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Wally is a slim, stick-on leather pocket who secretly and securely carries your must-haves on the back of your iPhone 4 or 5.
Always have what you need – and hidden in plain sight! Wally: the slim, stick-on leather wallet skin for iPhone. Also works with cases.
Always have what you need – and hidden in plain sight! Wally: the slim, stick-on leather wallet skin for iPhone. Also works with cases.
1,999 backers pledged $90,472 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on September 24, 2013

      Henry, that is great to hear. We're so glad we were able to deliver on time. It is tough to do and we busted our butts to make that happen. Sorry you've had trouble with your microsuction. We've found another leather that we think will work a little better with those ends. Stay tuned for more projects. We love Kickstarter because of the conversations we get to have with folks and hope to keep using it to try out more ideas.

    2. Missing avatar

      Henry C. on September 23, 2013

      I just want to say that I use my Wally all the time and love it to bits. It's the only KS project that I've backed (out of 10) which arrived on time, and the quality is great. Admittedly the micro-suction doesn't work as well on the top and bottom, but after spending time to work in the leather, the top and bottom don't peel off anymore and are much more secure.

      I look forward to more great stuff from you guys in the future and will not hesitate to back your future projects. Congrats on your successful funding of the Wally Case!

    3. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on September 9, 2013

      Ahmad (a baghi),

      Your package came back to us today as 'Unclaimed'. We regret your Wally shipments were unable to reach you due to postal issues.

    4. Missing avatar

      a baghi on August 20, 2013

      to be honest i suspect that the responsibility is on RF post office side. They do have a lot of complains lately. anyway , thanks and probably better luck next time.

    5. Missing avatar

      a baghi on August 20, 2013


      Thank you. Funds received.

    6. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on August 20, 2013


      Your money is on the way. I'd mail it to you but I'm afraid it wouldn't reach you with the luck we've had. We'll figure it out. You are my priority one this morning. I'll solve it today.



    7. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on August 20, 2013

      Hey Timothy,

      You can apply that alternahesive directly to the micro suction. If you're still having trouble after that, write us a direct message and we'll troubleshoot and get you fixed.



    8. Missing avatar

      a baghi on August 20, 2013

      What do you mean by "persistence"? Would you suggest that i give up and do not request for a refund?
      p.s. By the way6 where is my money?

    9. Timothy Sanford Hankins on August 16, 2013

      I'm very frustrated with the way my Wally has worked out. I was thrilled when I first received it after backing on Kickstarter; but it's been disappointing in actual use. Similar to what Tyler describes below, I've never been able to get the corner near the camera to stick. And over time, dust gets in the opening and the Wally starts peeling further away from the iPhone. I've tried cleaning the microsuction a number of times and it doesn't seem to help. What does happen when I use Scotch tape to clean the material is that the entire microsuction backing begins to separate from the leather and tear as I pull the tape off. I haven't tried alternahesive yet -- I'm thinking maybe at this point the microsuction is ruined? Do I go ahead and peel the whole thing apart and try to apply alternahesive instead? Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

    10. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on August 7, 2013

      Hello Ahmad,

      You get points for persistence! :) We have received the first package we sent to you back at our office. It was marked as an undeliverable address. Not sure why if you've received packages from the US before but that is what happened. I did initiate your refund with Amazon. They should process that and you should be receiving that shortly.

      Thanks and we hope that resolves the issue to your satisfaction.

    11. Missing avatar

      a baghi on August 7, 2013

      for the record i have also participated in funding the Sunski project in US and they didn't have any issue to deliver me my sunglasses in time to Moscow...

    12. Missing avatar

      a baghi on August 7, 2013

      i have responded to your private e-mail some time ago. when do i get a refund for the product you have failed to deliver?

    13. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on July 16, 2013

      Hello again Ahmad,

      I do hope you've gotten our emails about your situation. Please respond to our private messages and we'll reach a solution. We have already sent a couple your way so we're also a bit frustrated with the postal service to Russia.



    14. Missing avatar

      a baghi on July 16, 2013

      how many more month do i have to wait? march, april,may, june, now july... where is the wally i have paid for ?

    15. Missing avatar

      a baghi on July 15, 2013

      i am still waiting for mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on June 28, 2013

      Elan, just sent you an email.
      William, sorry to leave you hanging. I'll send you a personal note so we can diagnose. For those of you with similar problems to what William is experiencing, we've found that you can actually use double sided tape not only to clean the adhesive but to actually reinforce it. Leave it between Wally and your phone and it sticks pretty well. Not residue free but it does clean up pretty easily if ever you need to replace it.

    17. William Malave on June 19, 2013

      Hey guys love my Wally!!! Having some trouble with it though. Ever since I got it I only used it on my iphone. Had to replace my iphone last week do to a LTE data connection issue. I have not been able to keep the Wally on my phone since. The top and bottom keep coming off. I tried to clean the adhessive with tape but still the same problem. clean the iphone back countless times as well.
      Any thoughts?

    18. Missing avatar

      Pegi on June 19, 2013

      iPhone 5 black Wally. Feel I should add my comments. Had a few issues the first 2 weeks or so, but "exercised" the leather and now zero issues. I've even transferred it to a "new" phone(wifi issues). I must say I haven't been so pleased with a product in ages. Even my first iPhone 5 have me the flux. Just relax and remember anything made from leather needs time, patience, and attention for the perfect burnish to take effect.

    19. Elan Okonsky on June 15, 2013

      Hey guys, I love my Wally, although the entire suction does not adhere to my iPhone 5 and the leather is detaching from the suction piece as well. I have tried the cleaning instructions and made an attempt to get on skype with you guys, but it never worked out. Feel free to email me at

    20. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on June 12, 2013

      Yay, Felipe! Sometimes it takes awhile to get to Brazil so glad to hear it finally made it.

    21. Felipe Roquete on June 11, 2013

      Just received my Wally, here in Brazil. I love it: über cool, very functional, and beautifully handcrafted.

    22. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on June 9, 2013

      Hi Tyler,

      Glad you're liking your Wally! I'm emailing you to try and troubleshoot.

    23. Tyler Cahoon on June 7, 2013

      I'm loving my wally the only problem I'm having is that it's having a hard time sticking on the top by the camera. Suggestions? Can I get another sticker?

    24. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on May 28, 2013

      Hi Richmond,

      We didn't hear back from you on your survey. Fill that out or shoot us your shipping address and we'll get it out to you immediately.

    25. Richmond Ng on May 24, 2013

      I still haven't received my Wally ? When exactly is it coming?

    26. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on May 22, 2013

      Andy, so glad to hear your Wally is working out for you! We love ours, too!
      Joshua, just sent you an email. Shoot us a direct message if you don't get it.

    27. Joshua on May 22, 2013

      How can I get another peice of micro suction? I had attached my Wally to my phone using the adhesive because it was not staying attached to my iPhone 5. When I attempted to remove the adhesive it pulled the micro suction from the Wally. Please email me at

    28. Missing avatar

      Andy Andersen on May 21, 2013

      So I have had my Walley for well over a month now and all I can say is this is one of the best accessories I've ever had for my iPhone. I was nervous that with the leather breaking in, the slot would loosen up and cards would fall out. Nope not at all. Awesome job you guys, you hit it out of the park with this one!!!!!

    29. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on May 21, 2013

      Hi Seijin,

      Thanks for checking. We'll get that out to you today!

    30. Missing avatar

      seijin on May 20, 2013

      hi can you check my order as well..?

    31. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on May 20, 2013

      Hey Joshua -- That's not good! I'll contact you via email to double check your mailing address and get a replacement in the mail to you asap.
      - Lindsay

    32. Joshua Ego on May 19, 2013

      My tracking info says "electronic shipping info received". This has been this way since april 16th with no change. I just want to make sure there isn't a glitch in the system or something.

    33. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on May 17, 2013

      Hello Nicki! Like Karim below, we seemed to have missed your order. We imported everyone at once from Kickstarter to our shipping software and those who hadn't yet filled out the survey, we had to manually add. We check every day to see if new folks have filled theirs out but somehow we missed yours. Very sorry about that. We'll send yours along on Monday.

      To anyone out there who hasn't gotten a shipment notice but did fill out the survey, please let us know.

    34. Missing avatar

      Nicki Rasmussen on May 16, 2013

      Is there any information about how long you have come in the piles of orders?

    35. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on May 10, 2013

      Hi Karim -- I'm glad you checked in with us, somehow your survey response fell through the Kickstarter cracks! Your Wally ships TODAY - check your email inbox for tracking, but remember that we're all blind once it leaves the US (it will say Miami, FL, but in reality the package IS moving closer to you). And allow up to 45 days for delivery, hopefully less..

    36. Missing avatar

      Karim Chebaklo on May 8, 2013

      I just need to check if the second batch already shipped as I still haven't received any shipping info or tracking number.

    37. Steven Tyson on May 8, 2013

      The only case that wants to work with my Wally is a bumper. Hopefully there is a way for the leather to relax on the bottom, that is the only area I keep having trouble with.

    38. Missing avatar

      Keegan on May 8, 2013

      sorry for my previous comment. im gonna give it one more chance.

    39. Missing avatar

      Keegan on May 8, 2013

      ok now that my leather has relaxed im going to try and remove the alternaadhesive from the micro suction or something. this crap is annoying. currently my wally has found its resting position with both the upper and lower edges perfectly parralel to the iphone. only problem is that it sits 2mm away from the iphone. i seriously cant stand this any more. im going to try and remove the alternaadhesive

    40. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on April 24, 2013

      Hi Alexander, I'll chat with Tim and see what he recommends. I'll message you privately and try to get a pic from you to pass along.

    41. Alexander Lin on April 24, 2013

      Hi, I've recently discovered a stitch on the bottom black iPhone5 Wally has sprung loose. What do you recommend to fix the stitching?

    42. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on April 22, 2013

      Joshua -- We've contacted you via email, but please know we're ahead of schedule so your Wally already shipped and arrived at the address you provided a few weeks ago!

    43. Joshua on April 19, 2013

      How do I update my mailing address? I need to update it before the second batch ships. Please email me at

    44. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on April 19, 2013

      Tim -- YES! I'm high-fiving my screen!! YOU'RE THE BEST:…

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience, I hope it will inspire confidence in other backers!

    45. Tim Moser on April 19, 2013

      I just wanted to let you guys know that this is the best product I've used in a long time.

      The absolute utility of it is exactly what I was looking for, and the design makes using it, I dare say, fun!

      Wallets are a particular annoyance to me, I've been on the hunt for a really great solution for years, and this really fits the bill.

      Great product, and great communication on Kickstarter and elsewhere. Keep making awesome.

      Thanks again,

      - - - -

      Note to other backers: I used micro-suction on my naked iPhone5 and for the first couple days and I found that I was pressing parts back down that were slowly loosing up. However, after a while the leather relaxed and I haven't had to do anything; it seems very secure. I think the trick with any "removable" tech is to simply not remove it! Even Velcro looses it's umph after a couple dozen uses :)

    46. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on April 19, 2013

      Michael - I wasn't able to email you yesterday, but will do so as soon as I'm able!


    47. Michael Penaranda on April 19, 2013

      Where would you want me to send a picture of the Wally? I haven't received an email from you guys.

    48. Jim Doree on April 18, 2013

      Thanks for letting me know. I should have searched my spam folder before posting. None of the other Kickstarter emails ended up there so assumed this one wouldn't either... but there it was.

      At what point will the tracking site stop saying 'Miami'? Once it crosses the border?

    49. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on April 17, 2013

      Jim -- Your Wally shipped, you should've received a tracking number via email. Canada is considered international for the USPS, so please allow up to 45 days for it to arrive (lame, we know)... and just because tracking still says "Miami" please know it's closer to you than that!

      Michael -- That... is a Sad Wally. I'll contact you via email and we'll send you a replacement; please reply with a photo of your Sad Wally so we can pass the feedback to Tim.

    50. Distil Union 7-time creator
      on April 17, 2013

      CK -- I'll look for your email and we'll take care of your missing Alternahesive : }

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