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Hand made Marble statues of Kobe Bryant, LeBron and Messi. project video thumbnail
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Marble statues of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Lionel Messi. We believe it's the first time someone have come up with this idea.

Marble statues of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Lionel Messi. We believe it's the first time someone have come up with this idea. Read More
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Duc Truong
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Duc Truong

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My youngest brother who is a great tennis player once told me he had been looking for a statue of Roger Federrer to buy, but couldn't find any. And that interesting fact got me started an exciting journey of creating marble statues of famous athletes. Last summer I took a long vacation and went back to Danang, my home town in Vietnam where there is a big community of marble carving artists who are very well-known for creating big and beautiful marble artworks of featuring different forms of Buhda and monks. I met some of the best artists there and talked them into creating a completely different line of art work that they had never done before. They were very excited also and agreed to work on the three sample athletics' statues which I'm using for this Kick Starter project. 


My family has been a Lakers' fan for more than 30 years, and even our sisters were watching the games with us boys when we were young. That's why Kobe Bryan's statue is the first one we made. Next comes LeBron James's statue, for he is the next Kobe. The way he's playing reminds us of the young Kobe who used win championships for the Lakers. Another favorite sport of mine is soccer. I grew up playing soccer with my two brothers in our youth. I was a very brave goal keeper at the time; therefore, I had my share of quite a few serious injuries trying to protect the goal. That explains why the third statue we chose to create is Messi's statue. 


Because we want to keep our credit for our future Kick Starter project and hand made products take a long time to make, we have decided to limit the amount of statues to only 40 to make sure we can delivery them within the time frame that we promise. However, we might even start shipping them before the promised shipping day of 3 months time this project ends to our first few backers. 

And we would like to ship our products in a "first come first serve" basis. Whoever backs first would get his/her statue first before the next backer in line.  


  • In cm : 37 x 31 x 67
  • In inches: 14.6 x 12.2 x 26.4


You can certainly help us expose this rare art form of Vietnamese marble carving artwork to the world. Only a few talented artists in the world can master this form of art.

We will use your funding to rent a warehouse for keeping big blocks of marble. The warehouse is also the place where our artists can come to work on cutting up and carving marbles. Some of the funding will be used to buy marble cutting and carving tools. And most importantly, a big portion of the funding will be used to recruit new artists and train them to become familiar with our lines of products. With your funding, in the near future we would be able to create statues of many, many more sports stars than just Kobe, LeBron and Messi and deliver them in much faster delivery time than the original orders from this Kick Starter project. However, you backers would be very proud to brag to your friends that you're one of the first few in the world who owns a marble statue of Kobe, LeBron or Messi :)


The recent World Cup games have given my brother and me tons of good times. We would meet up with a few friends every weekend to drink beer, watch the games and cheer for our favorite teams. My brother even bet that the score on the final game would be ZERO-ZERO on a 1 to 6 odds, and he was awarded handsomely. I predicted that Germany would win the World Cup, and they did. Those good times once again remind that the world would be a very boring place without sports; therefore, athletes all over the world should be celebrated. My favorite play of this World Cup is Reuben who plays for Netherland team, and I'm thinking about asking our artists to make a marble statue of him some day. And I definitely would make a statue of Roger Federrer’s a gift to my youngest brother too. I sincerely hope that a few sports fans all around the world would find this project interesting and help back this project so it would be another successful Kick Starter Project. Thank you!

Risks and challenges

Unlike other mass production Kick Starter projects that require advanced machinaries and complicated assembly work, there is absolutely no risks with this Kick Starter project period, simply because it is a HAND MADE artwork. There is NOTHING that stops us from keeping our words and delivering the product each every single one of our backers. Our backers are willing to pay good money to get a marble statue of their favorite sports star, and that's exactly what they are going to get: A statue of their favorite sports star. The only challenge for us is to deliver the product in a timely manner. And our artists promise to put in extra hours every day to deliver your statue to you in the time frame that we promise.

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