of the campaign. We're totally funded and have half of our Stretch Goals accomplished, but there's still more awesome additions we can make to the project!! We just unlocked fancy art from Aaron King, and we have upgraded editing from Jessa Michalek up on the chopping block. As we approach the final hours, I'm ecstatic to announce our final Stretch Goal: an Official. Thirteen. Demon. Princes. Soundtrack.

Folks, this is it, the big one. This is my creme de la creme, ultimate wish list Stretch Goal. If we hit $3300 before the campaign ends I will be able to commission a soundtrack for Thirteen Demon Princes from two of my favorite RPG musicians in the game right now: Corv Leary and Aaron Catano-Saez!!! (UN)HOLY HECK I'm so excited for this. If we hit this level I will work with these artists to produce a digital album for Thirteen Demon Princes available for everyone who backed for the full rules, digital or physical. This music will be loopable and themed for each segment of the game, meaning you can have it on in the background while you play, to help set the mood for each scene!

Corv Leary is one of our guest authors (having written There Is No Way Out Of This Arena, which may be one of my favorite RPGs ever), but they're also a talented composer. They composed all of the music for their podcast, Blue Dawn, and take music commissions for other projects as well! I have them currently working on a new theme for my Queer/LGBT+ tabletop podcast, Game Closet, and you can listen to their other work on their Bandcamp. Their tunes range from peppy to brooding, electric to crunchy, and I can't wait to bring them on board.  

Aaron Catano-Saez is one of the hosts on my actual favorite podcast, All My Fantasy Children. Every week, Aaron and Jeff Stormer (who just launched a spectacular Kickstarter of his own that you should check out) take listener prompts and form them lovingly into fully fleshed out characters. Aaron does all the music for that show, creating emotional connections that drive the characters into your heart. Aaron also composed music for certain characters in From The Jackals To The Shepherds, a The Quiet Year podcast I produced last year. Aaron is a bombastic creator, with an ambitious drive to constantly be making the best while ensuring that there's always a human connection.

I am extremely excited to unlock this last Stretch Goal, it would be the icing on the cake (did I mention that this campaign ends on my birthday?) and be the ultimate close to the project. Please tell your friends about this Kickstarter and spread the word across your networks so that we can take this final push and finish strong!

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