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An ebook for iPad and OS X, designed to help you learn CSS transitions and animations through interactive examples
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Rewards and Book Update

Posted by Vicki Murley (Creator)

Today's update is all about rewards, including the Animations book. Reward fulfillment has been quite a challenge, especially for a tiny operation used to shipping exclusively through iTunes! Here's a recap of where everything is at:

1. Posters

Done and done! If you were supposed to receive a poster and did not, send me a message on Kickstarter — it's possible your survey response came in after survey data was collected.

2. T-shirts

95% of t-shirts have been sent! That is a lot of folding and note-writing! :-)  A few shirts have been delayed due to stock availabiltiy and a printer error. The last few tees should be in the mail this week.

3. Transforms Book

The most popular reward was one that included a copy of the CSS Transforms book! This book has been distributed to 95% of backers who were slated to receive it, and should be distributed to remaining backers this week.

4. Animations Book

Arguably the most important deliverable in this list! I really didn't foresee receiving so much support for this book on Kickstarter, and it follows that I didn't foresee spending so much time on reward fulfillment. Hence, I'm adjusting the release window for the book to Summer 2014. If this presents a problem for you (for example, maybe you were planning to use the book for an upcoming job or class), feel free to send me a message on Kickstarter. I can promise you that I'm working incredibly hard to make an informative, compelling, and beautiful learning tool that people will really enjoy. I'm as keen to finish it as you are to read it!

As always, thank you for your support here on Kickstarter!

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    1. Nonnus on

      update: i sent new message to the author and within a hour i got my redeem code for the transforms book... she was very friendly and polite about it

    2. Nonnus on

      i really don't understand what is going on, i left a comment on may 16 informing i still did not receive my transform book and also contacted the author and so far no reply at all!
      this is highly disrespectful to your backers... i would like to know how to proceed from here, is there any way to report this to kickstarter?

    3. Markus V on

      Have not received my book either..

    4. Missing avatar

      Lup Meng WONG on

      Have not receive on the CSS Transform book? Any news?

    5. Tom Carwardine on

      Any news on the book? I guess I'm in the last 5% too…

    6. Nonnus on

      hi, i suppose i am part of the 5 % that has not yet received the transform book,
      any eta about when it will be delivered?

    7. Stuart McCoy

      Got my t-shirt in the mail yesterday and discovered the handwritten note inside. It's nice to see people not overlook things like this; 1000+ notes is a lot. Thanks Vicki, can't wait to read the book, especially since I'm tinkering with animations on my new site.