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An ebook for iPad and OS X, designed to help you learn CSS transitions and animations through interactive examples
An ebook for iPad and OS X, designed to help you learn CSS transitions and animations through interactive examples
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    1. Missing avatar

      Bill McClain on

      Still waiting on the news on the iTunes link and discount code like the others posting here. Thanks! Bill

    2. Vicki Murley Creator on

      Posting a comment here is the worst way to try to get in touch with me.

      Every update has included a email address. Please you that if you have a problem, or send me a message on Kickstarter.

    3. Fernando Reig Matthies on

      Hi Vicki,

      any news regarding the iTunes link?

      It has been almost a month now since the first backers have received their links. I have double checked my email and could find anything related to the book download.

      Regards, Fernando

    4. Sven Hoehn on

      Hi Vicki,
      same here still no iTunes code for your book. Can you please check?

    5. Michael Fürstenberg on


      I'm also waiting for my iTunes code. I've searched my mail and I don't think I've received a mail yet. Could you look at this when you have time? Thank you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Peter Bates on

      Vicki, I'm still waiting for my iTunes code to arrive. Why is it taking so long?

    7. david barrera on

      Hi Vicki. I haven't received an email yet.
      Is there any issue for the international backers?

    8. Matthew Sullivan on

      Hi Vicki.

      My bad. I DID receive the the itunes link. Too many email addresses to wrangle. Thank you - ibook looks great.


    9. Matthew Sullivan on

      Vicki, I haven't received the the itunes link to get the Animations iBook yet. Please check into this. Thank you and congratulations.


    10. Fernando Reig Matthies on

      Hi Vicky, I haven't yet received the iTunes gift link per email or any other form so that I can download your great book. Is there any chance to look into this issue?

      Thanks in advance, Fernando

    11. Jay Smith on

      Thanks for the reponse Vicki. I'll keep my fingers crossed for iPhone versions.

    12. Oluseyi on

      I just received my book! Congratulations, Vicki, it looks fantastic. I can't wait to clear some time from the schedule and really dive in. Great job! :-)

    13. Vicki Murley Creator on

      Jay, I hope so! That would be fantastic, but I haven't heard anything from Apple on this. Currently, a book created with iBooks Author is iPad-only by design/default, it's not something that is under my control. If the tools change, I'll definitely adapt!

    14. Jay Smith on

      Congrats Vicki! Can't wait to get my fingers on the new book. Now that we have larger iPhones on the way (6 and 6 Plus), is there a chance CSS Animation and CSS Transforms will be available for the iPhone?

    15. Chris Poteet on

      Vicki - Congrats! I'm not sure how we receive our copy of the book if we backed. Can you elaborate?

    16. Vicki Murley Creator on

      I just posted Update 7 - submitted to the iBooks Store!

    17. Chris Poteet on

      I also realized I had not heard anything in a while.

    18. Randy on

      Since the last update was in May, I'm checking in to make sure that delivery of the CSS Animation book is on schedule to be delivered to backers by the revised delivery date of Summer 2014. Thanks!

    19. Vicki Murley Creator on

      Hi Paul, the reward level you selected ($10) doesn't include a copy of the Transforms book. However you can pick it up on iTunes if you'd like! (link below) I hope this helps!…

    20. Paul M. Lambert

      Vicki, I responded to the survey in April, but have no messages from you, even in my spam folder. Any chance you can resend me the info for the CSS Transformations book? Thanks!

      Paul M. Lambert

    21. Peter Nowell on

      Hi Vicki, I just finished reading the Transforms book and it was amazing. I take it you're probably head down on finishing the Animation book, and after seeing some of the other comments here I want to ask you to please not rush it. Of course I always appreciate updates, but more than anything I want you to make this new book as good as the last. Take what time you need and keep us posted!

    22. Vicki Murley Creator on


      Via email. I noticed that you just responded to the survey yesterday! Now that I have your info (since both ebooks are distributed through iTunes, country matters), I can send you email with instructions for downloading the Transforms book. I'll make sure this email is sent out today. Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Barry Caplan on


      Not received any communication from you regarding the book. How did you notify backers regarding the delivery of the book?

    24. Vicki Murley Creator on

      Markus V, matt, Chris, Ondrej, Kasper, the Transforms book was sent to you in May. I've followed up with individual KS messages to you with more details, as needed.

    25. Vicki Murley Creator on

      Please see Update #6, in which the release date is updated to Summer 2014.

    26. Missing avatar

      Deji Agun on

      When will the CSS Animation books be sent out? I realised that I have gotten nothing from you recently, wasn't the book supposed to be finished end of May?

    27. Missing avatar

      Allan Moult on

      What's happening?

    28. Harsha Vemulapalli on

      Vicki - where are you with this? We're into July and I haven't seen an update or communication.

    29. Jan T. Sott on

      I got an email asking me for my Apple ID weeks (if not months) ago, but still haven't received either of the two book. Any news?

    30. Chris Waring on

      Hi Vicki,

      Hope everything is going smoothly with the new book! I'm also waiting on how to redeem my transforms book, will this be sent out soon?

    31. Missing avatar

      matt on

      Hi Vicki,

      I'm still to receive any information on how to get the transforms book. Any idea when this process will be completed?

    32. Markus V on

      Hi, still have no received my copy of the book! Are you sending it email?

    33. Vicki Murley Creator on

      Distribution of the Transforms book is just about complete, and will be finished up this week! More info in Update #6.

    34. Missing avatar

      Ondrej S on

      Waiting for the ebook as well, I haven't received any instructions on how to get it.

    35. Kasper Boers on

      I have not received instructions for the ebook CSS Transforms: An Interactive Guide yet. Any idea when that will come?

    36. Matthew Williams on

      Vicki - you should post an official update to the project. All backers will then receive an email.

    37. Vicki Murley Creator on

      Apologies for the delayed response — I actually wasn't getting notified that any comments were being posted here, despite having the correct Settings. The short update is that the plan is still to finish the book in April, probably closer to the end of the month. Thanks for your interest!

    38. Missing avatar

      matt on

      Like the others have mentioned, it really is about time for an update.

    39. Jeff Adams on

      Vicki, I feel like you've abandoned us. It has been over a month now since this campaign was successfully funded and we haven't heard a peep from you. Please give us an update.

    40. Jay Smith on

      Can we get an update please?

    41. TiffeyBO on

      So how are things going Vicki?

    42. Shaun Parker on

      Hey Vicki, I agree with Simon. Some updates would be appreciated.

    43. Simon Kramme on

      Think it's time to give some kind of update on things.

      It's been a very long time since the founding period ended and we haven't heard anything...

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeff Sittler on

      Hi, I was wondering when the first book, "CSS Transforms: An Interactive Guide", might be available to download for those who got that reward with their pledge.

    45. Gábor Matyasi on

      I am also a backer of this project and at the same time the author of an interactive book (Dental photography, created also with iBooks Author). I would like to start a similar crowdfunding project, but I don't know how to send free book copies to the backers. The Apple allows only 50 free copies in the iBookstore from a paid book. But we will get hundreds of free copies from Vicki's book. The project is ready, this is the only missing info :( Please help me ...

    46. Simon Kramme on

      Yah! Congrats on a well founded campaign.

    47. Philippe Thibault on

      Can't wait to read the first book and then the second, hopefully a third eventually :)

    48. Joy Jagodzinski on

      Vicki, so blessed to see all the people behind you and wow.... its just so impressive! You must be feeling that they are the "wind beneath your Sprightly" wings... and so happy to be part of the cheering team!

    49. Lucas Kovács on

      I think this project has a lot of future. Keep growing!

    50. Craig on

      What a great project :-) I have instantly backed.

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