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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Sep 28 2017
Swiss AudioBy Swiss Audio
First created
Swiss AudioBy Swiss Audio
First created
CHF 170,612
pledged of CHF 25,000pledged of CHF 25,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Sep 28 2017

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    1. Missing avatar

      TMH on

      Kudos to Swiss Audio for doing the right thing, unlike those aholes at Trinity Audio, but I am not sure a small start up can do wireless for the foreseeable future

      For mine, I am going to get The B&O e8. They have an impeccable audio reputation, buds are tunable through an app and have similar touch and transparency features as Swiss Audio. Also NMFI

      And as B&O you can send them back if they don’t work, unlike kickstarter projects

    2. Missing avatar

      David on

      Have anyone here seen the EOZ Air here on kickstarter and have any idea on how they compare? I see they use CSR8675 AptX-HD, but I wonder if the sound quality would be as good as the Swiss Audio, since they're not using NFMI. Also the antenna is on the outside, while Swiss Audio will be using LDS antennas. Will this change performance?

    3. Missing avatar

      Nigel Sloley on

      Thank you for your your honesty. This is an unfortunate set back that I'm sure the team will resolve in time to deliver a stable, quality product. I look forward to hearing back from you when you have solved this issue and I promise to make sure to invest when this project restarts.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mitsuharu Yoshino

      I really appreciate your honesty. I promise to make sure to invest when this project restarts.

    5. Bert Meendering on

      Thanks for the honesty..

    6. Missing avatar

      Melville Pinto on

      @creator will a PCB change to support an LDS antenna still be required if you go with Bluetooth 4.2?

    7. Missing avatar

      Peter Thommen

      Es ist sehr mutig aber auch traurig, dieses Projekt abzubrechen. Peinlich, dass es ausgerechnet die hochgelobte Schweizer Ingenieurskunst nicht schafft und einfach die Flinte ins Korn wirft. Bin sehr enttäuscht!

    8. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      Agree this is how Trinity Audio should have played it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nataraj Iyer on

      Thank you for being upfront dabout the antenna. I am looking forward to hearing back from you when you have found a solution.

    10. Missing avatar

      Eugene Lawrence on

      Thanks for your Honesty. If this Campaign starts back up again I'll back it.

    11. Missing avatar

      TMH on

      Respect Swiss Audio

      trinity audio, this is how you play it....

    12. Russ Arunchaipong on

      @creator, obviously creating trust is as important as making quality product here. Please keep me posted !

    13. Steven Wright on

      I understand your situation and am very appreciative of your openness. Please keep me informed of any progress going forward. The product looks great and am hopeful it may reappear in some form in the future

    14. Missing avatar

      Marcus Schell

      I respect what you did.. As others, thank you for being honest. When bugs are worked out I will be one of the first backers.

    15. D'don Washington on

      Thanks for being honest, and having a great moral compass. It's definitely appreciated and respected.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kent Swan on

      Canceling the project before funding close was an honorable thing to do. When you resolve the antenna problem and if you come back to kickstarter I will be among the first to consider pledge again. Keep up the work on this unique hybrid invention.

    17. mark on

      Would be cool if you could implement a bi weekly blog on your website to let us know your progress in future months leading to coming back to Kickstarter maybe also contact backers in order they backed to when live on Kickstarter. All the best

    18. Narthesis

      Respect for pulling the plug rather then stringing backers along and hoping the problem resolves itself. One of my main desires was to have no signal dropping, and should the product have been delivered with this issue in it, I would not have been happy.

      Should you resolve the issue and restart your campaign, I will back it again.
      Good Luck!

    19. Missing avatar

      PortableCreator on

      Just curious
      Isn't the reason of having LDS antenna is to prevent signal dropping? And not to extend range?
      Range is extended in Bluetooth 5 (BLE though, same distance as 4.2 in classic)
      But tested it by having the phone inside the house then going out with the earbuds?
      I think it is normal to drop since music playback is done via Bluetooth Classic and not LE that has longer range

    20. Missing avatar

      Francesca Troiani on

      Nooooo! For once that I managed a super early backer!!!

      Jokes aside, thanks for the update, guys. I do understand and respect your choice, however I agree with PortableCreator in saying that maybe canceling it's a bit extreme? Maybe you could just update the timeline allowing for more time to find the right solution for the Bluetooth issue? (TBH I don't think at this moment there are any wireless earbuds which connection is stable outdoor...)
      Anyway, let us know how things develop :) All the best!

    21. Chris Kitchen

      My luck since the Kanoa fiasco, is dismal with headphones.

      Thanks for trying @ creator


    22. Dwayne Smotherman

      @creators Well bummer. I hope you guys keep trying to fix the problem. I think there are alot of us still wanting to see this project be successful. Im hoping you'll be able to let us backers (former) know if you decide to start this again. Thanks for not stringing us along with lies. It happens way to much on Kickstarter. Now get to work fixing it and ket us know when your ready. Dwayne

    23. Melvyn Ong on

      This is sad, but thanks for the honesty. Would definitely back this project again if it ever gets relaunched. Till then, wish you all the best in your endeavors.

    24. Missing avatar

      Pascal Haab on

      Thank you for you honest comment.
      Please let us informed about any planned actions to restart this awesome project. I'm looking forward to support this project.

    25. Cheung Hon Wah on

      Please come back with better results, will back again. Better than those crowdfrauding getting the money then keep change specification and making excuses for not sending and folded with backer money, check Popslate2 in IGG.

    26. Stephanie Butters

      Thanks for being so honest, please keep us informed if and when you redo this campaign. I'll still be interested even if I have to wait longer, Im happy for a longer wait if it means a great product.

    27. Valmont

      Thanks for being honest ! Wish you the best for the future.


    28. Missing avatar

      PortableCreator on

      Why cancel?, there is no need to do so
      Delays are known here in KS, (almost all of the projects I have backed is delayed, except from of course), being transparent to us is great, but cancelling because of the delay is just sad
      I hope you will relaunch very soon
      I am (and obviously everyone who backed this project) looking forward seeing how great your product will improve in the future :)

    29. Missing avatar

      PortableCreator on

      What had just happened here? :(

    30. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      This is really sad but thank you for being so transparent to us backers and really keeping the promise of bringing quality to the table. All the best Swiss Audio :)

    31. Vin Tan

      Thank you for your courage and good ethics and courage.I look forward to support you in future when u have resolved the current Bluetooth issues!Respect!

    32. Missing avatar

      Amandeep Sibia on

      Sorry to hear this but good on you for making the decision with the best of intentions. Hopefully you can come back with a quality project in the future!

    33. Missing avatar

      Teo Zhu Wei on

      What a pity! Thabk you for your honesty. Please come back with a better product. I will definitely support your future product. Let's wait for your comeback

    34. Missing avatar

      Nick Plokkaar on

      I now see the update who came with the cancel. I would like to say thay I was really looking forward to your product, but I have the utmost respect for you making this choice. I really appreciate the honesty and when you will launch this project again next year, I will definitely back you guys again!

    35. Nico Fischer on

      Prochain fois avec USB Type C, s'il vous plaît!

    36. Hoan Lam

      What a pity... It was a great project but well yeah thank you for not keeping a secret with us. I wish you fine a good solution soon and keep us update about your next project.

    37. Missing avatar

      AJ Busabok

      @creators, the recent update breaks my heart. I think by far, you are the first one to really accept risk. You care your customers deeply, and the backers, including me, will surely fund the next campaign that you will start next time. You are a great company, keep trying, we will support you :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Rodrigo Alvarez Misle on


    39. Karthik Krishnan on

      Really sorry to see you guys go! Would have been a game changer if u would have been successful. But thank you for being honest and all the best for the future.

    40. mark on

      A real shame will you be coming back to Kickstarter at a later date next year?

    41. Vaibhav Rana on

      What just happened here? �

    42. Missing avatar

      Nick Plokkaar on

      NOOO!? What happend?

    43. Missing avatar

      Christian Senitz on

      Hey, any chance to start sending put the product earlier than December? I habe a long distance flight and think they would serve better than other headphones.

    44. mark on

      Looking forward to your report on the LDS prototype which will make product even better. Looking forward to a quality product .

    45. Missing avatar

      Melville Pinto on

      My suggestion is you offer a white with gold trim set and put it up on your Kickstarter project page alongside the black with silver trim ones. I am going to guess you will see a significant uptake in backers!

    46. Missing avatar

      PortableCreator on

      Agreed, no need to rush the reviews, some features are prototypes,so it is untested, unlike what others have done (which already had the final design and no longer wanted to proceed with changes, just like Zolo did) which ended up in a mediocre quality (as mentioned in the CNET review)
      This is Kickstarter, not pre-order, so expect changes, delays, many of the projects here are delayed because of many circumstances
      The @Creators are doing what they can to bring quality products (HIFI + Apt-X) is already a dream come true for me who are always on the go, plus they are implementing the application of the LDS antenna

      Plus they are posting updates about the improvements in the specs, which is not affected by stretch goal, but of OUR requests, which is the best part of being open to all of us

    47. Missing avatar

      AJ Busabok

      @Backers, I think it is better to perfect a product first than adding addition features. Try standing in their shoes, adding features. yes, it will make backers happy, but the risk increases. Do you want a usable stable earbuds that function really well or a earbuds packed with features while having some connecting issues or buttons issues?

      Keep in mind that adding feature will cost money + " IT WILL DELAY" the entire delivery process, and usually, many backers "HATE" this delay.

      - This is my opinion :)

    48. Missing avatar


      Once in the charging case, how long does it take for a full charge?

    49. Missing avatar

      Adrian on

      I will be backing out before the end if I have not seen a review.

      You can have some influence; You have sent them equipment and you are quite capable of talking to them and ensuring they know how much you would value their feedback prior to the KS deadline such that you would publish ... warts and all their feedback.

    50. Swiss Audio Creator on

      @All We hear you on $300'000 Stretched Goal for the Champagne versions. We do not see this as an un reachable goal, in fact Kicktraq Trends indicates similar figure. Let's first see where we end with additional pledges. Then, we decide at end which versions will be available in the Backerkit Survey.

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