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Teens will express their voice through photography and show that art can be an agent for change in the community.

I am an urban high school teacher who is going rogue in order to fund a massive community art project involving my beginning photography students. 

The students my school serves live mostly in the North Omaha area. In the media, this area is often seen as a place that is dangerous and infested with crime. While there are problems, the students we serve want the world to know that there is much more to our community than what someone might see on television or in a news article. 

My students want to show the truth, through photography, with their own artistic voice. Using the funds raised through kickstarter, each student will check out a high quality digital SLR, and will be creating photographic art for an entire semester of school. We want to break the misconceptions the rest of the city has about our community by showing the truth through the eyes of our students. It is much more vibrant and complex than the media portrays.

The class will create and publish a book of all our final images, and show hundreds of prints at a community art show where the entire city will be invited. Students and their photographs will be the focus, and they will take pride in this authentic and powerful study of the community in which they live. 

The funds raised will allow me to purchase enough cameras, tripods, lenses, and more for all of my students to have full-time access to high quality equipment.  This is an important project I hope to repeat every year. With your assistance, we can together show that the world still cares about the powerful and artistic voice of teenagers and that maybe – just maybe – they can change the world - at least their part of the world - for the better.

This project is still in development.  The students working on it right now will continue to do so, and if we are funded will be the leaders for the larger project to be started by my beginning students. 

IF you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know!  I'd love for this project to turn into something meaningful for everyone involved, including the backers. 


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