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Always have what you need – and hidden in plain sight! Wally: the slim, stick-on leather wallet skin for iPhone 4 or 5. Also works with cases.
Created by

Distil Union

1,999 backers pledged $90,472 to help bring this project to life.

Can we raise as much as $75,000 by March 1st?!

Stretch Goal: $75,000! Let's Do This!

With Wally nearly 400% funded (thanks to our passionate Backers), let’s try something crazy... We've heard about Stretch Goals on Kickstarter, can we make one of our own?! This would enable us to provide errbody something we thought would only be available by request: Alternahesive – a Wally-shaped piece of strongish adhesive that you can add to the micro-suction. 

Why? Micro-suction strongly adheres to only smooth or slick surfaces, but we want him to grab tight to more cases. So while it’s true that many won’t need the Alternahesive, we’d love for everyone to receive it. This would also simplify packaging and fulfillment for us, and it'd be handy for you to have if you change cases in the future. 

Why not? Wally's already in a win-win situation! Stretch Goals are really just a fun, imaginary goal – so if we don’t reach it, no biggie, we’ll just ask in the Backer Survey if your case requires Alternahesive. 

If you haven't visited Wally's campaign in a bit, check back for a second chance to grab a Ninja Black for iPhone 5, and to read high praise for Wally from some of our favorite blogs like Cult of Mac and Cool Material. And please take a second to click n' share this update on Facebook!

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    1. Creator Distil Union on February 13, 2013

      Hi Brian, message us directly if you're interested in two.

    2. Creator brian on February 12, 2013

      I would love to get more than one is there a way I can pledge more for a second Wally?

    3. Creator Distil Union on February 12, 2013

      Cameron, my buddy just got back from a 285 mile motorcycle ride rocking Wally on a Life Proof while using his phone as the GPS. While we can't recommend any bit of that situation, Wally survived!

    4. Creator Cameron Waldon on February 12, 2013


      Thanks guys! I can't wait for my Wally!

    5. Creator Jeff Broderick on February 11, 2013

      So awesome! Can't wait to see more updates. Good luck on the stretch goal!