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CHF 2.00 pledged of CHF 50,000 goal
By Steve
CHF 2.00 pledged of CHF 50,000 goal


A dream, a passion. ExaQueue!

Tinder for finding Gaming-Buddies?
YouTube for interactive entertainment/games? Tournament organizer for every supported online game? If the social media for gamer is going to be a thing, that's is up to you!   

Help us make gaming what it should be! The biggest entertainment niche.
 A real profession. A place for everyone to have fun and share amazing experiences!

We're an excited team of 4 people want to make gaming more community focused!
Literally we think that playing in tournaments with your school, your co-workers, your Facebook friends or with you self built up community through the Gaming-Buddy-Finder is an incredible experience!
But up to now there's way too much effort to organize one so we decided to develop a platform is dedicated for every community gamer!


My name's Daniel Stenz and I'm a passionate gamer ever since - just like Lilly! I was a shift worker and played on the strangest times but mostly just found people are drunk or whatever..
I was happy when I worked a weak on regular times so a few of my friends were online but even tho I sometimes just leaked of the right gaming-buddy...
This was the point ExaQueue was created! After days and weeks of developing the concept, algorithm, GUI and more of this amazing project I built up a hyped team as well. We are now together on this project and hyped about so many features will be included in this free software for the desktop and smartphones!

I'm now working full-time on this project and giving all my effort, energy and my passion into this project to make it happen! Be a part and let us unite the gaming-community!

But what is going to be included in ExaQueue?

To keeping a long story short:

  • The Gaming-Buddy-Finder (Q-UP!) with a GUI comparable to Tinder -> just to find your individual gaming-buddy! An amazing algorithm which searches, depending on your skill set, play stile but also personal aspects as well, to find your perfectly fitting mate and present them to you! Check out our Website for the designs up to now! www.exaqueue.com/demo
  • Tournament organizer assistant to use your grown community and network for amazing competitive fun! And this at every game we support! Select your game, map, team size, fall out system, rules, themes and voluntary participation fees and thus the rewarding system and invite all your friends to create a team and join this amazing experience with you! ExaQueue will handle everything else so you just need to select your choices and invite your friends!
  • YouTube for interactive entertainment/gaming? Developers have got a hard time to receive feedback - we want to solve this and give the ExaQueue community the chance to try out up-coming games and submit their suggestions to get the games we all want! United. As. Gaming-Community!

We will support every online Game but the sequence up to now is:
League of Legends -> Overwatch -> CS:GO -> Dota2 (February, Alpha release)
Call of Duty ->  Battelfield -> Minecraft -> GTV V (May, Beta release)
All further supported games will be chosen after the Supporter voted in the exclusive Bakers-Forum! - We aim to include monthly a new game!

For a detailed description of the main-features just visit our website: www.exaqueue.com/functions

Now for what you need the funds? 

We want to keep this project clear for everyone is supporting us and this idea! That's why we will list everything we can't afford at our current situation.

  • We're not a big team, just a few gaming friends (know each other since decades) are hyped about an amazing idea. We haven't got the man-power we need. And we need to work also. Thus we want to have the possibility to work 16/24h on this project!
    We're only ~6h/day viable at the moment :(
  • To launch the alpha properly and quickly we need more man-power!  We want to hire a little developer team and that's probably the most expensive part.
  • Even tho we've all saved money and are already using it to pay for hardware as server and software for developing purposes we can't keep it like this for ever. Our saved capital is limited as well. 
  • Especially at this project it is very important to have a good marketing strategy and the budget to realize it. ExaQueue needs from the first day on a user base is able to interact together! Or do you want to get paired with someone you don't even understand? We've already got a partnership with a big network who will support ExaQueue (and also use), but it is just European focused up to now and our American and African friends need a community as well!
    There you can help us as well - with spreading the words of ExaQueue out to the world! :) 

And that's it!
We're already a well educated team and are able to take mostly all tasks on our own hand. But we need help anyway and why not funding a project for the community with the community?

What's the long term goal of ExaQueue?

You know already: we want to get this community as united as the gaming community should be. Gaming makes more fun together as alone and we want to spread this kind of love into the gaming community!  But that's far now all! What do you think happens when everyone is able to organize tournaments? Exactly! There will be many more events and maybe also weekend tournaments for every city out there! It may take time but we believe that gaming might get a profession as a soccer player is one.

We think everyone has got a passion and just needs to be able to make this passion into a profession. So why can soccer player survive (and even get rich) by just making what they love but gamer not even tho it is mostly the same! The one just needs the body, the other needs more the brain.. The organization and the society might be a problem, which the tournament organizer will solve. The other one is that you need a well fitting team so the Gaming-Buddy-Finder can solve this as well! ExaQueue will be created exactly for this purpose!
So get in action and help us make gaming what it should be!

Kind regards,
Steve - Team ExaQueue

Risks and challenges

1st Community size
If we can't gather quit quick a big enough community to offer a good service people might leave ExaQueue which makes it harder and harder to get back at it again. That's why we're already onto talking with third parties which might use our software and thus promote it on their fanbase!

2nd Capital
We need to survive as well and because we're not developing a paid software we need to advertise it. We're still trying out how much advertising will be enough and through which channels it is the best.
Anyway we've already got a few partners are interested in advertise through ExaQueue! But we will still need your feedback if some of them is too annoying for example or where you could imagine a good working channel as well.
Also we want to take organizing fees for tournaments but only if you collect participation fees and just 2.5% of it (might be a bit higher in the start) but are aiming to give out prices later worth about 100% (based on discounts for big "vendor")!

3rd Time delays
We know especially as software developing project there's always a big chance to get in delays with the launch dates.
That's why we, in fact, think we can finish the alpha until December/January but take another month to keep unexpected struggles unnoticed for you.
The only problem might get at the beta because there's a lot unknown up to then. We can't plan everything and thus we just give everything we got to release the beta in time.

We're sure there will be many more struggles and we've figured out a few smaller problems might appear but we're sure this is handle-able for our team of passionate and focused ExaQueuer's!

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    Pledge CHF 1 or more About $1.06

    Hall of Founder

    1. Your name on the Hall of Founder, means you'll get immortalized for life-time on our Website, App, Social-Medias and any later product of ExaQueue!

    2. Level 1 Ticket for a ExaQueue Tournament.
    You have guarantee free access to every level 1 tournament you want to join and needs a participation fee!

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    Pledge CHF 5 or more About $5

    Starter Package

    3. Premium Key for closed alpha and beta of all ExaQueue products.

    4. Hero-Icon (1) for your in-App profile.

    5. Backrounds (11) for your desktop, smartphone or as amazing poster, wall scroll.To see the exclusive ExaQueue motives click:

    6. A level 2 Ticket for a ExaQueue Tournament.

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    Pledge CHF 10 or more About $11

    Hero Founder

    6. ExaQueue Premium-Access for the Bakers-Forum. Gives you the permission to chat with other Bakers and more!
    Also exclusive monthly giveaways and tournaments only for Level 3 Bakers!

    7. (Level 3 Ticket) ExaQueue Team-Tournament-Ticket!
    Gives your whole team a free access to every tournament organized with ExaQueue

    8.Hero-Icon (9) for your in-App profile.

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    Pledge CHF 15 or more About $16

    God Founder

    9. Premium Account for life-time (about 5$/year). This gives you in-App advantages in experience and thus the integrated achievements and a advertising free version of ExaQueue.

    10. Exclusive Profile Icon-Frame for even more fanciness!

    11. Premium-Keys to invite your friends.

    12. God-Icons to show the world your amazing support!

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    Pledge CHF 25 or more About $26

    Golden Founder

    13. Content-Creater Account including upload-able profile icon and frame (uploade-able frame just obtainable now) more space for your information as bio or social network accounts.

    14. 20GB Space to upload your content and earning cash for advertising through it!

    15. 16/24 Bro-Hotline for your personal support!

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    Pledge CHF 50 or more About $53

    Master Founder

    16. (Level 4 Tickets) 3 Team-Tickets for ExaQueue organized Premium Tournaments.

    17. 1 Casting-Ticket for the ExaQueue 
    commentator (transferable)

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