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Makeblock is an aluminum extrusion based construct platform that can be used to build robots, machines, toys or even art-ware.
Makeblock is an aluminum extrusion based construct platform that can be used to build robots, machines, toys or even art-ware.
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    1. Ken Chalk on

      I'm selling my hacker space kit. If anyone's interested you see more about it here:…

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      Mark Pavia on

      Hi there, I ordered a Maker Kit that should have come with a Lego bridge. Status update on that?

    3. Simon Burfield on

      Has the LEGO bridge does yet?

    4. Evaristo Ramos on

      Just to advise: I finally got home, went through the hackerspace kit and 98% was there. I am very happy with everything, there are a few scratches but nothing to worry about. I can't wait to start building, see yall on the forums!!!


    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hedges on

      In case you're not checking their website now has a few more manuals/guides to download, a revamped products section and a discussion forum. Yay! Definitely worth a visit.

    6. Paul Cobbaut on

      @stefan: there are many videos on youtube, just search for "install arduino software". When that works, copy the library files from to your arduino library.

    7. Stefan Pokorny, Zaltar of Valoria on

      Got my kit in Brooklyn a few days looks straighforward...I have never done anything like this before, the thing that puzzles me is how to get the programming part done...I'm not great at computers...could there be some video, step by step that shows how to do it for dummies? I am sure that once I actually see it done once i will then understand...well...I hope...

    8. jakob on

      I have just created a GitHub organization account to share Makeblock source code, instructions and other projects: Collaboration in GitHub is great so we can together improve documentation. I only created one repository so far (with the Arduino Me-series library) but more repositories for description of parts and documentation are welcome!

    9. Missing avatar

      Tom Mcmahon on

      I received my "LEGO" kit last week and have had the same experience as most others; excited it finally came, but finding some aspects lacking. I am aware of the delay in the LEGO bridge parts that will let me utilize the NXT add-on and that is fine, what is disappointing is the general lack of any other LEGO compatibility, which seemed to be a strong selling point. Yes, as David pointed out the holes line up with LEGO holes but they are different sizes and thus connectors are not compatible. The connector pins that are included for the battery box and controller are cheap, too short and difficult to remove and re-position, I have already cracked my plexi mounting board trying to pry them up. I have also noted the machining of either the blocks, screws or both are sub par and have stripped areas of the channel because my screw was not perfectly aligned. The metal is soft and one twist gouged the metal. Taking more precaution has prevented a re occurrence but I can see these parts eventually wearing out well before my Technic parts. The instructions are minimal and basic and the programming platform was easy enough to navigate. I am hopeful a community will develop in time. All of the parts functioned and I did build the basic remote controlled robot, however I am perplexed as to the parts included with my set, perhaps I should have paid more attention, but why include the rails if no bearings are included? I am generally happy with the project and glad I supported it, and I can only imagine the head ache of actually getting these things out the door, however when you funding goals are exceeded 6 fold, quality control should not be a factor. If anybody comes up with a good substitute for the connectors please post it here.

    10. jakob on

      It's ok to have some defective parts for such a new product - however it would be less problematic with more visible and detailed specification of parts (it's going to be open hardware, isn't it?). One could create replacement for some parts withg a 3D printer, some LEGO pieces and/or breadboard and electronic pieces.

    11. spongefile

      Mine arrived in Helsinki today! Hooray!

    12. Missing avatar

      Patrick Quan on

      Finally I received my hacker space kit this weekend! i have recieved 2 boxes.
      After going to thru the inventory, i have 4 defective parts:2 Long Beam 0824 -496 both are cut and drilled incorrectly. 2 Long Beam -0824 - 192 the holes are misaligned and warped.
      Missing: 2 Servo for gripper, 2 Shaft Connector 4mm, 2 Nut M8, 1 ME-Bluetooth.
      Also waiting for the Lego Bridge.
      However, i am thankful and happy with the product. @Branko (thank you for your advice)

    13. Pie Innovation on

      Deluxe kit delivered yesterday.
      It's so simple to use! Within an hour I had organised my parts, installed arduino, updated libraries, learnt the arduino language and built a simple IR controlled robot.

      I look forward to receiving my long beams.

    14. Missing avatar

      David Wilson on

      It looks like I am missing one Shaft Connector, 4mm. Kit has 5 instead of the 6 indicated with the Deluxe list. However the quantity seems inappropriately low for the kit. There are 8 large timing pulleys, 4 medium timing pulleys, six motors, and only 6 Shaft Connectors.

      Create a 4WD platform with 4 wheel steering means that 3 Shaft Connectors are likely needed at each corner. So that is 12 Shaft connectors and possibly a few more if the large motors are also used to power attachments. Then that also presents another problem - no way to control more than 4 motors with the Makeblock electronics. I'd like to use the two digital servos as steering motors but don't have the ports for it.

      @Branko - thanks for catching that Lego bridge info. Hope it happens.

    15. Evaristo Ramos on

      Hackerspace kit delivered yesterday in Houston, but I wont be home for a couple of weeks to check it out :(

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hedges on

      @Mark Pavia Oops, that's just for Android and you wanted iOS. Sorry.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hedges on

      @Mark Pavia The Bluetooth control app has been delayed (see update #9) but iTead have produced one (I haven't tried it yet) -

    18. Branko on

      @David, update 9 mentions that certain Lego parts will not be sent right away. It specifically mentions the Lego bridge, but I'm not sure what else may be missing at this time.

    19. Attila Sukosd on

      Got my ultimate kit. It's aweomse. Already built the tank with the arm.

      I also found some holes for some parts were misaligned. Luckily there were some spares.

      Overall I'm very happy with the ease of use, quality and design!

    20. Missing avatar

      David Wilson on

      My Deluxe kit arrived in Dallas today. Nothing seems to be missing however the quality of the machined metal parts is pretty low. Color and finish are good enough. However hole spacing, position, and angle are so far off on some parts it isn't possible to create square frames and then pass axles thru it. The biggest problem so far is the beam0808 in which the holes seem to be progressively more slanted (or offset between the two sides of the narrow beam) the further down the beam they are. Even while the holes are significantly larger than the axles the incorrect positioning is bad enough that the axle can not be positioned perpendicular to the beam in all the holes.

      The kit really needs locking nuts - maybe the type with the nylon inserts. Without them, or Locktite, projects fall apart quickly and with little warning as nuts back off the screws.

      There are apparently no fasteners included to help interface Makeblock elements with Lego Technics components. Plastic rivets look promising but are too short for much of anything. Using the long screws and nuts is a bad fit on the Lego components that have larger holes. Hole spacing seems appropriate. Lego Technics pins are too large for the smaller Makeblock holes - resulting in no good way to interface the systems in spite of the fact that the Makeblock team promoted this feature on Kickstarter.

      There are many things to admire about this kit. With a few additional types of parts, fasteners, and better CNC it will be incredibly flexible and useful.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark Pavia on

      Got my Hacker space kit today in Chicago, IL. Need to do parts check list but quick look seems like most if not all is there.

      Any word on iPhone (iOS) app? I may have missed that update. Anyone know anything?

    22. Branko on

      I just went through my packaged and it looks like I have everything. I didn't count every screw, but all the major components are there. Unfortunately I won't have time to build anything for a few weeks. :(

    23. Michael Fluharty on

      Thank you Makeblock! you guys rock! my kit surprised me in the mail this afternoon! it rocks! ! !

    24. Dave Durant on

      Got mine today near Boston - no tracking number sent beforehand..

      Looks like all the bits are there but there are no instructions. Hopefully those will show up on the makeblock website before long..

    25. Patrick O'Brien on

      Upon further assembly there are a couple other issues:
      - Once you have assembled the basic unit and are at step 10 in the manual, there are only two long screws left to attach the ball head board to the sliders, and you need 4. This means there's no way to connect it!
      - As if the above wasn't problematic enough, there is no screw provided to attach the ball head mount to the ball head board. There was an extra screw knob packaged with the ball head but it doesn't fit.

    26. Patrick O'Brien on

      I received my Photography Kit today (outside of Washington, DC.) Quality is great but the instructions are lacking - hopefully they are working on this. There's an obvious error in the Photography Kit manual (v1.0) and also it only covers basic assembly of the unit utilizing two rails (even though 8 are included.) It's not immediately obvious how to connect multiple sliding rails together to make longer rails with the parts included... one would need 6 of some sort of connector and there doesn't appear to be 6 of anything that could be used. Plus there is nothing long enough to connect both rails together to maintain the width or support it on a surface. And finally the instructions don't cover assembly or installation of the electronics - again something I'm sure will be corrected in future versions of the manual. There are a lot of extra parts once you're done assembling the unit in the manual, which is nice. I hope they make parts available a la carte online soon (and would be great if they could be shipped from a warehouse in the US on demand.)

    27. Alex Mason on

      Has anyone in Australia received their order yet? I've seen no sign of mine, wondering if customs are holding it up.

    28. jakob on

      My Starter Kit arrived today (Germany) - the remote controller was missing, but one could also use the Android App. What place to share custom building instructiond do you suggest? I'd also like to get a better partlist with more detailed specification. See for how one could do it.

    29. Branko on

      I just got my tracking number and did not have to ask about it. It was picked up by UPS late yesterday and the email was sent before UPS picked it up. Looks like I'll have mine next week. I too can confirm that there are 2 separate tracking numbers. I only received one in the email, but both are referenced with each other. I have the Hackerspace kick and both boxes are listed as 5lbs each.

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hedges on

      I can also confirm my Ultimate kit was much lighter than I expected (I can weigh it when I get home tonight). The aluminium pieces feel as light as plastic but they're as strong as anything - it's lovely stuff, extremely well made as far as I can tell. I just wish I had more bits...

    31. Corey M on

      @Mark Pavia. Mine was a smaller box than I thought it would be (Ultimate Kit).

      I did not count every last screw and nut, but all other pieces match the part list. I'm impressed. Quality of parts is nice. I played with building a monorail platform like in one of the pictures - don't forget your flange bearings for a smooth ride. I have not tested any of the electronic components.

      Nice work Makeblock Team!

    32. Missing avatar

      Mark Pavia on

      I too got a UPS tracking number tonite. Shipped May 8 but won't be here until next week. Says only 5 lbs. ...that can't be right?

    33. Missing avatar

      Asakky on

      E-mailed regarding tracking numbers for US backers and got a reply the next day giving my tracking number. So it looks like tracking numbers may be only on request, contrary to what was stated in Update 7 (unless I've jumped the gun). Also, there is only one UPS tracking number for both boxes of the Deluxe Kit. Mine was shipped on May 8, weight 5.00 lbs.

    34. Corey M on

      I did receive my UPS package today (near Sacramento, CA). Kit looks nice. Lots of pieces as you know. I haven't checked it against the expected parts list.

    35. Missing avatar

      Philip on

      I am getting concerned, I sent an email and no reply, I haven't received and email asking for address details or phone number. Has anyone in the US received there package?

    36. Evaristo Ramos on

      I'm sure they are coming, just takes some time, US customs isnt always the easiest you know...

    37. Ken Chalk on

      Anyone in the US received their order yet. I've responded to several emails asking for details about my address and phone number. I have not received my order for any indication that it has shipped. I'm concerned.

    38. Ken Chalk on

      I've received several emails from your team asking for my phone number.

      I've responded each time with my phone number in the body of the message.

      I've still not received my reward, or any indication that ship it.

      I'm getting frustrated.

    39. Missing avatar

      Mark Pavia on

      Did the USA shipments arrive at your USA shipper from Customs?
      Did they already ship out to backers?

    40. Roberto Pucheta on

      Hey Makeblock! I'm from Argentina, and the postman just give me my $25 kit now! It looks very very good! and now i want much more pieces!!! Maybe I should have backed highest :)
      Very good quality pieces. You have done a good job. I hope you can resolve all issues of the production and distribution. Now that I have it, I want the rest of the parts!! Thanks :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Adam Stewardson on

      I'm in the UK and my kit arrived yesterday. Looks like it has been designed to be very versatile, thank you!
      Have already build and programmed the tank :-)

    42. Ken Chalk on

      I've received several emails from your team asking for my phone number. I've responded each time with my phone number in the body of the message. I've still not received my reward, or any indication that ship it. I'm getting frustrated.

    43. Philippe Casteleyn on

      I ordered the Lego kit.

    44. Philippe Casteleyn on

      this is Belgium speaking.
      Here the package has most probably arrived.
      Unless some other unknown foreigner has sent me a package of value.

    45. Missing avatar

      Asakky on

      Since the Deluxe and Hacker-space kits are packed in two boxes, will two tracking numbers be e-mailed to US backers?

    46. Makeblock Creator on

      Sorry for the delay.
      For American backer,now the package has arrived at the American customhouse.
      The US customs is checking the package.Maybe it will take about 2-3days.
      When the package arrive at San Francisco's warehouse,we will send it out immediately.
      The local express company also need your contact phone number to confirm the delivery process.
      If anyone hasn't email us the phone number,please email us as soon as possible.

    47. Missing avatar

      Robert Kline on

      @Mark Pavia: I haven't yet.

    48. Missing avatar

      Mark Pavia on

      Has anyone in the US received their Kit or any type of notification that its on the way?

    49. Sumit Kataria on

      Received my Ultimate kit in India today. Quality seems very good. Parts are very sturdy and durable.
      Thanks makeblock

    50. Missing avatar

      Hannes Wallnöfer on

      I recieved my deluxe kit without elektroniks 10 minutes ago in Denmark. I ordered on the last day if I remeber correctly. The color is a bit off on some of the parts, here and there one finds some remains from the mechanical process, nothing I would mind or complain about. It looks otherwise like a presize work. The aluminum parts are light and feel sturdy. This will be an awesome base for our schools roboter project. Realy happy guy here!

      (Also, thanks for the updates, they are important!)

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