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We were tired of fumbling for our iPhone alarm in the morning, so we created Snooze – the bedside stand with a big rubber snooze bar.
We were tired of fumbling for the iPhone alarm in the morning, so we created Snooze – the bedside stand with a big rubber snooze bar.
We were tired of fumbling for the iPhone alarm in the morning, so we created Snooze – the bedside stand with a big rubber snooze bar.
650 backers pledged $57,898 to help bring this project to life.

Backer Heads-Up: New Kickstarter Launches SOON

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It's that time of year! (The most wonderful time, to be exact.)

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Hi Snooze Backers! It's been a while, hope you're still enjoying life approximately 9 more minutes of sleep at a time ;) 

The holidays are drawing near, and we thought you'd appreciate a heads-up: we're having a Holiday Sale over at the Distil Union webstore -- simply enter the code GIFTASTIC for 20% OFF your order! 

Distil Union Holiday Sale: 20% OFF with GIFTASTIC
Distil Union Holiday Sale: 20% OFF with GIFTASTIC

It's been a most wonderful year here at DU With the help of hundreds of backers (some of them were you!) we Kickstarted two new products, Wally and his big brother Wally Case. Meanwhile, Snooze continued to sell well on our website. A little too well, actually -- Snoozes have been sold out for over a month! We're eagerly anticipating the next batch to arrive on Monday, just in time for holiday shipping. 

We hope you've had a wonderful year, too, and that you have some fun holiday plans around the corner :)

Merry merry, season's greetings and may the force be with you!
Lindsay and Nate and Adam

Excited to announce our latest Kickstarter: WALLY CASE!

G'mornin' fellow Snoozers! It's been a little while, hope you've been doing great and are enjoying appx 9 more minutes of sleep each day with your iPhone and Snooze :) We wanted to let you in on some big news: 

We're back on Kickstarter with our new Wally Case

Wally Case is a protective snap-on case for iPhone 5 that incorporates our discreet, patent-pending Wally wallet! It's all about simplifying your daily grab-and-go essentials:

  • Secret Holds your cards -- without looking like a wallet! 
  • Slim Snap-on shell case adds protection, not bulk 
  • Access Pull-tab conceals and reveals your contents

Earlier this year on Kickstarter we debuted Wally the Stick-on Wallet. He's suuuuuper minimal -- a little too minimal for some folks, who said they'd be happier with the added protection of a case. We've combined the minimalism and magic of Wally's pull-tab design with a classic snap-on shell; it's a no-brainer, brought to you by the folks who know Wally best.

Your support last year helped us make Snooze a dream come true. It's because of you that we were able to "Keep the Dream Alive" ;) If you have a moment, please take a peek at Wally Case and spread the word -- the campaign ends on Sunday, September 15!

Thanks y'all, 
Lindsay, Nate and Adam
Distil Union

Exciting News -- For Backers' Eyes ONLY!

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For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

It’s Our Final Kickstarter Update – Happy Snoozeyear!

We’re proud to announce: Snooze Kickstarter has reached its completion! There may still be packages making their way across the ocean, but we’re stoked to say that 99% of pledges have been fulfilled.

Big thanks to each and every one of you! Our humble gratitude goes out to the iPhone 5 backers in particular, as we faced interminable delays for a woven Lightning cable. Some of you were disappointed, which we understood (we were disappointed, too). Most of you graciously accepted our apologies and a cable compromise, and for that we thank you immensely – we literally couldn’t have completed the Kickstarter without you, your support and your understanding. While we hope to offer a Lighting Weave at in the future, we’ve learned not to count our chickens before they hatch. Or put all our eggs in one basket. Something we hear time and time again is to under-promise and over-deliver, which will certainly be our approach in future Kickstarters (hint hint).

The Design Dialogue
Something special about Kickstarter is the dialogue that we as designers are able to have directly with people who are genuinely interested in the product and the process. Backer feedback has been great – mostly glowing, with a healthy sprinkle of constructive criticism. Some of your comments even influenced the final design!

The source of the majority of complaints has been the Snooze App. We admittedly are not app developers and underestimated just how complex apps can be – even a “simple” alarm clock app (or so we thought)... We recognize that Snooze the bedside dock absolutely needs a landscape clock display and reliable alarm app. We're currently working to partner with developers of [successful, highly rated, proven] alarm apps in hopes of providing all Snooze users a 100% satisfying Snooze experience. In the meantime, if you find another app that you love to use with Snooze, let us know and we'll share the link on the website.

We’ll continue to receive your comments and feedback – but now the best way to contact us is via Facebook, Twitter or the Contact Page on our website.

What’s Next for Distil Union?
Running a Kickstarter can be a full-time job. Still, we’ve been developing and testing our next product, and we really think you’re gonna love him! Imagine a small and simple product, useful and handsome, found at the intersection of handcrafted and high-tech :) He’s almost ready for his debut, which most likely will be here on Kickstarter! Stay tuned to see how we apply what we learned from our first Kickstarter...

Meanwhile, Snoozes are available on our webstore – if you love your Snooze and can spare a few minutes, we'd really appreciate it if you’d continue to spread the word! Tweets are great, as are re-pinned Snoozes and new Facebook friends :)

Cheers and high fives! Happy 2013 from all of us at Distil Union,
Adam, Nate and Lindsay