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Rather than start yet another boring lemonade stand,  8 year old Tobin Wine has decided to create his own game company.
Rather than start yet another boring lemonade stand, 8 year old Tobin Wine has decided to create his own game company.
188 backers pledged $4,994 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


We've been invaded by CRABS!!!!!!

Yep.  The Monster Crabs have shown up and are ready for shipment.  Tonight we are going to get the final shipping supplies as we just learned how to create a mail merge from the kickstarter download to create mailing labels.  Tomorrow night after homework, we will start packaging our products and hopefully on Friday, I'll be able to put the first Monster Crab packages in the mail. 

Thanks again for all your support and patience. 

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A little bad news

Our supplier has delayed our shipment.  Unfortunately we are going to miss our November deadline.  The very minute our shipment comes in, we are going to turn around the items for delivery.  The boys check the mail daily even though we're waiting for a sizable package.  We do expect to have our shipment soon and should have all our decks out well before Christmas.

Thanks for your understanding. 

Some Great News about Monster Crabs

I just wanted to drop a note to all of our supporters for Games Save the World.  We just sent our complete order out to be printed.  Depending on the holiday traffic, we should have our order filled and delivered by next Monday-ish, at which time, the boys will diligently start filling orders for shipping.  We said we would be delivering by November and we are just going to make it in, so thanks for your patience and understanding.  The cards do look fantastic. 

We learned a bit about having delays and more importantly having delays due to wanting to have  a great product.  We spent a few weeks testing out our printing order on just a couple of decks each time until we found the right printer and the right print job.  We (all) learned that there are areas on the images that get cut off sometimes, so you need to have a boarder just in case the cutting machine cuts too close. 

We are still working on a t-shirt store (and hopefully Underwear!!!) and hopefully during the holiday break, we'll be able to introduce the world to our merchandising abilities. 

We had a vote tonight on which crab to place on the box and Big Teeth won out, so you will see this guy on the box when you get your shipment.  Long live Monster Crabs!!!

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Update #1 - Post closing

Hi all, Thanks again for supporting our starting company.  We want to say a few more things before we transition from kickstarter to our functioning business.  We've had a very busy couple of weeks since the close of our project, including a vacation and an unexpected illness, but we are still on pace to have your awesome deck of cards delivered on time.  We have gotten our final proofs for all the crabs and they look awesome. 

You should have received an email survey if you got a reward level that gets a deck of Monster Crabs.  We are also figuring out how to put our product in stores and online. 

If you want to buy multiple decks of Monster Crabs, you can email us at our new sales email at  We will be checking this daily.  We are also going to try to set up a purchase form on our website at

Thanks again, and we'll post again when we get the shipment of Monster Crabs from our supplier. 

A Note from the CEO

We are in the last few hours of our kickstarter.  Our CEO wanted to post a note to all of our early adopters.  Please read below:

Dear Customers,

Thank you for helping me reach my goal.  We will come out with the game thanks to you.  You are the best customers!  Also because of you, I've learned that you need a business account, and a great idea to succeed in a business.  You also need to advertise about the business and keep customers happy.  Thank you!  I can use what I learned for my next game when Monster Crabs is for sale.  You guys are awesome.  I hope you enjoy the game.  To keep in touch when we end please go to

Tobin C.E.O.

Our CFO wanted to say something as well. 

I am six years old.  I learned that if you try very hard on a business you might make it.  Thank you.

Griffin C.F.O.