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The YouTurn is a glove mounted, motion activated signaling system designed to increase the visibility of cyclists. Read more

Portland, OR Technology
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The YouTurn is a glove mounted, motion activated signaling system designed to increase the visibility of cyclists.

Portland, OR Technology
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Jack O'Neal
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Thank you for visiting our project page on Kickstarter.  With your support, we believe that together we can revolutionize cycling safety by bringing an innovative new product to market

What is the YouTurn?

The YouTurn is a patent pending motion-activated signaling system for cyclists.  Using accelerometer technology, it reads the position of the riders hand in three-dimensional space, then activates one of two designated light patterns, quickly and accurately communicating the rider’s intention to nearby motorists.

What is the Money for?

The YouTurn is currently in the prototype stage.  While it works great, we think it could be a lot better.  That’s why we’ve contracted a product design firm to take this concept to the next level by producing a pilot run of a world-class version of this device.

            The initial budgetary quote for development of this project is roughly $50,000.  That covers the industrial design, engineering, as well as the first 1000 YouTurn systems.  That’s why we’re offering a pre-order for just $50.  There are also several other options for people who love the idea, but don’t want to kick down 50 bucks on a pre-order.

You used Arduino prototyping parts, why can’t I just build my own?

            You totally can build your own, and we support the open source arduino community!  That being said, the components are relatively expensive, and the prototype won’t hold up to the weather like a finished product should.  Bikers ride in all types of conditions, and this product should be able to support them no matter what the weather is like.  That’s why we’re here asking for your support.  We want to be able to provide every cyclist with an affordable water-resistant and fully functioning version of this product.

I already have lights on my bicycle.  What makes the YouTurn special?

The YouTurn uses motion activation to control the directional lights.  That means that there are no switches or buttons to worry about, and there’s nothing to attach to your bicycle.  If you want to go left, you simply extend your arm to the left, and the lights turn on automatically.  It’s that easy.  I’ve tested it on my two year old, and she can do it.

Additionally, it reduces the risk of theft.  Lights and other devices mounted to the frame of the bicycle increase the likely hood that your bike will be stolen.  The YouTurn can be taken with you wherever you go.


We have put a lot of time and energy into this project, and we think it will revolutionize the way that cyclists and motorists interact, while simultaneously increasing safety and reducing collisions and fatalities.  If you think this is as cool as we do, please pledge and help spread the word.  Thank you!

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  • YES, absolutely!

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  • Haha, and no. The components on the prototype were left exposed on purpose to draw more attention to arduino and open-source microcontrollers. It also looks cool pretty cool. The finished version will be completely encapsulated and waterproof... No risk of shock. Even if you were wearing a prototype, it's powered by a AAA battery and doesn't carry the charge necessary to shock you.

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    Thanks for your support! For your pledge of 1 dollar you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you brought a really great project to life, and you will be listed on the projects website as a contributor

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    YOU NAME IT! While we like the name YouTurn, we're not completely stuck on it. For your pledge of $5 or more you will get to submit your own original name for the final product. In addition to mad bragging rights, the winning submission will receive a free signal system as well as recognition on the project website as an executive contributor.

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    YouTurn Decal. Receive your very own YouTurn decal, complete with sticky backside, that you can slap onto anything you want to show that you supported the project. You will also receive a hand written thank you card from the inventor and exclusive access to the project's development through kickstarter backer updates as well as the YouTurn website.

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    YouTurn logo T-shirt. You will receive a t-shirt emblazoned with the YouTurn logo! Look good and help spread the word at the same time. You will also receive a YouTurn decal, a handwritten thank you card, and exclusive access to the project's development through kickstarter backer updates as well as the YouTurn website. (International backers please add $20 for shipping)

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    Congratulations, you have pre-ordered your very own YouTurn signal system. You will have the sweet satisfaction of being one of the first people in the world to put your grippers on the finished product. Wear it with pride! International orders please add $20 for shipping.

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    Collectors edition prototype, just like the one in the video, hand made by yours truly. Nothing says nostalgia like an original. Also comes with a signed letter of authenticity, and a nice display case, perfect for an office or mantle. International orders please add $20 for shipping.

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    If you pledge at the $500 dollar level, not only do you get a custom edition prototype w/case and letter of authenticity, you get it hand delivered by me when I take you out to dinner (Portland, OR area only). You also get listed as an executive contributor on the project website.

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    Retailer Package. Be the first bike shop in your area to carry the pilot production run of the finished YouTurn! Pledging at this level guarantees you 50 of the first finished products, hot off of the assembly line. In addition to a price break and first access to the finished product, we will put your store's logo on our site and list you as a retailer.

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    You're the shogun of Harlem, and I'm Bruce Leeroy. Get out those converses, because I'm kissing' em. Plus you get ALL of the previously listed awards.

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