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FullyRaw Juice wishes to raise money for the ULTIMATE project in Texas, crafting cold-pressed, raw, organic, and local juices for all!

The FullyRaw Juice Project is raising money for the ULTIMATE juice project! We wish to craft fresh, delicious, cold-pressed, raw, organic, and local juices for distribution in Texas and eventually, beyond!

What's the Story Behind FullyRaw Juice?

My name is Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, and I am the founder and creator of the companies Rawfully Organic and FullyRaw. Over 8 years ago, I healed myself from hyperglycemia by adapting to a 100% FullyRaw diet. I eat a diet composed of solely fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, mostly fresh, ripe, organic, and local. I changed not only my body, but also my mindset and my life! This drastic change in my life inspired me to help others find health by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. My journey to health led me to start the food co-operative Rawfully Organic.

Rawfully Organic started with 12 people in my living room, and is the largest non-profit local and organic food co-operative in the United States. It is a community co-operative in Houston, Texas that feeds families and individuals local, organic, and affordable produce while coming together to share recipes, health, friendship, and more. ROC (Rawfully Organic) has over 10,000 registered members in the Houston area alone and feeds approximately 500-600 families each week. We support local and organic farmers by purchasing and distributing their produce, and we promote healthy living through healthy diets. FullyRaw is the sister company to Rawfully Organic, and its focus is on educating families and individuals on how to use their produce to make fun, easy, and delicious raw food recipes for better health. Together, these two entities work feed, inspire, educate, and create holistic health with raw, living foods.

Within the past month, Rawfully Organic and FullyRaw have given birth to a third company: FullyRaw Juice. In simply wanting to provide the Houston community with more fresh juices, my partner and I came up with the idea to start making fresh fruit and vegetable juices for everyone made with ingredients from our Rawfully Organic co-operative boxes! The idea was simply to provide juice made from all local and organic Texas ingredients from Rawfully Organic and distribute them to the co-operative community in their produce shares. We wanted to see if this was something that people were interested in, so we had a week of test trials. Within one week, we sold out! These juices were made using my FullyRaw Recipes; delicious combinations that feature specific fruits and vegetables. The juices received so much support that requests were coming in to not only provide them that week, but also indefinitely and throughout Texas!

What is the FullyRaw Juice Project:

The FullyRaw Juice Project wishes to raise funds for the distribution of fresh, organic, and local juices within the Houston area and beyond! The juices will be made using all-organic and mostly local ingredients from Rawfully Organic. The recipes will be Kristina's featured FullyRaw juice combinations.

What is the FullyRaw Juice Mission?

The FullyRaw Juice Project wants to make fresh-crafted, organic, and FullyRaw juices for all who wish to enjoy them! We want for the juices to not only be enjoyed by those in our co-operative community, but also by all in the greater Houston area and Texas. We not only feed ourselves nutrient-rich juices, but also help to support organic farmers and our co-operative community along the way.

Why are Drinking FullyRaw Juices Important?

Raw juices are combinations of fruits and vegetables, extracted from their fibers and condensed into a smooth liquid. Because they are unheated or unprocessed (no added chemicals or concentrates), they are juices in their purest form. These juices are essentially "living foods," and they are bursting with vitamins and minerals. Juices can be enjoyed by all! They are delicious and easy to digest. We wish to make the highest quality juices possible. When you drink juices that taste good, you feel good!

For What Do We Need to Fund-raise?

In order for the FullyRaw Juice Project to be successful and distribute these juices to Houston and beyond, we need funding for commercial juicers, labels, refrigeration, buckets, bottles, crates, tables, and more! The commercial juicers combined cost over $25,000. The other materials including transport and refrigeration will cost at least $10,000. We have an extensive community already willing to donate time, now we need the funds to make this project possible. The more funds that are donated, the further we will be able to successfully distribute these juices.

Who's Thirsty for Juice?!

In order for us to accomplish our mission and launch this project, we need your help. Our vision is great, and we want to make FullyRaw Juice available to all! We want to support our local Texas farmers and make this juice first available to all of our community and then expand from there.

These juices TASTE DELICIOUS, and I promise they are worth it! We want to see more options available like this in our cities, and this is the first step. Please help us by supporting our goal to grow FullyRaw Juice. We need you!

We want to be able to feed you FullyRaw Juices, whether you live in Houston or not. In time, we hope to be able to reach people nationally with these juices, if not globally with our message and education about juicing and eating raw foods!


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We are aware of the risks and challenges when starting a new venture. Over the past 7 years I have developed strong business practices running a non-profit. I promise that each dollar raised will be spent wisely to benefit the the FullyRaw mission.

Houston has recently been coined the "fattest city in America." We believe that by engaging Houstonians to develop a taste for green juice, we can help to create change.

If we obtain all of the funds for this project, we plan to purchase the juicers, get them shipped, and start juicing immediately! We already have the produce ready for purchase from the Rawfully Organic Co-op and the community to purchase the juices, now we just need to JUICE for everyone. This is EXCITING!

We have high hopes for this project, and we have a strategic plan to make and distribute the juice the juices for first the Houston community and eventually, to other cities in Texas. If this project is funded, our first priority is to distribute the reward packages. After that, we will craft juices, print new labels, get the website up for orders, and hopefully, get the community involved! We also plan to do a follow-up thank you video! The biggest challenge that we may face is distributing all of the juices at co-op within the best time frame of the juices. For instance, the life of our juice is 72 hours. We will need to juice the day of distribution, successfully sell them, and pray that people enjoy the amazing flavors!

One of the biggest factors against us is time. We simply need time to not only make and sell the juices within a specific time frame, but also to get our organic certifications and perhaps to get them into local stores once we get labels printed, etc.

Once we get in a routine, we will have the juices available all three co-op days. After that, we plan to figure out a way to have a pick-up/distribution daily.

We have the community to help us juice and the supporters to drink them! We have the passion to create them and the LOVE for juice to keep this endeavor going and growing!

Thank you so much for supporting us,
Peace. Love. Juice.


  • Because we use a Cold-press juicer the juice will remain fresh with all nutrients intact for 72 hours after being pressed. We will be making the juice fresh daily so you can be sure that it is Absolutely the BEST!

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  • ALL of the juice that we will be making consist of 100% Organic fruits and vegitables, NOTHING else. The juices are truely Pure & RAW! Remember, pasturized juice is DEAD..

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