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a wholesome and hellish dating sim larp.
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Update #5: 'Sclusies!

Posted by Riverhouse Games (Creator)

Hey folks!

We're halfway through the campaign and we're right in that mid-campaign coast at the moment. I want to say thank you to everyone who's been sharing the word so far on Twitter and G+. I'm floored with how excited y'all are for these extremely kissable demons!

I mentioned in a previous update that I'll be doing a give-away for an exclusive hardcover copy of 13DP to those who tweet a link to this campaign and use the hashtag #13DP. Let's take a moment to talk about this 'sclusie which you won't be able to get anywhere else.

image is a 3d mock-up of a hardcover book with the face of a goat on the cover and the words Thirteen Demon Princes: Hell's Favorite Dating Show (Promotional Edition)
image is a 3d mock-up of a hardcover book with the face of a goat on the cover and the words Thirteen Demon Princes: Hell's Favorite Dating Show (Promotional Edition)

Everyone who is involved in the production of Thirteen Demon Princes (writers, artists, layout, editor, etc.) will get a coupon link to order an at-cost copy of the Production Edition of Thirteen Demon Princes via DriveThruRPG. These copies will have a little extra thank you from me to the team for helping to make this book a reality.

If you want a copy (which again, will not be made available outside of these opportunities) there's a few ways you can get your hands on this exclusive tome.

The first way is our existing give-away: simply tweet a link to this Kickstarter campaign using the hashtag #13DP and you will be entered into a drawing that I will announce at the end of the campaign. You do not need to be a backer to win, so tell your friends!

The second way is by being one of the backers that helps us cross the line to $2,000. If you're a backer reading this as of 9:23pm CST on 10/3/2018, then congrats! You're already entered to win. Once we hit $2,000 one of you lucky demons will get this hardcover in addition to your normal rewards! This is great incentive to get in now, so if you've been on the fence (or know someone who could use a little extra push), now's the time!

The first two ways are all random chance, but there is one sure-fire way to make sure you get a hardcover exclusive book. If you have a podcast, stream, blog, or other method of mass promotion and you feature Thirteen Demon Princes, the book is yours as a thank you. We really need word of mouth and player testimonial about how fun the game is to succeed and I can't thank those who have already approached me about featuring #13DP enough. If you feature the game, email a link to your work to or tweet it to @LeviathanFiles to secure your free hardcover exclusive.

I want to thank some folks who have already started to push us to the finish line by featuring #13DP!

The RPG Academy is home to a fantastic hose of podcasts like my very queer RPG chat show, Game Closet. I joined host Michael to talk #13DP as well as their gaming convention Acadecon in November (I'll be there, and you should too!) You can see the VOD using this link:

Speaking of Twitch channels, #13DP will be featured this Sunday, 10/7/2018 at 6pm CST over on Katy Faise's twitch channel over at Katy & friends will be playing #13DP in perhaps our first ever publicly broadcasted play and I am beside myself excited to tune in!

Well, that's it from me today, expect more news & updates as folks share the word, I know we've got some podcast features coming up that I can't wait to shout about so keep your inboxes open, and until next update, remember to Share & Enjoy!


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That's better.

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