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QUEEN CRAB is an original graphic novel written by Jimmy Palmiotti featuring artwork by Artiz Eigurem, Amanda conner & Sas Christian.
218 backers pledged $10,969 to help bring this project to life.

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New Kickstarter for those that didnt know.

Hey guys and gals, I know its been a while for some of you and for those that got this already, I apologize in advance.  Just wanted to point you in the direction on our new Kickstarter, ABBADON!

Set in the late 1880’s American West, Abbadon is a city steeped in sin, where anything is possible if you have the money, influence and power to obtain it. Poised to become the next boomtown, Abbadon is plagued by a series of murders heralding the arrival of U.S. Marshall Wes Garrett. A legendary lawman, Garrett’s claim to fame is that he killed a notorious murderer, who cut a bloody swath across the country and left scores of mutilated men, women and children in his wake. Garrett’s arrival exposes the secret that Abbadon’s sheriff Colt Dixon has desperately been trying to conceal – the victims have all been mutilated the same way they were by the killer Garret stopped – a man some called a monster, but the papers called him Bloody Bill. Garrett and Dixon join forces to uncover the killer’s identity in a town so full of corruption that everyone is a suspect. It is going live right now and wanted to make sure you all had quick access to the book before some of the pledges are gone. As always, thanks in advance if you decide to back it. If not, can you do us a favor and spread the word and the link on social media for us? We already think the world of all of you, but doing this really helps us reach our goal and I think a lot of people are going to love this new book for many different reasons. Thanks in advance and to those people that backed Sex and Violence vol. 2…watch your mailboxes in the coming weeks. Jimmy Palmiotti and the Paperfilms gang.

Our new project is up


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Just wanted to let the QUEEN CRAB backers know...


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Hey supporters of my past madness, a new Kickstarter project is up and running today and we would love if you gave it a look to see if its for you. follow this link

and thanks again for supporting my work. It means the world to me...and as I have told you in the past...find me at a show with your Queen Crab book and I will always put a free sketch in it, on the house. 

thanks again! jimmy

hey crew! A favor

Cant believe it was nominated, but queen crab was...and thats to all of you. if you got a second, a vote would be awesome!

thanks in advance.